Little Luke "Skywalker"

Thursday, May 24, 2007


Like most expecting mummies, J's tummy is getting bigger and bigger by the day. Compared to her first pregnancy, her tummy grew at a faster pace this time. It's probably because her tummy was stretched before when Little Skywalker was in it. I heard it's a common phenomenon among mothers.

Greenapple asked me a few weeks ago on why I did not write much about J's pregnancy and the baby's movement. Well, I guess that's because it's difficult for me to write about something like that since I am not the one pregnant. Furthermore, J would not allow me to take photos or video of her tummy (like what the western people do). Greenapple was interested to know about whether we could really see the baby kicking from the surface of J's tummy. I believed my reply to her was "Yeah! If you watched alien movies, it's kinda like that, only it's real!".

Then, a couple of nights ago, J was eating slices of apples from a plate. Since she was heavily pregnant, she was too tired to get up to the table. As she looks at her bloated tummy, she got an idea. She used her tummy as a small table (the type where they used it for breakfast-in-bed) for her plate. After a while, you could actually see her "table" tilting in all directions as a result from the baby's movement. It was quite a sight really!

We can tell that our little baby boy will be another active monkey like his brother!

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