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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Santa Cookies For Sale!

Last order: 20th January 2009 (Hurry!)

I am helping my sister to promote her 100% homemade cookies throughout the holiday season (till CNY)...

Please feel free to browse through the catalog below...

Coffee Delight
minus the caffeine!

Cashew Crunch
just look at it calling to you... eat me!

Black Forest
little chocolate cookie bites with chocolate sprinkles

Black Beauty
lovely butter cookie wrapped in chocolate

Melting Almond
melts in your mouth, not in your hands...

Sinful Suji
after a few of this, you can feel your ventricles contract!

Pineapple Tarts
all time favourite!

this is simply delicious!

Milky Love
for your darlings...

latest addition and Chef's recommendation...

cornflakes and raisins...
healthy breakfast in a bite!

Sung Sung
WARNING: this is more addictive than Pringles!

Each cookie jar will contain 55 cookies... as a bonus, 2 or 3 extras somtimes...
If you are very very lucky to catch a sleepy packer, you may get 5 extra! (evil laugh!)

Please contact me using any of the following means:
  • Instant Messaging (Yahoo, MSN, GTalk)
  • midnight/morning call (might get a earful before you order)
  • a pat on my shoulder (might get judo-ed to the ground before you order)
  • shouting across the street (might get arrested by cops before you order)
  • telepathy (not guaranteed as it depends on the weather and my mental condition)
  • whispering to my ear (most preferred method)
  • over an expensive meal (rest assured you will get a big discount!)
Kindly spread the word...

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