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Monday, November 17, 2008

Lost and Not Found

Well, here I am. It’s almost 12.30am and I am still awake. Long story…

It was supposed to be one of our best vacations. We got to bring our two boys onboard a plane (Little Jack stayed back at my in-laws). It was supposed to be most thrilling to watch Little Sean enjoy his first flight. For Little Skywalker, he is still enjoying the rush although he has been through it at least 3-4 times. FYI, we actually did enjoy every bit of the aforementioned. I even took a few memorable shots onboard the Airbus.

There we were, ready to begin our vacation in Kuching (J referred to it as City of Cats), and the most bizarre thing happened. Someone actually stole our 4 years old camera! And this happened while we were waiting for everyone else to disembark entirely before we did the same (Little Skywalker was sleeping)! At first, I thought I had misplaced it but we searched everywhere to no avail (even with the help of some kind stewardess).

Naturally, both J and I blamed ourselves. During the descent, we kept Little Sean distracted by letting him hold the camera. He dropped it at one point and J mentioned that it was Sean’s little way of telling us to get a new one (we’ve I have been planning it for some time already). Nobody knew it was the first sign! On my behalf, I purposely left the camera in the pocket of the seat in front of us because I hoped to take a few photos of the boys with the AirAsia plane on the background after we got down.

Unfortunate incidence like this really makes us loose a little bit more faith and trust in humanity. It’s not so much of the monetary lost that we’ve suffered. I mean, come on, I am sure our ol’ Lumix F7 has served us much more than we deserved for the past four years (over 50 Gigabytes of photos!). We were more upset over the fact that some smalltime pickpocket (who can afford an air ticket!) actually robbed us of our only hope of capturing memorable moments throughout our vacation in Kuching!

It took us a few hours to get over our emotional lost. However, we were still grateful that I have copied out all the photos (namely photos and videos of Little Skywalker’s first school concert!) from my camera last night and formatted the card in preparation for this trip. All was left in it are some photos of the boys onboard our flight. Most of them were quite blurry anyway since I did not use any flash. I guess the silver lining is pretty clear huh?

There you go, we were slightly upset but we are still happily enjoying ourselves here in the “City of the Cats”!

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Friday, November 14, 2008

Long Break

Finally, we will begin our long break until 25th November.

In short, we will be at my in-laws in JB most of the time with a trip to Kuching (everyone except Jack) and Kota Kinabalu (myself only for work).

On another note, our boys' Godparents should be celebrating their first born during our absense.

Congratulations to them in advance!!

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