Little Luke "Skywalker"

Friday, May 18, 2007

Night Shift

Due to Little Skywalker's night-owl problem, J and I are stuck with panda-eyes-syndrome. It's not that we did not try to discipline his afternoon nap habit. It's just that it is out of our control because we are both working. My parents seems to have a tough time getting him to sleep, in fact, no one can get him to sleep unless he is wore out from his activities. He will only sleep on his own timing.

To accommodate his odd sleeping hours, J and I came up with a rotating shift to take care of him during the weekdays. Due to J's pregnancy, I figure she needs enough rest throughout the night. Hence, she will take the evening shift and I will take the night shift.

Once we arrive at home, I would normally doze off at the couch with the television on. J would feed Little Skywalker his dinner etc. Come sleeping time, J would bath and go to bed early while I would "deal" with the night-crawler. I would help him brush his teeth, bath him, change him and prepare him for bed. Normally, he would take more than an hour to go to sleep while I will prevent him from "kacau-ing" his mother by all means.

If he is way past my limit of tolerance, I will start "pushing" him to sleep. Normal tactics employed will be not responding to his endless questions and actions. Telling him that "monsters" will be out to catch kids that are not sleeping is another trick. Then it would lead to me raising my voice. The last resort will be me leaving my hand print on his butt. He would then cry a bit and then slowly doze off. Although I am filled with guilt after having to smack him, but that seems to be the only way that works :(

Please tell me this is just a phase...

p/s: For those who will be attending the party, see you there!

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