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Friday, September 16, 2005

The Birth of Little "Skywalker" - Ep 7 - Miracles Do Happen

Slightly more than a year ago in a hospital not that far away....

It was already the forth day since our son was born. I have been praying on rosary every night before I go to bed, somtimes twice a day. J was praying in her own way although she is not much into any religion. Sleeping, to us is no longer a necessity anymore. If possible, we would like to move into the NICU ward (even with no bed) to be at the side of our precious child.

God must have listened to prayers from our family, relatives and friends. Our son began making miraculous recovery. He was more or less disconnected from all the drug medication machines around him, except for the feeding tubes to his stomach. He was already breathing on his own without the help of respirator machines. He was later transferred to another trolley type baby cot as other patients (babies) needed those machines to survive as well, mostly premature babies. However, our son was still sleeping peacefully.

By the time J and I dropped by for a visit, he was trying to open his small eyes. I guess he was coming about already. He opened his eyes for the first time in front of us. Phew! Is like having the KLCC lifted off both our shoulders. We were allowed to pick him up from his “bed” and carry him as much as we liked, but not before cleansing our hands with chemical soap (might as well throw in a gamma ray). Our son was still in a dizzy mode due to the after effects of the drugs to control his fits. We spent more than an hour talking to him before nursing him slowly to rest.

The doctors (God bless those miracle workers) break the “good news” to J and I directly. According to them, our son was a real tough fighter. The last brain scan showed that there was no long any fluid (which is causing some brain swelling) left. His fits were under controlled and he will be fully awake soon after the drug wear off. The doctor also suggested that J start breastfeeding (or give the little guy a feeling of breastfeeding) him directly as it would help him to regain his strength faster. J happily obliged and our son was responding well to her nipples. All the while I was busy taking photos of our proud little Jedi to show off to our families.

Later, J was asked to admit to NICU ward to continue her breastfeeding. Notes to newbies, breastfeeding is an on-demand thing and not a fixed schedule thing. J would have a bed with the baby cot next to her. Both of them would be together all the time. With the help from the nurses and my mom, our son began sucking milk on a regular basis. According to J, he cries whenever his mother put him back to his cot after he fell asleep while breastfeeding. However, his cries were quite weak as other babies and we can still hear some sounds coming from his throat when he breaths. The doctor said that is due to inevitable injury caused by the breathing tube that was put into his throat. It will eventually wear off.

Our son will need to undergo at least 48 hours of observation before he can be discharged from the NICU. Little does he knew that there will be a huge celebrations waiting for him at home!

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