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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Stop The Murder!

Our so-called leaders can continue to brag about how Malaysia is on the way to become a developed nation in 14 years. They can continue to show off the twin towers, KL towers, KLIA and all the other white elephants we have in the country. Unfortunately, there is no way in hiding the cold hard truth about the 3rd world mentality on its people!

It has been barely a month and I have already read about two babies being murdered! FYI, leaving a newly born baby in a holy place like the church doesn't justify your cruelty! Another young 14 years old mother killed her new born by trying to flushing her down the toilet! Is this the way we want our society to progress? Is this what have been taught in the school? Is this what we called "Asian values"?

Although I feel sorry to the mothers who have arrived at such extreme measures, but I felt more for the newborns. A life is a life! Furthermore, babies are innocent regardless what their parents have done! To make matters worse, read what the parents of the 14 year old have to say...

The girl’s parents refused to accept the pregnancy.
"There were no signs she was pregnant. She did not have a bulge nor did she have any cravings," her mother said.
The father, however, has not spoken to his daughter since police took her away for a medical examination on Sunday afternoon.
"I am too distraught to speak to her. I cannot believe she is involved in such a thing," he said at their flat last evening.

I think our society is heading into a very very dangerous direction. Although we wish for our children to grow up to be the perfect human beings, I'm afraid some things are just out of our control. We should face up to the facts and mistakes that they might commit. Being parents, we should be more understanding on our children's predicament. We should be the first one to forgive and accept their "mistakes". We should be the first one they turned to at the first sign of trouble, not the one they tried to hide the truth from until it was too late.

Don't you think it must have taken almost an insane and desperate mind to flush your flesh and blood down the toilet? Don't you think the family have a collective responsibility towards the innocent baby although he/she has been born out of wed-lock? Is our so-called Asian values or ego worth guarding to such extreme that warrants the sacrifice of an innocent life?

I think as the country try to emulate the western countries into transforming ourselves into a developed nation. We have to accept the realities and negative impact that comes with it. Take a look at those we upheld as developed countries (eg. US). They have problems like teenage pregnancies, single mothers and unwanted babies as well. However, they are willing to face up to the problems by putting in place a welfare system and an adoption system meant for the innocent babies. Last I learnt, anyone could just walk into a welfare centre and hand over a baby with no question asked.

Now, this is what we call a develop nation! Not a nation that ignores the problem and try to hide behind their so-called moral values! Our so-called leaders must be damn naive to think that our country can escape the negative effects that come with a developed nation. They always thought that we could "copy" whatever that is good from the west and "assimilate" them into our own culture. Just look at what a mess they did to our education system for example!

I have heard people telling me all the time that so-and-so is single and pregnant. I could hardly give a damn! I mean, who cares? As long as the mother can take care of her baby and raise her baby up with love and care, she is already a Saint to me! Who are we to pass judgment that she is not fit to raise a child just because she is not married? I have seen enough cases of parents mistreating their own children although they are born into a "normal" family!

All I want to say is, no one should cast the first stone. The society should be more forgiving and acceptance to people from all kinds of different background. Everyone has their own story to tell. Just because someone made a mistake, we should not condemn him/her for life! Worst of all, we should not drag innocent babies into the picture! I am sure all religions out there preaches about love and forgiveness, and I am 100% none of them condone discrimination against single mothers.

I pray for innocent babies who were victims of similar incidences...

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