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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Little Sean is Two!

Today, our Little Sean turns two!
  • He has been the perfect son that anyone could have for the past two years.
  • He always put on a big smile and gives me a hug everyday without fail (when I come back from work).
  • He is happy all the time.
  • He is constantly spreading joy to everyone.
  • He can play with his toy without any supervision.
  • He is obsessed with cars!
  • He loves to watch the movie "Cars"!
  • He doesn't mind the constant harassment by his older brother.
  • He never bullies his younger brother.
  • He listens and obeys almost every instruction.
  • He sits in his own car seat (with seat belt on) quietly.
  • He loves pointing to cars on the road and say "Car car!"
  • He is the exact opposite of his elder brother :P
  • and a million other things we love about him...
We celebrated his birthday last Sunday...

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