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Friday, June 15, 2007

Short Story Long...

Last Saturday, J and I brought Little Skywalker to Lobsterman at SS2 after reading about it at Hijack Queen's site. It was our first time eating lobster! Fortunately, there were instructions given on the back of the menu on how to break open and dine lobster. Otherwise, we would be bringing our own hammers... LOL! Little Skywalker kept asking to crack open the claws with the nutcracker by himself. I was joking with J that eating lobster might bring forward the delivery date of the baby. Little did we know...

At 6am next morning...

"Patrick! Ooi! Wake up!"

I was still in a blur as it was a Sunday morning. We were expected to wake up only around 9am to join my uncle for a bak kut teh brunch in Klang. I opened my eyes and saw J standing still by the bedside. I could see that she was trying to go somewhere but was afraid to move.

"My water broke liao! Can you get me a piece of cloth to wipe the floor?"

Finally it hit me. She was in labour! I told her not to worry about the floor and asked her to clean herself up before we head to the hospital. While she was in the bathroom, I called my parents and asked them to come over in order to take care of Little Skywalker, who was still in his dreamland. They arrived 10 minutes later and we went to UMMC along with my mother (just in case J cannot wait - my mum's a retired nurse).

We arrived at the hospital around 6.40am and got her to the labour room immediately. I called up StemLife ot inform them that my wife was about to deliver and they said they would be sending someone over. By 7.12am, our second baby boy was born! And guess what? The StemLife guy (who looked and talked like That James) got to know it before I did! (as I was not allowed in the labour room)

J and the baby was sent to the normal ward around 10am and started breastfeeding. They were told to stay one night at the hospital for observation. We brought Little Skywalker to visit them in the hospital as well. He was asking whether there is another baby in J's tummy since her tummy is still big! Twinsmom (who lives nearby) came by on Monday morning with gifts for everyone. Apparently, Little Skywalker and Sean's Godmother tumpang an ang pow with Twinsmom before she went back to US after her wedding. Such a thoughtful person she is!

J and baby Sean got checked out on Monday afternoon. He's been spending most of his time sleeping (90% of the time), crying, whining, peeing and pooping at home since then...

p/s: Thanks everyone for all your congratulatory comments and SMSes throughout the past few days!

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