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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Yam Seng 1 - Gopeng

The original plan was to leave very early (around 5-6am) so that we can have a traditional Dim Sum breakfast at Ipoh (which was highly recommended by the famous food taster). Unfortunately, things did not went according to plan as usual. We only managed to wake up around 8.30am. After some dili-dalay, we headed to my parents' place an hour later to pick up my grandparents. Little Skywalker was already very excited when he heard the word "gai gai" and was hassling me to bring him to the driver's seat way before we were ready to leave.

Since it was the famous Winter Festival (冬至), my grandparents made "Tang Yuan" (汤圆) and insisted that we had some. Little Skywalker also joined in the gang to roll some "Tang Yuan". Hence, we were further delayed for another two hours before we finally departed from KL around 11.30am. So much for Ipoh Dim Sum breakfast!

We were supposed to head towards the TNB bungalow at Ipoh (where everyone will be staying for the night). However, I did not know the directions and had to wait for my uncle to check in. We had no choice but to loiter around Ipoh town and managed to get J a good pair of shoes at the Ipoh Parade. My uncle arrived about an hour later and we all headed to the TNB bungalow together.

The TNB bungalow is located at the famous Tiger Lane area (where all the big bungalows for the rich and famous are located). However, I am sad to say that its maintenance and up keeping fared badly compared to the TNB PD Resort. The air-cond in the master bed room was missing for no apparent reason. There were beds only in two rooms. Only one water heater was working. On the bright side, the areas surrounding the bungalow was huge. There were green area everywhere for Little Skywalker to run about like a horse and fall down without hurting himself.

We stayed back to rest while my uncle and my brother went to decorate the "wedding car". Everyone took turns to bath before we headed to the dinner venue around 5.30pm in fear of traffic jam. In fact, we were the first ones (from our side of the family) to arrive. No one recognized who we were, including my brothers' parents-in-law. But I did manage to find our tables at the front row. My parents and gang arrived about half an hour later after they went for a yam-cha session nearby.

The wedding dinner was held at the local MCA hall and there were more than 50 tables! Almost all the guests arrived by 6.30pm (unlike KL dinners) and the to-be-wed couple entered the hall around 7pm. My smart brother wore his black tux (what else for guys?) and his bride was in a pink evening gown. Both of them entered to a huge applause from more than 500 people (乡亲父老). They were lead in by a local wedding usher (大吟姐) as well.

Dinner began shortly with the first 冷盘 dish - seven happiness. This is the first time I saw so many variety of food on the same plate! Furthermore, every one of them were of generous portion and delicious! I was stuffing my mouth and was almost 50% full when we're done. Little Skywalker enjoyed the yam from the 佛钵 in the middle very much (since there was nothing else he could eat). The sharks' fins soup was served next and Little Skywalker had almost two bowls.

Half way into the dinner, there was an announcement on the speakers. It seems that the local Magnum4D is trying to get into the lime light. The company is sponsoring the lucky couple for a RM288 ticket to a 4D number. The couple is supposed to draw the numbers on the stage. The draw date of the ticket is on the 28th December 2005. 10% of the winnings (if any) will be donated to charity as well. This is so cool! RM288 for 1st prize will pay almost RM1 million! I only wondered why didn't they do that in KL and other cities as well?

Throughout the entire evening, there wasn't a moment of peace and quietness. The karaoke session went on with no break in between! People (mostly aunties) were lining up to get on stage to sing their hearts out! The speakers were so loud that J and I almost went deaf! Apart from singing, a whole group of aunties even went up the stage to dance alongside the bride's mother. The bride's father (a famous local) was busy toasting his way through all the 50 tables.

To return the favour, my parents went up the stage for a couple of songs as well, together with Little Skywalker. He was totally excited and even refused to come down after the songs finished. Hence, we had to keep an eye on him for the rest of the evening while he walked about on the stage and watching people singing. He didn't mind the loud speakers at all (unlike his parents). He was most intrigued when a young girl (around 4-5 years old?) went up to sing!

The dinner ended around 9.30pm and the crowds were almost gone within 15 minutes. Since we did not brought any extra pillows and blankets with us, we decided to head back to KL the same night. My uncle (who will be driving my brother the next day) and his family stayed behind at the TNB bungalow. My parents also returned to KL to prepare for the arrival of the to-be-wed couple the next morning. We arrived at KL almost midnight with Little Skywalker sound asleep in the car after an exciting evening.

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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Newly-wed Luck!

I almost forgot to put this up for those who is interested in trying their luck in the numbers game. The lucky draw date is on 28/12/2005 (which is tomorrow). The numbers are drawed by the newly-wed couple and they are given a RM288 ticket for it. 10% of the prize money won will be donated to charity.

Good luck to everyone!

p/s: I do not buy any lottery tickets myself, this is just for the benefit of those who does.

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  • over 1000km and 10 hours of driving
  • over RM300 of petrol and toll expenditures
  • an hour delayed due to highway traffic jam on the way back from JB
  • eight cups of the most expensive tea we've ever drank (and they wasn't even half full)
  • countless number of times of Little Skywalker yelling and crying due to restlessness
  • less than 6 hours of sleep a night for five consecutive days
  • over 1000 photos taken (I forgot how many times I have recharge two of my batteries)
  • meeting over few hundreds of strangers whom I most likely will never see again
  • narrowly avoiding this and another major accident (that causes major traffic jams) along the North-South highway
  • plenty of cheesy smiles and small talks
  • a lot of welcome, goodbye and thank you
  • four consecutive nights (with a day break in between) of 10-course dinner
  • listening to a lot of awful and loud karaoke singing
  • Little Skywalker getting a small lump on his forehead

We've finally made it through everything and return to our normal daily routine. I have work piled up to my neck after return from our "holidays". Sorry for not replying all the comments for the past few entries. Will do that in the coming days and stay tune for more updates on the weddings.

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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Yam Seng Tour!

As some of you might know, my family will be going on a concert wedding dinner tour along the west coast of West Malaysia starting tomorrow. Our schedule are as follows:
  • 22/12/2005 - Gopeng (my brother's in-law's)
  • 23/12/2005 - Kuala Lumpur (my brother's)
  • 24/12/2005 - Rest day and celebrating Christmas eve at home
  • 25/12/2005 - Seremban (my brother-in-law's in-law's place)
  • 26/12/2005 - Skudai, JB (my brother-in-law's)

Since the "Skywalker Yam Seng Band" will be on the move, there will be no update throughout the jolly Christmas season.

We wish you all Merry Christmas!

p/s: regular updates will resume on 27th

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Me Kena Liao!

I was granted 2 wishes by a genie from a lamp from 2 people. Since I promised them I would do it, so here goes...

Here's how to do this Tag:
  • State who tagged you
  • List who you want your Santa Claus to be (the bearer of the gift)
  • State the gift you wish to get
  • Then invite a few friends to join the tag, and inform them by dropping a comment in their blog (this one too lazy to do, come read!)
Kena-ed from: Selba and that simple woman (not so simple afterall huh?)

Who Little Skywalker want to be his Santa Claus: That woman who claims to be a Goddess (apply to domestic only though)

Gift for Little Skywalker: the courage to hop on his bike and ride the wind!

I wanna kena: (Hey, whadaya know? All Js)

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圣诞老人: 土阿妈
我最想圣诞老人送我一个大大及有大叠钞票的圣诞红包 (小朋友, 不一定要是新年才可以要哟! 记得哟!)

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Tankyu! Muack!

Little Skywalker receives many presents and gifts since he was born. Those gifts are from relatives, my friends, J's friends, my parents' friend, my colleagues etc. He had celebrated his full moon, first roll-over, first words, first time stand up, first birthday, first step, first time climbing up the stairs etc. All of these events usually end up with gifts or generous ang pows from everyone. In fact, we did not spent much in buying him stuff (except his mami-poko). Majority of his clothes are passed down to us by relatives and friends. He is still on breastfeeding and hates formula milk, hence, we only buy one can of milk powder at a time so that it won't go bad before he even finish it.

Our first present to him was his play-pen (which is foldable into a mobile golf bag). He hardly plays or sleeps in it since we got it. The play-pen is still in use now, but it only contains all his toys and stuff. Then, we got us him a fiber-optic Christmas tree last Christmas. The ever-changing colorful lights really got his attention every time we switch it on. He would look at it for a long time without blinking before he could stand. However, now he is only interested in the power switch that controls the Christmas lights instead.

As you know, the latest addition to his play-stuff ended up back-firing in our face. He is still freaked out about getting on the bike. The most he could do is stand at the side of the bike and pushing all the buttons that generate sounds and music. Although I did managed to coax him into sitting on the bike, but those precious moments normally last only a few minutes (if the bike is stationary that is). I had a friend over last week with her son (who is two months younger than Little Skywalker). I put her son and the bike and he loved it (will blog about this later).

Last weekend, he got his first official Christmas present (in wrapping paper and all) . It's from the sweet auntie lady whom I got my surprise gift for J (on a side note, my sister is going to buy a piece of jewelry from her as well as a wedding gift for my future-SIL). We put the present under the Christmas tree for a few hours to attract his attention. His sharp eyes spotted the extra stuff under the tree and he went for it immediately.

He was kinda proud to hold on to his present for a few minutes while showing off to his parents. I managed to capture a few shots of this precious moment. The following pictures is a demonstration on how to open a gift/present which every kid should learn...

Step 1: Show Off Session in cat-walk style

Step 2: Look for any opening, holes or tearing

Step 3: Found it! (else, skip to Step 6)

Step 4: Grab on the opening and try to peel it off!

Step 5: Shake it hard and see if the "thing" will come off by itself

Step 6: If it doesn't come off, ask for help with a teary eyes and pityful face

Step 7: After a little help, proceed to peel of the "troublesome" wrapping paper (no offence to Twinsmom)

Step 8: Tadaaaaa!

Last Step (Most important!): Say "Rabbit!" and a big "THANK YOU!" to auntie Maria! Muack!

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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Surprise! Surprise! - Part 2

After dropping J at work last Saturday morning, I went Ikano to meet up with the mother of two Belles. This would be the first time I've been to Ikano (with all the tolls and jam) since my last visit to Ikea a year ago. I need to ask for directions from a few salesgirls before I could find the food court. I intended to finish reading the newspaper and my coffee before the Double Happiness family arrive, but they arrived soon before I could even warm my seat.

I am happy to see Twinsdad, Twinsmom, Twinsmom's SIL and the two highly active Belles again! It's been three months since our last meeting, and I must say they have grown a lot. As Twinsdad and his sister were ordering their lunch, Twinsmom handed me the envelope with 10kg of marijuana in it, plus a Christmas present for Little Skywalker (don't be jealous heh!). Since she was given such short notice to come up with the design as well as the product, she did not have much time for the packaging. For a guy like me, I could care less since J will be wearing the "merchandise" a few hours later.

I was quite surprised to see the simple and yet elegant design of the necklace. It came with a matching pair of ear rings as well. They were so much better than those gold and silver stuff J received during our wedding a few years ago (which has been locked away in a safe guarded by machine-gun-robots). I must take my hat off to Twinsmom for her incredible talents in terms of product design and craftsmanship. (You can also read another review from one of her other recent client that I know to get what I mean)

I felt so "pai seh" for not bringing any gifts (见面礼) for the two Belles (you know how bad guys are with gifts, plus I could not ask J for opinions). However, I did bring something for Twinsmom instead. It's not a gift, but sort of like a permanent loaner thingy. She can keep it as long as she wants. Sorry to Annabelle and Isabelle, uncle Egghead will bring you some nice gifts next time!

Meanwhile, the two Belles were very active and running back and forth between our table and the food stores. For some unknown reason, the food sellers were very slow in preparing their food. It was also the first time that I've noticed that the two Belles are non-identical twins! I've seen their photos many times before, and yet I didn't noticed it. It must have been Twinsmom's fault for dressing them in same clothing and same hair style (FYI, J was just as surprised when I told her later!).

After a few minutes of looking at the Belles running about while waiting for food, I saw a clown walking about outside the food court and he was giving away balloons to the kids. Isabelle must have saw it too as she suddenly stood still with her eyes looking towards the clown's direction. I guessed she also wanted one of those colorful balloons. Since everyone were away pressuring the food sellers for their food, I gently guided Isabelle and walked towards the clown and stood with her while we waited. Annabelle came later with Twinsmom and Twinsdad chasing from behind.

The two belles were very happy to get a flower shaped balloon later. The food finally arrived after more than 15 minutes of waiting. Isabelle was a very "guai" girl and she ate anything that was on her plate. She even took some of Twinsdad's spicy food after that. Twinsmom said that she will eat a bit, drink a lot of water, then continue eating. Annabelle on the other hand, wasn't too keen on food though. Her parents needed to remind her several times before she started to eat (with an unhappy face). I guess this is how Twinsmom differentiate the twins easily.

Since I had to rush to Pudu bus stop to fetch a relative at noon, I had to say goodbye to everyone. I was so in a hurry I forgot to thank Twinsmom for the gift to Little Skywalker ("Thank you ah!"). This absent minded father also took almost 15 minutes to find his car because he misplaced his memory implant. I remembered the parking lot number, but got the floor number wrong. Why can't they include the floor number in the parking lot number as well? Sigh!

I passed the "envelope" to J in the car when I picked her up before heading towards Pudu, and told her it was a Christmas present from my client that morning . She was quite surprised at the thoughtfulness of my clients as it should be me giving the client something instead. She was more surprised to see the beautiful lady-like package bag as I told her that the gift was meant for her (I mean how weird is it to give something to other people's wife?).

J only started to suspect something was amiss when she opened the wrapping paper and saw the necklace and ear rings. It was then I told her the whole master plan of my surprise gift to her. She totally love the design and the crystals! I felt so relieved since she did not manage to pick out anything from the jewelry site and I totally depended on the famous jeweler to craft something out that matches J's taste. It's amazing how one woman could sniff the taste of another woman. J called Twinsmom later to thank her and expressed her fondness of the necklace and ear rings.

Alas, she has something to wear for her company's 20th anniversary dinner the same evening. She was quite worried the day before as she is not used to dressing up for a big party (大场面) and she don't put on any make-up either. I suggested her to wear her black dress a day earlier (knowing fully well that the crystal necklace will stand out even more with it). She will also be wearing the same necklace and ear rings to the four wedding dinners (two for my brother and two for her brother) that we are going to attend this coming weekend. Now, that's what you call a worthy buy!

So, what do you think? Am I a BIG LIAR person full of surprises or what?

p/s: All ladies (who want to pressure their hubby for a piece of jewelry) and gentlemen (who want to score big time like me) should pay a visit to The Jewel Mine now! You've got five more days before your spouse/girlfriend smack you in the head for not getting her anything this Christmas!

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Monday, December 19, 2005

Surprise! Surprise! - Part 1

Unlike many people, my family does not have a tradition of giving presents within the family members. We do give presents to people outside the family instead (weird huh!). It's a fine tradition as it saves a lot of money (LOL!) and the hassle of pulling your hair and cracking your brain to figure what others want. J and I also continued that fine tradition since we're married. Since neither she nor I had any secret bank account (or did she?), we spent our money together and buy anything (only those we could afford) we want, anytime we want. The same goes for Little Skywalker as well. He got his new bike (which he is still afraid to ride on) way before Christmas.

However, this year, I decided to do something different. I also decided to get some help from the mother of two Belles in order to make my plan a success. The present I wanted to get was a necklace. Since I wanted it to be a BIG surprise for J, I have to come up with a plan to let her choose what she wanted while keeping in a secret! My evil (yet brilliant) mind finally came as handy as I managed to fooled J into believing that I wanted to get a necklace for one of my friends whose wedding I'm going to attend next week. J sounded (via Yahoo Messenger) quite annoyed at first as I never bought her any jewelry since our wedding ring. Anyhow, she cannot make up her mind by looking at that famous jewelry place (maybe is because it she thought it wasn't for her). However, she did mention about a design pattern that she liked and some beads that she preferred (both wasn't in one single piece).

My good friend was discussing with me about which design to get and how to send it to her (via Yahoo Messenger as well). Our discussion went for quite a while to the extend that she almost overcooked and dried up her 红豆水 (red bean soup). The initial plan was to send the gift to her office some time this week so that she can wear it for both my brother and her brother's wedding dinners. Then I remembered that we had to attend her company's 20th anniversary dinner last Saturday as well. So, my good friend has less than 24 hours to complete the gift so that I could pull it off.

After more than an hour of heated argument blah blah blah, the famous jewelry maker offered me two words in conclusion, "Trust me!", and I left the design and everything to her. she promised to come up with a special custom-made necklace that J would be fond of. We would also decided meet up the next morning (where she and her family met up with a grumpy elf after I left) at Ikano to "carry the 一手交钱, 一手交货 business transaction".

Meanwhile, J had no clue on what's going on the whole time. I told her I had to meet up with a freelance-job client at the Curve on Saturday morning. She bought it as usual given my perfect record of lying!

to be continued...

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Saturday, December 17, 2005

I Am Still A Child

Since everybody's doing it, what the heck...

Your Inner Child Is Surprised

You see many things through the eyes of a child.
Meaning, you're rarely cynical or jaded.
You cherish all of the details in life.
Easily fascinated, you enjoy experiencing new things.
How Is Your Inner Child?

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Friday, December 16, 2005

Secret Santa

I was chatting with a friend last week through IM as usual. She was telling me that she and a few of her colleagues were doing a charity drive for an orphanage in view of the Christmas spirit. Their plan was to collect donation from people, and use the money to buy presents for the children at Pure Life Society. The people who donate get to choose which children are to receive their presents. They get to pick from a list of children living at the orphanage. The card will also specify from whom the presents are from.

I thought this is a noble idea to help children, instead of people just coming and asking me for money every weekend when we are having breakfast at food stalls. Not that I don't trust people, is just that I would rather buy something or do something to help people instead of donating cash which could be spent for other purposes than for the children. Furthermore, playing secret Santa for the first time sounds like fun to me!

Without thinking further, I made a small pledge. Since I do not know the children, I asked her to pick a kid for me that match my criteria - the youngest girl. It is sad to know that most of the children are Indians, some of them lost their parents and some of them are victims of child abuse. I certainly hope they are being well taken care now. A Christmas present will help lift their spirits especially during a time when others are spending time with their families.

A week later, my friend told me that she has bought the presents with my donation (with some money left to spare). She had also helped me to choose a kid. The youngest kid is 2 but someone else has already donated to her. The next one will be a 9 year old girl. In fact, she chose three children, two boy and a girl, (just got to know 1 minute ago) for the gifts instead. They are all 10 years old. The reason being that there are 22 other children with no presents and my donation is enough to buy presents for three kids. She also emailed me a picture of the presents that she bought. I hope the little girl all of them will be happy to receive those gifts.

So, here's to you, Pravindran, Shahrul and Shareni...

Merry Christmas! From your secret Santas (Egghead, J and Little Skywalker)...

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Thursday, December 15, 2005

1U & TGI Friday's

It's a weekday, but J wanted to get a nice dress for her company's upcoming 20th anniversary dinner and the remaining wedding dinners that we're going to attend in the coming weeks. We decided to go to 1U to get her dress because she has a RM50 Padini cash voucher at her dispense and the nearest Padini outlet is at 1U. As luck has it, my parents did not managed to cook dinner. Hence, we brought Little Skywalker along for dinner and shopping.

As we turned into the junction to 1U, we saw the much talkabout TGI Friday's restaurant under the bridge between the old and new wing. We decided to give it a go. Don't worry, this is not going to be a food review. Just call it a dining experience :P

As we enter the TGI, we are being shown to the end of the restaurant where the non-smoking area is. This comes as a surprise to me as I had to walk down a long hallway full of cigarette smell. Shouldn't they ask the smokers to smoke outside the restaurant? Anyhow, it made me realize that we are still in Malaysia and this is how things work here. The hell with the "Tak Nak" thingy!

Since this is our first time at TGI, we took quite some time to go through the entire menu and make a selection. We ordered out drinks first in order not to keep our friend waiter lady waiting for too long. I asked for a watermelon juice while J went for the pineapple sunshine. The newly added specials on the menu were shrimps but neither of us want that. Instead, we went for two RM39.90 three course meals. That way, we get appetizers, main course and desert all in one.

The appetizers were great! We got a plate of Fried Mozzarella and a plate of Fried Calamari. The calamaris were great and the mozzarella taste like pizza. To be honest, we were about half-full even before our main course dishes arrived. We took a long time for our appetizers as Little Skywalker did not want to sit still for his porridge (home cook) but decided to run about. I guess he is excited with the new dining place as compared to our usual place.

Our nice waiter saw us having problems enjoying the food and offered to look after our little monkey. She was also showing much interest in Little Skywalker when he started dancing to the live band music. She even called other waiters to come and watch Little Skywalker's free show! Later, they gave him a balloon as a token of appreciation for entertaining them.

Meanwhile, our main course arrived. J got her Bruschetta Chicken Pasta while I had Fish and Chips. From the minute the food were served on the table, we knew there was no way we could finish all of that after those heavy appetizers. Anyhow, we still managed to finish about 70% of what was on our plate. J also "ta bao" a big piece of my fish and her two big pieces of garlic bread as her breakfast this morning.

I guess the waiter must have seen us doing our little take-away. "Do you want your desert here or take-away?", she asked when I signal her for the rest of our meal. We felt so relieved as we could not possibly wrap a piece of chocolate malt cake and a mocha mud pie with a piece of tissue like we did with the rest. So, we walked out of TGI with a big plastic bag with our leftovers in it.

After our heavy dinner, we (or rather J) went to the Padini outlet at the old wing to search for J's dress. Unfortunately, she did not find anything that she likes there. However, she managed to find a top that she wanted in Jusco's Padini section instead. When she wanted to pay for it, the salesperson there told her that her voucher will not be usable there as they are under Jusco. If we want, we could walk all the way to the new wing where there is a Padini Concept Store where the same dress can be found as well.

Since we did not want to come all the way for nothing, we had no choice but to walk all the way across to the new wing (knowing we had to walk all the way back again to our car). Little Skywalker was already very restless since he was already sleeping in car before we arrived. I had a big problem carrying him as he wanted to get down to the floor every time we pass by an escalator. Yes, he has a thing for the escalator!

At the third Padini store, J has no problem finding her dress (I spotted it for her on a mannequin). Unfortunately, there was too few fitting rooms around (so much for a concept store). She has to wait for 10 minutes before a salesgirl showed her to another fitting room further away. After trying it on, she went straight to the cashier.

We wanted to head back to our car as it was already close to 9pm and Little Skywalker started to crave for his mother's breast. We passed by the centre of the new wing and we heard some choir singing Christmas carols. We stopped and listen for 15 minutes before we walk all the way (again) back to our car.

It was indeed an exhausting evening...

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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Playhouse Skywalker - Ooopsss!

Our proud Little Skywalker is already walking up the staircase. Yeah, you heard me right! He is walking up, not climbing up! I apologize for the poor lighting though in the first half of the video where he is at his best. I guess he got distracted (at the end) by J coming out of the bathroom naked (LOL!).

No babies and animals were hurt throughout the filming of this short video clip. Little Skywalker fell (very slowly) and ended up on his left side, without hitting his head on the floor. He is now an expert in protecting his head since the previous incidence (and many many before that). He just kept lying there with a "eerrrr..." sound until I put him back up on his feet.

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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Unanswered Questions

As most of you already knew, yesterday was a Selangor holiday. Since J's office is located at Batu Caves, she got the day off while I have to work. Although she has considered going back to her office to rush up some work, but she decided to be a SAHM for another day. Just when she was about to put Little Skywalker in the pool, she received a call from her father-in-law. The following were some questions that were posed to her throughout the phone conversation:

  1. Whether there is anything wrong with me?
  2. Have I reached the 'bottle-neck' stage of my life?
  3. Is there anything wrong with my health? (As I always looked tired and lifeless)
  4. Why can't I do anything for myself (including getting my own rice and washing the dishes)?
  5. Why didn't I talk about my problems with them?
  6. Why can't I be more humble in my attitude when I talk to others?
  7. Did I watch "贤途有你" on Astro?
  8. Why didn't I help out at their home? (they were re-painting the whole house in preparation due to my brother's wedding)

p/s: I, me and myself = Little Skywalker's father!

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Monday, December 12, 2005

Playhouse Skywalker - Ooouuuch!

Little Skywalker was trying to perform his "look-alike" show. This time he was trying to be a dog, barking "Woof! Woof!". It was intended to be a slightly longer video clip. Unfortunately, it got "tergendala-ed" due to... (well, you'll see)

No babies and animals were hurt throughout the filming of this short video clip. Little Skywalker was lucky to escaped with no blood coming out of his teeth or lips (God must be very busy watching over this naughty little monkey a lot these days). He just cried for a few seconds and continued with his naughty activities later.

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Friday, December 09, 2005

Playhouse Skywalker - Laundry Boy

After spending an hour in the pool and bombing Pearl Habour from a plane, Little Skywalker decided to clean up his mess. He took off his pants (I guess he wanted to dedicate this to that mami who's obssesed with ku ku jiao) and started to do his own laundry like those housewives living up the hill! He even tried to flip his laundry a few times in order to get rid of the water!

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生活小插曲 - Life's Little Things

As J and I (carrying Little Skywalker) were walking out of the King's Confectionery after getting some food for our supper and ordering a "Yule Log" chocolate cake for Christmas eve, we headed to our car...

J: Eh... I think I found the dress that I want liao!
E: #&$%#@! What?? In a cake store?
J: No... there! (*while pointing to the shop lot next to King's)
E: What?? That is a florist shop!
J: Yeah I know... but I like the nice red dress on that mannequin!
E: (*mouth open big and jaws dropped)
J: I really like it! (FYI, J usually takes a few months to decide on a dress to buy)
E: Don't worry, you can take the hammer for tonight. Just make sure you get away cleanly :P
J: $*&*#$$*&@#$...

Later on the way...

J: (*sniff sniff)... was that you?
E: Yeah right... if it was me, you'll hear it before you smell it :P
J: (*looked at Little Skywalker who has his mouth on the nipple) was that you?
L: (*broke out in laughter and followed by everyone)
J: (*smacked the little guy's butt) You naughty naughty little monkey!

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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Playhouse Skywalker - Stomp

Little Skywalker is doing his Stomp audition using nothing but pool water! He added some spinning and dancing to his routine as well. You have to forgive him falling down a few times as he is quite nervous to be auditioning for one of the world greatest performance group!

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Egghead 101

Saw this on JoMel's and decided to put a curse on it and pass it to everyone!

Warning! Freaking long and boring text ahead!
  1. [x] I've consumed alcohol
    Did it few times but hate the taste, and I get tiny red dots and spots on my hands after - not to mention the hang-over
  2. [ ] I've run away from home
    Never tried that since I had no where to stay, does moving out after marriage counts?
  3. [x] I have lied to my parents about where I am
    Duh! Otherwise they may call the cops and have me put under Witness-Protection-Programme and have Google Earth track my whereabouts 24 hours
  4. [ ] I listen to political music
    I didn't even know such music exist in the first place, is Mahathir one of the singers?
  5. [x] I have collected comic books
    have and still am since now I earn money (currently own City Hunter, Dragon Ball and SinChan)
  6. [x] I shut others out when I'm depressed
    I rather keep my problems to myself and not drag more people into my misery (misery do not really need company lah!)
  7. [x] I watch the news
    Less recently because I am getting tired and sick of all those stupid and pretentious politicians
  8. [ ] I own over 5 rap CDs
    Have less than 3 I think
  9. [ ] I own an iPod or MP3 (player)
    No money :P
  10. [x] I love Disney Movies
    I grow up watching the cartoons thanks to my uncle and now I own almost all of Disney's animated movies (including those old old ones) using Little Skywalker as an excuse... LOL!
  11. [ ] I am a sucker for hair/eyes
    The whole face maybe :P
  12. [x] I curse regularly
    90% of it is while I am stuck in a jam or behind some idiot who drive as if he/she is in a funeral procession
  13. [ ] I paid for that cell phone ring
    yeah right! As if
    Maxis is not rich enough!
  14. [x] I am a sports fanatic
    crazy sports fan here! Hello! (not for football though :P)
  15. [ ] I love Spam
    who will love those eat-full-nothing-to-do losers?
  16. [ ] I bake well
    Fat hopes!
  17. [ ] I would wear pajamas to school
    Errr... don't think I can attract any girls that way :P
  18. [ ] I own something from Abercrombie
    I only wear T-shirts and all of them are from warehouse sale!
  19. [ ] I love Martha Stewart
    Not a big fan of power-crazy lady! (and I hate Donald Trump's pink shirt!)
  20. [ ] am guilty oF tYpInG lIkE tHiS
    What is the point when others have to read your typing using microscope?
  21. [x] I am sometimes self conscious
    I would be lying if I say no
  22. [x] I like to laugh
    You can hear me doing that after almost each sentence!
  23. [ ] I smoke a pack a day
    Tak Nak!
  24. [ ] I have cough drops when I'm not sick
    Strepsils are just too expensive nowadays!
  25. [ ] I can't swallow pills
    Well trained since I have a nurse as my mother
  26. [x] I can swallow about 5 pills at a time no problem
    piece of cake to me!
  27. [x] I have many scars
    Weird skin condition that I inherited from my father (luckily not visible with clothes on)
  28. [x] I've been out of this country
    Already been to Europe since I was 4!
  29. [x] I can't sleep if there is a spider in the room
    Same goes for Spiderman!
  30. [x] I am really ticklish
    80% of body totally immune
  31. [ ] I've seen a therapist
    Don't need to (for now) and don't think I can afford one
  32. [x] I love chocolate
    Only those mass produced stuff, not those expensive swedish ones with alcohol
  33. [x] I play video games
    Evidently with a PS2 at home
  34. [x] I watch cartoons
    Deep down inside, I am still 8!
  35. [x] Gotten lost in my city
    Due to DBKL stupid road planning that is constantly changing!
  36. [ ] Saw a shooting star
    Unless is one of those on TV
  37. [ ] I had a Surgery
    Touch wood!
  38. [x] Gone out in public in your pajamas
    My pajamas = T-shirt and shorts
  39. [ ] I have Kissed a Stranger
    Eeeeeik! Who knows what's on their face or lips for that matter!
  40. [ ] Hugged a stranger
    Will try that if I go overseas more
  41. [ ] Been in a fist fight
    How I wished!
  42. [ ] Been arrested
    And get strip-search and ear-squat? No Way!
  43. [x] Pushed all the buttons on an elevator
    You bet!
  44. [ ] Made out in an elevator
    Does kissing count?
  45. [ ] Swore at your parents
    Don't think I wanna kena lightning
  46. [x] Kicked a guy where it hurts
    Not on purpose, was at a volleyball competition (or was it on purpose?)
  47. [x] Been to a casino
    Don't wanna be left out of Uncle Lim's hill-top castle right?
  48. [ ] Been skydiving
    Not common enough here! Hope to do it one day though!
  49. [x] Broken a bone
    Fracture actually from a volleyball game when I landed on someone's foot
  50. [x] Skipped school
    Especially during my university days!
  51. [ ] Played spin the bottle
    People will be going "Huh? What's that?" on me if I suggested it
  52. [x] Gotten stitches
    Got it when I was 12 when I ran through a sparkling clean sliding glass door (18 total)
  53. [ ] Drank a whole gallon of milk in one hour
    Why do you wanna do that?
  54. [x] Bitten somebody
    J kena many times! Now is Little Skywalker!
  55. [ ] Been to Niagara Falls
    Unless I wanna pull a David Copperfield's stunt!
  56. [x] Gotten the chicken pox
    Some jackass brought it to the classroom and spread to everyone like a plague!
  57. [x] Crashed into a friend's car
    Light one, nothing broken and we were on our way for a vacation getaway!
  58. [ ] Been to Japan
    Still trying to polish my Ya-Pun language so that I may be able to migrate there when I retire
  59. [x] Ridden in a taxi
    This is a stupid one!
  60. [x] Shoplifted
    I have my skills!
  61. [ ] Been fired
    I hope not, ever!
  62. [x] Had feelings for someone who didnt have them back
    like a million of them!
  63. [x] Stole something from your job
    Tonnes of them! Is free anyway!
  64. [ ] Gone on a blind date
    What if she turn out to be a he?
  65. [x] Lied to a friend
    Only if I am late
  66. [x] Had a crush on a teacher
    Young and slim one! (too bad she is married with two kids then!)
  67. [ ] Celebrated Mardi Gras in New Orleans
    What and Where?
  68. [x] Been married
    Obviously and still is :P
  69. [ ] Gotten divorced
    I thought the deal was "till death do us part"?
  70. [x] Saw someone die
    Don't remind me!
  71. [ ] Been to Africa
    Not hoping also
  72. [ ] Driven over 400 miles in one day
    miles no lah, but KM then yes!
  73. [ ] Been to Canada
    one of my retirement spot
  74. [ ] Been to Mexico
    Love to someday! I heard Mexican ladies are gorgeous!
  75. [x] Been on a plane
    Who hasn't since AirAsia conquered the sky?
  76. [ ] Thrown up on a bar
    Don't even like bars
  77. [x] Eaten Sushi
    Eat them by the lot!
  78. [ ] Been snowboarding
    only sandboarding in Perth :(
  79. [ ] Been Skiing
    always not at the right time for snow :(
  80. [ ] Been to a motor cross show
    I prefer high-tech stuff like F1!
  81. [ ] Lost a child
    I hope not! But I thought we lost Little Skywalker (forever)
    when he was in NICU
  82. [x] Gone to college
    and back with honours!
  83. [x] Graduated college
    I hoped to stay in college forever though!
  84. [ ] Done hard drugs
    Not depressed enough
  85. [x] Had someone cheat on you
    Except for marital affairs, all the time! (I guess I should trust people huh?)
  86. [ ] Smoked a cigarette
    Tak Nak!
  87. [ ] Smoked a cigar
    Tak Nak! and Tak Larat!
  88. [ ] Made out with a member of the same sex
    Need to get that picture out of my mind now! Eeeeeewwww!
  89. [ ] Slept with a co-worker
    That will be plain stupid!
  90. [ ] Purposely set a part of myself on fire
    If you are doing this, you might wanna switch life with someone who is living in Iraq!
  91. [ ] Been in an abusive relationship
    Lucky me!
  92. [ ] Laid on your back and watched cloud shapes go by
    Is there such a spot in KL?
  93. [ ] Made a snow angel
    Where is the snow?
  94. [ ] Had a tea party
    You can't possibly expect a guy to do this, right?
  95. [x] Flown a kite
    Childhood times, but now the field is gone to a school building already!
  96. [x] Built a sand castle
    Another childhood memory
  97. [ ] Gone puddle jumping
    No idea what is this, but don't think I like the jumping part
  98. [ ] Played dress up
    But I am always dressed
  99. [ ] Jumped into a pile of leaves
  100. [ ] Gone sledding
    Again... what?
  101. [x] Cheated while playing a game
    Normally is because I cheated first
  102. [x] Been lonely (wait a minute! I thought the title said 101 things?)
    Saturday morning when wife is at work for half day
  103. [x] Fallen asleep at work/school
    All the time, especially I am too free, that's why I blog!
  104. [x] Watched the sun set
    But I don't know what is the big deal though
  105. [ ] Felt an earthquake
    Don't even like the thought of it!
  106. [ ] Touched a snake
    Over my dead cold body!
  107. [ ] Slept beneath the stars
    Won't there be a lot of
  108. [x] Been tickled
    Don't feel a thing!
  109. [ ] Been robbed
    Bite me!
  110. [x] Been misunderstood
    Damn those idiots!
  111. [x] Won a contest
    Only at sport competitions, not those supermarket lucky draw kind :P
  112. [x] Ran a red light
    Every morning! Heh! It's stupid to obey a red light at 6am!
  113. [ ] Been suspended from school
    I wished!
  114. [x] Been in a car accident
    Which car in KL hasn't? I've had
    2 in four days!
  115. [ ] Had braces
    J had it though
  116. [ ] Eaten a whole gallon of ice cream in one night
    Is there a prize or rewards?
  117. [x] Had deja vu
    All the time, I am suspecting myself of psychic powers now and then!
  118. [ ] Danced in the moonlight
  119. [x] Hated the way you look
    Why else you don't see many of my photos here?
  120. [ ] Pole danced
    Only wanted to be the pole in the audience if some sexy lady is doing it!
  121. [ ] Been obsessed with post-it notes
    Don't work since I always forget to take notice of them
  122. [x] Squished barefoot through the mud
    They even swing me over it and drop me in the middle of it!
  123. [x] Been lost
    I thought I answered this already?
  124. [ ] Been to the opposite side of the country
    You mean KL got a beautiful and nicer side?
  125. [x] Swam in the ocean
    If you count PD or Langkawi beaches
  126. [x] Felt like dying
    Once when I was having a terrible flu
  127. [x] Cried yourself to sleep
    The few days after
    Little Skywalker was born
  128. [x] Played cops and robbers
    Those were the days!
  129. [ ] Recently colored with crayons/colored pencils/markers
    I don't let my son try them yet
  130. [x] Sung karaoke
    During my wedding and I sucked!
  131. [ ] Paid for a meal with only coins
    Unless you are looking forward to a beating after
  132. [x] Done something you told yourself you wouldn't
    Got married and had a kid before 28!
  133. [ ] Made prank phone calls
    If my hands could only reach out to the other side of the prank call...
  134. [x] Laughed until some kind of beverage came out of your nose
    Once only
  135. [ ] Caught a snowflake on your tongue
    No snow!
  136. [ ] Danced in the rain
    We are not living in a 1970s movie
  137. [ ] Written a letter to Santa Claus
    I blame this on my parents for not lying to me about this (like those Americans)!
  138. [x] Blown bubbles
    I was 8 before!
  139. [x] Made a bonfire on the beach
    That was long long time ago... in a galaxy far far away... (I don't think is legal now!)
  140. [ ] Crashed a party
    I don't wanna be one of those people who come uninvited (and vice versa)
  141. [x] Gone rollerskating
    I sucked at this too!
  142. [x] Had a wish come true
    That "wish" is now running, jumping and
    swimming in my house now!
  143. [ ] Worn pearls
  144. [ ] Jumped off a bridge
    I'll be surprised if anyone can live through that and check this!
  145. [ ] Screamed penis in public
    I am sure the public will scream if they've seen mine... LOL!
  146. [ ] Screamed vagina in public
    I think those who comes from Virginia will always do that!
  147. [ ] Ate dog/cat food
    Should be the other way round
  148. [ ] Told a complete stranger you loved them
    I have to be really drunk to do that!
  149. [ ] Kissed a mirror
    Unless there is a sexy lady named "mirror"
  150. [x] Sang in the shower
    Somehow I sound like Jackie Cheung in there :P
  151. [x] Had a dream that you married someone
    I am living that dream now!
  152. [x] Glued your hand to something
    to another hand :(
  153. [ ] Kissed a fish
    Cool stunt!
  154. [ ] Worn the opposite sexes clothes
    Don't think any of them would fit!
  155. [ ] Sat on a roof top
    I was actually looking for a house where I could open my window and sit on the roof :(
  156. [x] Screamed at the top of your lungs
    Tried that many times at some noisy functions just for the heck of it!
  157. [ ] Done a one-handed cartwheel
    But I do one-handed driving most of the time!
  158. [ ] Talked on the phone for more than 5 hours
    My max was 3 hours, but back then local calls were RM0.30 with no time limit!
  159. [x] Stayed up all night
    I only study through the night before an exam till the last minute before I go for that exam
  160. [ ] Didn’t take a shower for a week
    I don't think I can even tahan myself after two days!
  161. [x] Climbed a tree
    Climbed many trees when I was a kid
  162. [ ] Had a tree house
    As if KL has such thing for me!
  163. [x] Are scared to watch scary movies
    Only Asian produced horror films! Hollywood one I have no problems though
  164. [ ] Worn a really ugly outfit to school just to see what others say
    Does it count if I consider our local school uniforms ugly?
  165. [ ] Played chicken
    Too high of an ego for me to do that :P
  166. [ ] Pushed into a pool/lake with all your clothes on
    Hope to try that once!
  167. [ ] Been told you're beautiful/handsome by a complete stranger
    Do you think so?
  168. [ ] Been easily amused
    Not so much since I consider myself a funny person already :P
  169. [ ] Caught a fish then ate it
    You mean raw?
  170. [ ] Caught a butterfly
    We are not one of those thousands of mistress of a China emperor, ok?
  171. [ ] Laughed so hard you cried
    Looking forward to such a joke though
  172. [ ] Cried so hard you laughed
    I heard someone calling Tanjung Rambutan
  173. [ ] Had someone moon/flash at you
    If it's a sexy lady, that'll be cool!
  174. [x] Cheated on a test
    Shhhh... I went through a couple of semesters in universities that way until J stopped me!
  175. [x] Have a Britney Spears CD
    Pirated one though
  176. [ ] Grown a beard
    Hope to grow a white and long one when I reach 80!

Phew! Finally done! The next 176 5 poor souls I am going to tag will be:

  1. Maria aka Twinsmom
  2. Shiaulin
  3. Jason
  4. Tracy (Happy Birthday! Here's your present!)
  5. That super busy and yet nice lady (Gotcha!)
  6. Jazzmint (This is for kacau-ing me writing this!) - last minute addition

Everyone who reads this are welcomed to spend more than hour on this as well :P

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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Playhouse Skywalker - Nah! (拿!)

After Little Skywalker decided to act like an airplane dropping "bomb" on Pearl Harbour or Hiroshima in the previous episode, J quickly took him out of the "sea" before any "bomb" hit the water. However, he kept asking us to pick up a stray "bomb" that did not "detonate" when it hit the floor. Meanwhile, he continued with his "bombing mission".

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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The Verdict - Protected

Click here to read further if you are one of those eat-full-nothing-to-do people.

If you had read that previously, you can use the same password to access this post.

Or else, you can obtain the password from me via email, yahooIM or MSN.

Entry criteria: non-two-five-people (二五仔) and people outside my work

p/s: if you break the circle of trust and betrayed me, I am gonna make sure Little Skywalker make you pay!!

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Playhouse Skywalker - Swimming With A Twist

Little Skywalker at his favourite past-time activity last Saturday. You will see him quite excited seeing an aeroplane just passed by. However, make sure you sit back and prepare for a HUGE surprise move after the aeroplane act though...

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Monday, December 05, 2005


For the record, I despise backstabbers (or 2 5 people/二五仔)!!

I got a call on Sunday morning from the office (can you imagine that?) from a fellow colleague. She asked me whether there was a way to check the amount of work that a person do within a single day. I was quite surprised at what she was asking as no one has asked me such question before! When I queried her regarding the motive behind such a move, she told me the whole story.

It seems that this one staff who is always complaining about not having enough time to do his work. Hence, he asked permission to come in at odd hours (like 6pm to 5am) and weekends to put in "extra effort". The management had a meeting and approved his "unusual" request in order to meet the project dateline. Unfortunately, some people reported that he actually came in and rest (sleeping included) and did very little work.

Well, I find it hard to believe that someone would actually drive all the way to office just to sleep for a day in front of everyone (yeah... many of our staff actually had to work during weekends). Since the project is running on an software application that I had developed, I had to come up with a report on his "work performance". I am also fortunate to have built in auditing functionalities within the application to be able to track changes to the database. Otherwise, I may be the one getting the dump.

Since I was ordered to do so, I had no choice but to run a check on his "weekend activities" first thing today. I am also sad to found out that he is either under par in his job or he is indeed sleeping most of the time when he is at the office during the weekends. I compared his logs to another staff who is also on the same project and he fared badly (20% of what others are doing). Sigh!

Now I am in a dilemma. I have to present this findings to my boss when he ask me (which I hope is never because he is kinda forgetful). I do not want my findings to cost him his job (although he does drive a Mercedes). I also hate to be the one going behind other people's back. Lucky thing that he is still single, else, I would feel guiltier for cutting them off their breadwinner. I hate office politics! Why can't these people bring up such issues during a meeting or discussion, instead they rather go and spy on others and catch them off guard!

Talk about Monday blues!

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Playhouse Skywalker - I Want Pool!

Little Skywalker is really desperate to get himself in the new pool again! The following video was shot close to midnight. I guess we should have kept the pool out of his sight.

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Friday, December 02, 2005

Playhouse Skywalker - Comfy Seat

After some tiring dancing, jumping and running around, Little Skywalker finally settled down comfortably at "his sweet spot". Looks like a big Taukeh only!

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We were talking in the car, on the way back from J's vegetarian wedding dinner at a Buddhist temple near Brickfields area...

E: Eh... was that you taking photos when you were coming out of the temple? (saw some flash)
J: Yeah! But I don't know how to use your camera ler...
E: That's why ler... don't wanna learn is like that lor :P
J: Eh! You know what my friend (who is a baru graduated doctor) say just now?
E: No! Not another wedding!! (*shaking head in disbelieve)
J: No lah... but I think soon also... she asked me whether I playback those "Ami-Taba chanting" to Little Skywalker.
E: What? LOL! Why she says that?
J: She said is good for the child one wor... she say children who listen to this "music" will grow up being more clever than others one wor...
E: What?? What kind of baloney crap is that? And she calls herself a doctor?
J: Yeah lor... I also wonder how she can become like that...
E: Does she prescribe those "Ami-Taba" CDs or tapes to every patient that sees her in the clinic?
J: Maybe hor :P
E: I think we found a breakthrough cure for cancer and AIDS here!

J: And you know what? She also asked one of my friends that is working in a kindergarten whether they play "Ami-Taba" to the kids there!
E: (*roll eyes) Man... there is always at least one of such people (regardless the religion) at every gathering...

Now you see why I don't like to go to a wedding dinner or any private functions held at a temple, church (except church weddings), and mosque. Is not just because of the food ler :P

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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Playhouse Skywalker - Chicken Not-So-Little

Little Skywalker is holding a chicken toy that we got him from JB. And he is in front of the TV, showing some chicken programme.

No re-runs!

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Another Pool of Fun!

I went to J's office and sat there until her half day office is over. While sitting there, I recalled the Giant's advertisement on a smaller inflatable pool (about 150cm in diameter) which is selling at RM14! I gave it a few thoughts and "suggested" to J that we grab this one. The previous one we got for Little Skywalker early this year was too huge (about 3-4 times the size of this one) and it is sitting in spare room now, taking up 80% of the space. I guess that is the price we pay for being kiasu (it was selling at 70% off that time!).

After J got off her work, we went to the Giant at Batu Caves straight away and grabbed one within 15 minutes. We got it home and started inflating it for Little Skywalker to have some fun! Little Skywalker was really excited that he was already walking about in the pool even before I started filling in water. One of the reason we dislike the huge pool we had is that it takes a long time to fill up the pool to the level that Little Skywalker liked. With this smaller one, we can fill it up within 15-20 minutes.

We also threw in a bunch of inflatable toys that came with the huge pool previously. He was having the time of his own inside the pool. He splashed water at himself and at his parents. He stepped on the water like a Sumo wrestler and watched the water splashed up. We were standing by at his side all the time to prevent him tripping over the sides on the pool and hit his head on the floor. I guess this is much better than the PD swimming pool where his legs cannot even reached the floor of the pool and we had to carry him and swim. By the way, he hates those floats we got him. He would climb out of it and jump into the water instead.

After 20 minutes of fun, our opposite neighbour (whose younger son is Little Skywalker's playmate) saw the excitement and came over along with her son. Before we know it, her son was already in the pool fully naked (as she didn't bring any underwear for him). The two little guys were having the time of their lives splashing at each other. Little Skywalker's friend was quite shy and not as hyperactive as him. He just sat there and move about his hands. Our son on the other hand, never took a moment to sit still and rest. He was walking and crawling (his way of swimming) about in the pool and shouting all the time.

At one point, he filled his plastic cup with water and poured it over his friend repeatedly! J saw that (I was busy with the camera of course!) and took the cup away. Then she filled it with water and poured them over Little Skywalker as a form of punishment! What a mother, supporting other people instead of her son pulak! You can see Little Skywalker closing his eyes and everything when J did that to him. As if Little Skywalker could care less about what his mother is trying to tell him, he continued pouring water over his friend right after.

Our next door neighbour (also with a son about the same age but younger) also heard the excitement and brought their son over to see what the fuss is all about! Unfortunately, they didn't put their son into the pool with the two wild babies as their son had just waked up from his afternoon nap, and was still in a sleepy mode. They just stand by the pool and watched the two monkeys (actually only one monkey as the other one was just sitting there all the time) playing with water.

They played in the pool for more than an hour before our neighbour decided to bring her son out of the pool. Her son was already sneezing a bit. I guess is because he is just sitting there unlike our little monkey who was frantically walking, jumping and crawling all over the pool. After they left, we let Little Skywalker spent some more time in the pool before he finally got tired and decided to get out of the pool by himself! All that was left in the pool was his underwear...

I think we got our money well spent on the pool. Firstly, Little Skywalker can swim in his own pool without us sneaking him (and the rest of his stuff) into one of the condominiums up the hill and swim in their pool. Secondly, it will help us to get pass our minimum water bill charges. Thirdly, we can have more time resting after Little Skywalker exhausted himself by playing in the pool. He normally sleep like a log after that, hence we get our once a week afternoon nap with him.

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