Little Luke "Skywalker"

Friday, June 29, 2007

iPhone Day

Finally, the day has arrived...

Lucky for those living in US, they will be the first ones to be able to purchase one of the most highly anticipated products in our time - the Apple iPhone. As for us, we can only get it next year.

Happy iPhone Day!!

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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Missing Him

It's been slightly over three weeks since Little Sean was born. Throughout this period, Little Skywalker has been staying over at my parents' for most of the time. He was only home for a couple of nights. J missed him so much that she even cried one night. For me, I miss cradling him to sleep every night although it gives me a backache in the morning.

Well, it's not that we don't like having him around the house. It's just that he is going through a "whining phase". He tends to whine in a long "eehhhh..." sound and refused to speak up when he wants something. He prefers his parents to guess what he wants instead. Even J become frustrated with his latest antics, and trust me, she doesn't know how to get mad.

Furthermore, Little Skywalker is like a bio-hazard around the house, especially when there is a newborn in the house. Although we kinda got used to him running and crashing into furniture and people, Little Sean might not be able to take that kind of blow. It's not easy for us to stop him from being his hyperactive self, so it's better he run about at my parents' place instead. At least he will be happier there.

So far, he went with my parents to Penang for a few days to visit my brother. Last Sunday, he went up to Genting along with my father and my uncle's family. Surprisingly, he does not demonstrate his whiny-self in front of others except his parents. I guess he must be feeling the pinch after Little Sean was born.

However, we are hoping that Little Skywalker will come to miss his parents despite going on all those fun trips. God knows we miss him dearly...

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Thursday, June 21, 2007

First Smiley!

Like previously mentioned, Little Sean sleeps a lot. When he's awake, you can be sure that he will not be in a bad mood; otherwise, he would be sound asleep instead of people trying to clean up his poop. Consequently, it is not easy to get a clear shot of him smiling at the camera. The only smiley shots J and I could capture were when he was grinning in his sleep...

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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

First First Week

Although it should be much easier and familiar during the second round, but the first week with a newborn is still a brand new experience to us. If you have read the story from our experience with Little Skywalker, you would notice that we did not have him brought home until his second week.

For a start, Sean sleeps a lot on his first few days! He was constantly tired and yawning when he was awake. Although Little Skywalker did the same thing on his first few days, but he was heavily drugged then to help his recovery. As for Sean, we hope that by sleeping a lot, he will grow at a faster pace (He was about 0.5kg lighter than Little Skywalker at birth). Still, I was worried. Fortunately, zara's mama told me that Sean's sleeping habit is normal for a newborn. Phew!

Little Skywalker did not sleep at home for the past one week. J and I consider him as a bio-hazard around newborns (evident when he was around Tiffany). He was happy staying with my parents but they did bring him to visit his younger brother every evening. My parents also brought him on a vacation trip to Penang over last weekend. After he came back, he kept referring his brother as his cousin, and called him Tiffany!

p/s: Surprisingly, quite a number of people does not know that UMMC is not a father-friendly (meaning they do not allow fathers to be in the delivery room) hospital, like many other government hospitals (except Selayang Hospital).

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Friday, June 15, 2007

Short Story Long...

Last Saturday, J and I brought Little Skywalker to Lobsterman at SS2 after reading about it at Hijack Queen's site. It was our first time eating lobster! Fortunately, there were instructions given on the back of the menu on how to break open and dine lobster. Otherwise, we would be bringing our own hammers... LOL! Little Skywalker kept asking to crack open the claws with the nutcracker by himself. I was joking with J that eating lobster might bring forward the delivery date of the baby. Little did we know...

At 6am next morning...

"Patrick! Ooi! Wake up!"

I was still in a blur as it was a Sunday morning. We were expected to wake up only around 9am to join my uncle for a bak kut teh brunch in Klang. I opened my eyes and saw J standing still by the bedside. I could see that she was trying to go somewhere but was afraid to move.

"My water broke liao! Can you get me a piece of cloth to wipe the floor?"

Finally it hit me. She was in labour! I told her not to worry about the floor and asked her to clean herself up before we head to the hospital. While she was in the bathroom, I called my parents and asked them to come over in order to take care of Little Skywalker, who was still in his dreamland. They arrived 10 minutes later and we went to UMMC along with my mother (just in case J cannot wait - my mum's a retired nurse).

We arrived at the hospital around 6.40am and got her to the labour room immediately. I called up StemLife ot inform them that my wife was about to deliver and they said they would be sending someone over. By 7.12am, our second baby boy was born! And guess what? The StemLife guy (who looked and talked like That James) got to know it before I did! (as I was not allowed in the labour room)

J and the baby was sent to the normal ward around 10am and started breastfeeding. They were told to stay one night at the hospital for observation. We brought Little Skywalker to visit them in the hospital as well. He was asking whether there is another baby in J's tummy since her tummy is still big! Twinsmom (who lives nearby) came by on Monday morning with gifts for everyone. Apparently, Little Skywalker and Sean's Godmother tumpang an ang pow with Twinsmom before she went back to US after her wedding. Such a thoughtful person she is!

J and baby Sean got checked out on Monday afternoon. He's been spending most of his time sleeping (90% of the time), crying, whining, peeing and pooping at home since then...

p/s: Thanks everyone for all your congratulatory comments and SMSes throughout the past few days!

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Monday, June 11, 2007

June 10th... 7.12am... 2.5kg...

The title says it all huh?!

p/s: Thank you to all the people who have sent us congratulatory SMSes...

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Thursday, June 07, 2007


After some tests and two nights stay at the UMMC, J was discharged yesterday afternoon. I took half a day off to pick her up. She was given MC for the rest of the week to rest at home. The doctor told her that her brown discharge was not amniotic fluid. We were relieved as the baby is not due until 30th June.

Little Skywalker and I are just happy that J is back at home...

A big thank you to everyone who are concern about J's well-being!

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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

PM Getting Hitch Again!

News Flash!!

Our Prime Minister is getting hitch for the second time!

Read the official annoucement from his office...

Source of photo

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J was admitted to the hospital for the first time since her pregnancy. She had some minor fluid discharge since last Sunday. My mother advised her to go for an unscheduled check-up to avoid any unnecessary infection. I brought her to UMMC for a check-up on Monday evening and she was admitted to the ward for observation.

Bringing Little Skywalker along was a big mistake. Firstly, the UMMC nurses told J to leave the bags with me as they have no place to put a bag. What sort of excuse is this? What about those mothers or single parents that came without company? With the bags with me, I cannot bring the impatient little fella anywhere. He started to get restless after 30 minutes and I was very frustrated as well as I cannot even go pee!

After waiting for almost two hours, they finally finished on J and admitted her. Little Skywalker was very reluctant to leave her "sick" mother at the hospital. I was lucky to be able to coax him out of it. I took a day EL yesterday and brought Little Skywalker to visit his mother in the afternoon. He was much better this time but was still in tears when we were told that J needs to stay for another night.

Hopefully she will be discharge today! I think the little guy (not to mention the big guy) misses her badly...

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Friday, June 01, 2007

Green Ogre

Come this weekend, Little Skywalker will be able to start his summer movies streak along with his parents. We are still bearing the guilt for not bringing him with us to The Pirates 3. I guess going for Shrek 3 this weekend will give us a chance to make it up to him!

p/s: Our deepest condolences to Twinsmom and her family over the lost of their 莎莉阿姨. May she rest in peace...

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