Little Luke "Skywalker"

Monday, July 06, 2009

Little Luke is Five!

Today, our Little Luke turns five!
  • He has been the perfect son that anyone could have for the first three years, and a little more than naughty for the past two years.
  • He is the smartest (and that includes the most cunning) among his siblings.
  • He is always annoyed all the time.
  • He learns quickly and therefore is easily bored.
  • He likes to kick his younger brothers.
  • He can never sit down quietly for more than 1 minute.
  • He loves company and hates being alone.
  • He is outgoing and likes socializing with people.
  • He can always sense weakness in people (especially his parents).
  • He takes his medicine with little persuasion.
  • He never holds grudges.
  • He is really really forgetful!
  • He is very generous (he gives away his stationary to his classmates all the time)!
  • He is the perfect type of Big Brother anyone can expect to protect his younger and weaker siblings!
  • and a million other things we love about him...
J and I hope our harsher upbringing of him will be enough for him to shoulder the responsibility of being the eldest boy in the family.

Happy Birthday boy!

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