Little Luke "Skywalker"

Friday, May 25, 2007

Liar Liar

Come bed time and Little Skywalker was looking for a book for bedtime reading. He found a piece of paper that was tore out from a really old kindergarten book.

J: Oh…. Who spoilt the book?
L: Err… 不是我! 是 Lum Jun 弟弟!
J: Lum Jun 弟弟还没出来, 怎样弄坏?
L: Err… 是 Tiffany 弄坏的!
J: Tiffany 在 Penang far far away 怎样弄坏?
L: Err... 是爸爸弄坏的! 他拿那个 Mr. Cane hor 这样 beat 那个 book lor.. then spoilt liao lor! (Imitating his father's beating style)
J: 是么? 不是 Wei Wei 弄坏的? Sure?
L: Sure!! 不是我! 是爸爸弄坏的! 要 beat 他..哈哈哈哈!

And then, J went for her bath, it was my turn to "interrogate" him...

E: You tear out the book ah?
L: No! Mummy tear one!
E: Really ah? I ask her later ah?
L: Err... It's monster tear one! The monster lor...
E: Oh... LOL!

I guess the little guy will be lying his way through life huh?!

p/s: It's the long anticipated Pirates' Day for us tonight!

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