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Monday, August 28, 2006

Vacation Time!

You see, most people would normally go for their after they finished some big project/job. It is not necessarily true for me though, I would rather take a really good rest before embarking on a big project. As luck would have it, we booked our vacation about a month ago, but I recently landed myself with two new jobs (freelance type) a week ago. But that will not change our vacation plans.

Tomorrow, we will be heading up hill again for the second time this year! (You can also read more about our first trip of the year) I could hardly remember how many times we have been up there since Little Skywalker was born. It's just amazing how much he is still all excited to go on all the rides although he's been there for so many times (he's been talking about the rides for the past whole month whenever we pass by any Genting billboard)! We opted to go this week because the school holidays are just over and the crowd would have faded off by now :P

So, check back on Friday for more pictures!

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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Blogger Turned Six!

Blogger turned six yesterday! FYI, Blogger went live on 23rd August, 1999.

I could see that Blogger have replaced the original logo with a dog wearing a party hat in conjuction with the celebration this morning!

You can also take a peek at the original Blogger interface here!

Happy Birthday to Blogger!

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Tangkak Trip - Part 3

After a good night sleep, Little Skywalker woke up with a big smile on his face. We mingled on the bed for a few good minutes before going down to greet everybody good morning. He had his breakfast of milk and bun on the table quietly with us, which was rare because he wouldn’t sit still normally when it comes to his meal.

After our breakfast, the first round of durian was brought back from the orchard by J’s uncle and auntie. J quickly brought Little Skywalker to see the durian at the back of the house. Later, we also brought him to look at all the different types of fruits planted at the backyard of the house. We also spotted some strange rambutans that is growing upwards instead of hanging down from the tree!

When we noticed many mosquitoes were chasing after Little Skywalker, we decided to bring him to the front yard and let him play football with the rest of the kids before his shower. Normally he would nap for half an hour or so after his morning shower but the place is just too happening and exciting to have a nap. He continued playing around the house, J got to chit chat with her mum, grandma and aunties, while I was reading newspaper and watching TV with the guys.

We had an early lunch at 11.00am. At around 1.00pm, the weather became very windy and J brought out our bubble set to for the kids to play. It was quite difficult to blow and the bubbles were flying everywhere (back to your face sometimes) because the wind was just too strong. Anyhow, they had a great time. The adults at the back garden started calling us to eat durian again. We hardly had any when the rain started to pour. J brought Little Skywalker back into the house while the rest still eating in the rain (under some shelter of course).

We bided farewell while the rest were going to the orchard for a second round of durian picking at 3.00pm. Little Skywalker was still playing until the very last minute and did not want to let go of the badminton racket, shuttlecock and a small basketball that he was holding. In the end, he added more stuff into his toys collection!

We had a really great time in the small town of Tangkak. It’s too bad we never had a chance to go to the orchard because we woke up late. Hopefully we will be able to do that come next durian season.

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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Tangkak Trip - Part 2

After leaving Jess’ house, J start calling her dad and uncle for instructions to her uncle’s house at 莲花村 (Lotus Village). It was quite easy to find with the road signs. On our way there, we passed by the famous Gunung Puteri Ledang. J and I were talking about the legend behind it but we ended up confusing it with the Mahsuri legend instead. Shows you how much we know about our country.

According to J, her uncle’s house still looked the same from the last time she visited (about 10 years ago), except for the additional fencing, which made the compound looked smaller, less friendly but more secured. The bungalow-style house was built in the middle of a one acre land (and the total cost for both land and house is only RM120k!).

Little Skywalker’s first comment was “那边有toilet的!”. (referring to the little hut used as store room behind the house.) He was all excited and happy to see his grandma, grandpa and the three sisters again. He quickly jumped down the car and follow them around the house, while J and I unloaded our stuff into the house. There were also loud fireworks no thanks to the neighbours who were celebrating a 51th birthday with a loud karaoke dinner at their compound.

We let him run around the house compound until sunset before going into the house for dinner. While we were in the house, he continued playing (i.e. running up and down stairs, jumping on the bed, playing the keyboard, feeding pet crab, eating) with the three sisters and J's uncle’s 3 kids until the rest had no energy left to entertain him. He then went on to "ride" on a bicyle that was too big for his own size instead.

Come bed time, he started fusing around and refrained people from turning off the lights, started crying and wanted to go downstairs (where all the fun was). I guess that was the after-effects of an overly-hyped evening.

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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Tangkak Trip - Part 1

As planned, we left J’s at 1.00pm sharp to pick up Little Skywalker from my parent’s. Since I decided to use Jalan Duta/Sg Besi way instead of Sungai Buloh (to save a couple of bucks), we had our lunch at the Mcdonald’s next to the closed down Mint Hotel. In the middle of our lunch…

L: Shh Shh liao.. shh shh liao
J/E: Shh shh lah, got mamypoko, never mind, 可以 shh shh 这边... (can shh shh here)
L: no.. shh shh in the toilet!
J : (guilty) I bring him to toilet ah!

Lately, he has been telling us off frequently when we ask him to pee in the diaper when we are out. Bad parent we are :p

We continued our journey after our quick meal and reached Jesslyn’s place at about 4.30pm. Little Skywalker protested a bit at first as he just woke up from his long ‘car nap’. Our arrival also managed to wake up Lyon, Wien woke up a while later. Lyon cried and kept clinging on to Jess (like a koala bear) the entire time. Little Skywalker tried to “buy” her over by offering her some snacks, but she was too smart for that.

We chit chat like old friends although this is the first time we’ve met in person. Being his KPC-self, Little Skywalker was playing with the Wien, enjoying Nutrigen, eating sweets and requesting more food (jelly) from Wein, asking Jess and Wien many questions eg. “什么来的?” (What's that?) or “什么声音来的?” (What sound was that?). He was really making himself at home! He even "took" home 3 books (thanks a lot Jess!!).

After the chatting and eating session, we moved to the backyard to see some animals they have as pets (including chicken, roaster and rabbits). It’s a very beautiful backyard, there is even a home-made swing under a big tree! We then move to the front garden to see the tupai (squirrel) which was caught at Jess’s relatives’ durian orchard. The poor little squirrel was so active, jumping around in the cage and its funny to see him eating rambutan offered by Wien. Little Skywalker was also very busy playing with the Lyon's bicycle and car at the porch area.

Come farewell time. J headed back into the house to take her handbag. Suddenly, she heard a cute baby voice with a happy tune “aunty bye bye”. She turned and saw Lyon. So cute of her bidding farewell to us without having told by her mum. J thought she had started to accept us as friend. But according to Jess, she was just happy to see guests leaving their house. So, J was only 自作多情 (Funny girl!). But Lyon did miss Little Skywalker though as we were told that Lyon kept asking Jess "Where is Kor Kor?" after we left.

More pictures while we were at Jess's...

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Friday, August 18, 2006

On The Road

We will be traveling down South to the small town of Tangkak this weekend for a one night stay at J's uncle. J's family has planned a durian feast there to enjoy the durians from their orchard. Fortunately, Little Skywalker is quite a big fan of the "King of Fruits" as well as plain water. Otherwise, he will be suffering from a sore throat later.

On the way to J's uncle's place, we plan to drop by Jesslyn's place for a visit. I asked her to belanja us a dim sum dinner/breakfast, but she said there wasn't any store selling dim sum at Tangkak (sigh!). She said she's going to cook for us instead. It will be a good chance for Little Skywalker to mingle with both Lyon and Wien, hopefully they don't end up in a fight! LOL!

Will write more after we're done rocking the little town of Tangkak!

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Thursday, August 17, 2006

What Would You Do?

Just read the sad headline on the New Straits Times - "Papa, papa, help me...". I am sure everyone would have read or heard about this unfortune fire which took away four lives, all of them children. It was stated in the news report that the father of the three children (who were all asleep when the fire broke out) did not managed to find the children due to the thick smoke caused by the fire, and the fact that the fire happened at 1.30am.

After reading these, I can't help but picture myself reliving the horrifying situation based on the description by the father involved. Although I can think very rationally and logically in almost every decisions that I make daily (probably due to the fact that I am in computer programming), I highly doubt I will behave in the same manner if such an incident were to happened to me (God forbid). If no one is there to stop me (I mean drag me out and tie me down), I am sure I would remained in the burning house until I find my love ones or die trying.

If you think I am a hero for doing that, then you are so wrong. I assumed I would take such irrational action because I know I am too coward to face the facts later. I am afraid I might go insane after. I am afraid that I will end up in the streets talking to myself. I am afraid that I will have nightmares haunting me for the rest of my life. I am afraid that I will lose the will to live on and decides to take my own life. In short, I do not think I can face up to such cruel facts...

May God bless the souls of the four children and give both the parents the courage and will to carry on with their lives.

p/s: How do you think you would react to such horrifying incident?

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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

New Blogger Beta

To all the readers who are using Blogger as their blogging platform, Blogger has released a new Beta version, which incorporates:

Unfortunately, the new version is still in Beta stage (meaning testing phase). Hence, Blogger is limiting the number of people who can switch over. You'll see a link on your Blogger dashboard when you are able to move. I have already signed up for the Beta this morning! Let's hope the new version will go live very soon for the benefit of everyone!

You can take a look at all the new features of the new Blogger here.

p/s: Who says we need to switch to WordPress for more features? :P

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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Kids Guide to Slot Machines

Step-by-step beginner's guide to operating a slot machine in the mall, presented to you by Little Skywalker...

Pull the money/token out of your little pocket (or parent's stingy hands) and let out a victorious grin!

Look for any opening/hole on the machine and try every way (push, force, rotate) until the money/token is slotted into the hole!

Pay full attention to whatever steering wheels, button or knobs that is on the machine for the next one minute or so in order to get your money's worth!

p/s: He does this when he loiters around Jusco almost every week and is considered a pro now!

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Monday, August 14, 2006

Mothers' Morse Code

I bet everyone knows about the famous Morse code, right? Well, I bet you do not know about the secret Morse code that is being shared among mothers (especially mothers with a single child). in my neighbourhood. You see, we have three such mothers (including J) living at my neighbourhood (one next to us and another one directly opposite us). Due to the fact that their children are without siblings (for the moment), they tend to be alert if the others are around so that their children can interact with each other.

In our case, the communication medium used are the noisy shoes that their children are wearing. My grandmother bought Little Skywalker his pair of noisy shoes when we went back to Parit earlier this year for Ching Meng. Our neighbours bought theirs later after they came to know about it. Since then, the mothers have been using the shoes to send out signals among themselves. Let me explain how it works...

Almost every evening, one of the mothers will bring their child out (wearing the noisy shoes) walking in front of their house. Since our house are located very near to each other, we can obviously hear the "squeeky sounds". Upon hearing the "signals", the other mothers (who are around) will also get their child ready and bring them out as well. All the children will be wearing their noisy shoes in order to further annoy everyone else!

Among the three children, Little Skywalker is the eldest (among eight months older!). He is regarded as the Tai-Koh among them, not because of his age, but because of his non-stop yapping and his rough character. Although Little Skywalker will asked to go out upon hearing the "signals", he only wanted to get out of the house, not because he wanted to play with his friends. When he is out, he will be running around by himself 50% of the time.

Here are some shots of them mingling with each other...

They were overly curious over our neighbour's car plate. Also take a look at their expressions when they were asked to shake hands!

Then, they shifted their focus to our water meter. Who knows? Maybe they were the ones behind all the missing water meters recently!

Oops! Someone fell down and some blood came out! Look how Little Skywalker tried to "take off" from the crime scene, LOL! (FYI, our son was innocent)

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Friday, August 11, 2006

Slowing Down

I took my grandmother to the hospital in order to have her blood taken for some test before her doctor's appointment end of this month. As I was leading her to my friend's place (whom I asked to take her blood), I began to notice that my grandmother is walking much too slowly compared to my pace. That was the first time I've ever noticed it before.

I came to realised that I might have been going through life at a much faster pace than I would have like. My rush-hour routine moved to the high gear as soon as I got out of bed in the morning. I will rush into the bathroom to have a quick shower, get everyone and everything into the car before 6am, and drive to drop off Little Skywalker at my parents'.

After dropping off our son, I went up another gear to drop J at her office before joining the minor traffic jam to reach my office. Breakfast will be at a nearby mamak stall every morning with almost the same diet. I could even find that I am overtaking people when I am walking to breakfast. I guessed most people are still half-awaked.

Living life on the high-speed lane has some negative effects on me. I have become very impatient with others and when things are going much slower than what I would have liked. For example, I start to find eating my meals a waste of time (LOL!). I wished I could just pop a pill to fill my stomach, instead of waiting 15 minutes for my meal and another 5 to finish it. I would curse "stupid" drivers when I am "forced" to follow a ridiculously slow car. Trust me, you won't want to be stucked in the same car with me in a traffic jam, unless you are the driver :P

I also feel very uneasy around people who is taking their own sweet time to do things. I felt they have no sense of urgency, but the true fact is that I am the one who is loosing my patience. When J took her own sweet time to enjoy her meal, I would be nagging and stepping my feet impatiently. When Little Skywalker refused to sleep until midnight (given the next day is a working day), I will be very pissed off and raised my voice at him (sometimes even give him a smack).

After the revelation this morning, I think I should start taking my life a little bit more easier and slower. Another motivation for me to do this is that I am worried that my temper and impatient behavior is slowly being passed on to Little Skywalker. If you have met him, you would know that he (being the monkey he is) will never sit still for anything. He has less patience than me when it comes to getting what he wants. Like father like son?

I think it's time for me to slow down, smell the flowers and enjoy the scenery...

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Thursday, August 10, 2006


I was doing something on my computer a couple of weeks ago and I encountered the following error message (pay attention to the severity of the problem... LOL!)

p/s: Too tired to write this morning due to inadequate sleep for the past few days because of you-know-who, try checking back later.

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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Stop The Murder!

Our so-called leaders can continue to brag about how Malaysia is on the way to become a developed nation in 14 years. They can continue to show off the twin towers, KL towers, KLIA and all the other white elephants we have in the country. Unfortunately, there is no way in hiding the cold hard truth about the 3rd world mentality on its people!

It has been barely a month and I have already read about two babies being murdered! FYI, leaving a newly born baby in a holy place like the church doesn't justify your cruelty! Another young 14 years old mother killed her new born by trying to flushing her down the toilet! Is this the way we want our society to progress? Is this what have been taught in the school? Is this what we called "Asian values"?

Although I feel sorry to the mothers who have arrived at such extreme measures, but I felt more for the newborns. A life is a life! Furthermore, babies are innocent regardless what their parents have done! To make matters worse, read what the parents of the 14 year old have to say...

The girl’s parents refused to accept the pregnancy.
"There were no signs she was pregnant. She did not have a bulge nor did she have any cravings," her mother said.
The father, however, has not spoken to his daughter since police took her away for a medical examination on Sunday afternoon.
"I am too distraught to speak to her. I cannot believe she is involved in such a thing," he said at their flat last evening.

I think our society is heading into a very very dangerous direction. Although we wish for our children to grow up to be the perfect human beings, I'm afraid some things are just out of our control. We should face up to the facts and mistakes that they might commit. Being parents, we should be more understanding on our children's predicament. We should be the first one to forgive and accept their "mistakes". We should be the first one they turned to at the first sign of trouble, not the one they tried to hide the truth from until it was too late.

Don't you think it must have taken almost an insane and desperate mind to flush your flesh and blood down the toilet? Don't you think the family have a collective responsibility towards the innocent baby although he/she has been born out of wed-lock? Is our so-called Asian values or ego worth guarding to such extreme that warrants the sacrifice of an innocent life?

I think as the country try to emulate the western countries into transforming ourselves into a developed nation. We have to accept the realities and negative impact that comes with it. Take a look at those we upheld as developed countries (eg. US). They have problems like teenage pregnancies, single mothers and unwanted babies as well. However, they are willing to face up to the problems by putting in place a welfare system and an adoption system meant for the innocent babies. Last I learnt, anyone could just walk into a welfare centre and hand over a baby with no question asked.

Now, this is what we call a develop nation! Not a nation that ignores the problem and try to hide behind their so-called moral values! Our so-called leaders must be damn naive to think that our country can escape the negative effects that come with a developed nation. They always thought that we could "copy" whatever that is good from the west and "assimilate" them into our own culture. Just look at what a mess they did to our education system for example!

I have heard people telling me all the time that so-and-so is single and pregnant. I could hardly give a damn! I mean, who cares? As long as the mother can take care of her baby and raise her baby up with love and care, she is already a Saint to me! Who are we to pass judgment that she is not fit to raise a child just because she is not married? I have seen enough cases of parents mistreating their own children although they are born into a "normal" family!

All I want to say is, no one should cast the first stone. The society should be more forgiving and acceptance to people from all kinds of different background. Everyone has their own story to tell. Just because someone made a mistake, we should not condemn him/her for life! Worst of all, we should not drag innocent babies into the picture! I am sure all religions out there preaches about love and forgiveness, and I am 100% none of them condone discrimination against single mothers.

I pray for innocent babies who were victims of similar incidences...

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Monday, August 07, 2006

He Wants Me!

Like the other ordinary nights, Little Skywalker will latch on to J like a koala bear come bed time. The "I want nen-nen" will be echoed by the walls of the room each night without fail. J had been accompanying Little Skywalker on his sports-car bed and I am left with a king-size bed to myself. Like I said before, it is quite a lonely feeling without his annoying little kicks.

Last night, Little Skywalker fell asleep in the living room around 8pm when we started watching the F1 racing. We thought he would sleep through the night but it was not meant to be. He woke up around 9 something and became active again ever since! When came bed-time, he was at his peak in terms of hyperactive hormones! He obviously did not want us to turn the lights off, but we did it anyway.

While he quietly latched on to J, we thought he would sleep anyway. J dozed off within five minutes and he continued sucking. After a while, he climbed up to the king-size bed instead. Since I was still awake, I invited him to lie down beside me. Surprisingly, he responded to my request and started singing songs while lying next to me. He must have sang at least 5-6 songs (in complete lyrics) before he asked me to join in. And there we were, singing along for quite some time.

After all the singing, he requested me to go to sleep instead while he also pretended to snore by himself! So, I followed his act as well, pretend to snore and kept quiet. It was really fun having him sleeping with me for a change. We had a great time before his addiction kicked in and went back to look for J. Both of them came up to our bed later as J did not want to see Little Skywalker climbing up and down the two beds.

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Friday, August 04, 2006

Old Man Hands

After dipping him in the swimming pool for close to an hour, I had to come up with a "brilliant" plan to get him out. Something crossed my mind and I asked him to look at his wrinkled "old man hands". He finally agreed to come out fearing that his hands might not return to normal again...

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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Shake Leg

After coming home from work, the first thing I would do is sit/lie down on the sofa and turn on the TV (it helps me to unwind). Little Skywalker has soon began to pick up my lifestyle. Before we know it, he has already mastered the fine art of "shake leg"!

Sometimes, he will make some busy phone calls with his "business associates"...

Other times, he would be busy reviewing the photos he took with his camera...

Quite a lifestyle for a two years old huh?

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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

His First Hot Wheels!

You're right, we added more toys to his collection! Fortunately, this doesn't cost us a cent since we exchanged it with our credit card's loyalty points. The package arrived 10 days after J faxed it. We were very impressed with their efficiency!

We can never get enough of the his happy-face expression whenever he gets a present!

Unfortunately, we (being the ignorant parents) should have known better when we saw the sign "For children 5+". Just look at how Little Skywalker decided to "play" with his new found toy...

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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Sleeping By Himself

For the past couple of days, Little Skywalker has been sleeping by himself (finally!). And by that, I don't mean that he voluntary climbed back to his bed when come bedtime like little Zara. J would still breastfeed him on his bed until he dozed off. Normally, J would have slipped off to her dreams before our son. So, I would wake up around 1-2am and remind J to come back to the our bed so that she won't end up with a back-ache the next morning (being cramped into a single bed).

Maybe it's the cold weather or something, Little Skywalker has been sleeping very peacefully for the past two nights. In fact, he did not even wake up for his night-feed on Monday night (or is it Tuesday morning :P). He did wake up around 4am this morning though, and ended up on our bed until we woke up. Given that, we are still very proud of him! At least he did not asked to come back to our bed before he goes to sleep.

Although I am very happy that he is sleeping by himself, I am starting to miss the fun and naughty Little Skywalker who constantly drag our bedtime to the wee hours. I miss his little kicks that made me sandwich a bolster between me and him. I also miss waking up in the middle of the night to rotate him back to his original position (Can you imagine I found him sleeping with his head facing the opposite end of the bed one night!). I also miss him kacau me when his mother dozed off before he does.

I guess we just have to get used to him growing out of the little baby he was two years ago...

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