Little Luke "Skywalker"

Monday, July 31, 2006


Probably getting too annoyed with his parents snapping photos of every little he does, Little Skywalker decided to do a little revenge on us (try to make us feel what life is like under the flash-lights all the time). For the last few days, he kept asking for "his camera". Since we couldn't afford to let him drop our FX7, I gave J's camera phone to him.

The funny thing is, he kept sticking his eyes against the LCD screen although he could see the picture on the screen. I guess he picked this up from some old movie somewhere because I don't think anyone still uses the little hole (viewfinder) anymore! Now, J and I are requested to "Smile!" whenever he got his hands on the "trigger"...

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Friday, July 28, 2006

The Lok-tor Is In!

Our Little Skywalker is officially a professional Lok-tor! He is no longer the Hanky Panky doctor he was a week ago as he already got his own personal medical kit, which consists of a stethoscope, a blood pressure monitor, thermometer (which shows a smiley or sad face depending on the lok-tor's mood), a syringe (with no needle) and a thingy to look into your ears (which he uses as a hammer).

Of all the stuff in his medical kit, his favourite item would be the stethoscope. He likes to hang it around his neck and try to listen to his own heart-beat.

So far, he "knows" how to poke, do injection and take blood. Well, at least those are the procedures that his first patient (Elmo) "suffered"!

He operates a pediatric clinic near the Kepong area. Apart from that, he also makes house call, but only for pretty female toddlers his age...

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Thursday, July 27, 2006

"Leather Seats"

It seems like the sports car bed that we got Little Skywalker is not exactly attractive enough to keep him there. So far, he will only sleep in it for a maximum of 10 minutes (and that is even if only J is lying next to him). After that, he will asked to move to our bed instead. We are left with no choice but to step up our effort to lure him away from our bed. One of the way we thought of was to get him some nice set of "leather seats" (aka bed sheets).

Thanks to the Mega-sale thingy, we got these for RM60+ only. He chose the design himself!

p/s: I use that character to remind him on what his teeth will look like if he refuse to brush his teeth before he goes to bed :P

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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Playhouse Skywalker - Rock Star

Little Skywalker giving us a performance with his guitar and his "I'll be there for you". However, it seems that he is not quite prepared for it during the first take. So, I guess you could call this an NG take.

Here, this is the actual take of the full length music video, Skywalker style! (Notice how he loves to nod his head throughout his "performance")

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Monday, July 24, 2006

Collateral Damage

I was just reading all the headlines and news as usual. After reading all the local stuff, I went on to international news sites like CNN and BBC. As most of you might already know, there is a war going on in the middle East. To ordinary folks like us, it is just another foreign incident which we could hardly afford to do anything. The only impact on us will be the possibility of another hike in fuel price.

Since this is a family related blog, I will not use this as a platform for me or anyone else to debate the political issues related to the war. However, I found a very touching article written by Cal Perry from CNN, which I thought I should share with parents who are following this site.

I quote a few paragraphs out of the article...

Standing in front of this 8-year-old boy lying in a hospital bed... His pain cannot possibly be imagined as he shakes uncontrollably in and out of shock. He has blood coming from his eyes...

... His name is Mahmood Monsoor and he is horribly burned. In the hospital bed next to him is his 8-month-old sister, Maria -- also burned. Screaming at the top of her lungs is the children's mother, Nuhader Monsoor. She is standing over her baby, looking at her son -- and probably thinking of her dead husband. The smell of burned flesh is overwhelming...

... The father, Mohammed Monsoor, was killed instantly. His children all were wounded. His wife, who is now crying over two of the wounded children, was in the best physical condition. But as would be the case for any mother and wife, her life, in many ways, ended the minute the car exploded into flames...

To the politicians, leaders and war strategist (of all sides that is responsible for the war), the suffering that these people go through are reduced to a term known as "collateral damage" in a war. Some even refer to them as martyrs. To them, a few thousands innocent lives sacrificed for "the greater good" is a fully justified act. The ends justify its means! Little do they know that their decision to settle their indifferences through the use of force have much greater impact on the civilians.

The seeds of hatred had been cultivated and growing among the young ones in the affected nations. Only time and history will tell us how this will impact the future generations in years to come. As for today, I weep for the innocent souls that are sacrificed, and more so for those, like Mahmood and Maria Monsoor who are still suffering from the cruel act of war (which they know nothing of).

Picture source: CNN

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Little Rock Star

A couple of weeks ago, we got Little Skywalker this "wireless" (literally) microphone since he loves to sing a lot. Coupled with his guitar, he looks like a rock star performing in a live band! At the moment, he prefers the music video of The Rembrandts, featuring the theme song of the TV series Friends - "I'll be there for you".

Upon close-up, you could actually catch him "eating" his mic! LOL!

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Friday, July 21, 2006

Durian Talk

"Don't worry, I am sure you can do it!"

"Err... are you sure you are doing it right?"

"Hmmm... I guess we will follow your way..."

"Eh... I can almost see it already!"

"Yummy! Yummy!" *sweat*
"Hmmm... I wonder why my girl-friend and Ian don't like it..."

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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Doctor Hanky Panky!

Last night, Little Skywalker wanted to play doctor. He put a handkerchief around his neck for unknown reasons. Then he asked me to sit down on his new bed.

L: Come! Come! Come see doctor!
E: OK! Doctor.
L: *Lifted my shirt from behind to examine*
E: 有sick吗? (Got sick or not?)
L: 有! (Yes!)
E: 怎么办? (How?)
L: Injection lor!
E: 痛痛 wor! (pain pain wor!)
L: 有一点啦! (got a bit lah!)

Later, I decided to put on a pair of ear phones on him (his stethoscope) as he continues to see his “patients”.

E: Elmo 有sick 吗? (Is Elmo sick?)
L: 有! (Yes!)
E: 怎么办? (How?)
L: *poking around with the ear phone plug* Poke! Poke!
E: 怎么办? (How?)
L: 要 take blood! 躺躺! (Need to take blood! Lie down!)
E: *Tried to bring Elmo for him to take blood*
L: 不要动! 躺躺! (Don't move! Lie down!)

Some shots on this Dr. Hanky Panky...

Anyone out there needs a doctor?

p/s: To answer a few of you, his new bed cost us 400 big ones.

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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Skywalker FX - Unveiled

As promised, the Skywalker FX has finally arrived at our local shores. We were lucky enough to obtain a discounted luxury unit meant for early birds. Here is a short review on our Skywalker FX.

The shape of the Skywalker FX is modeled after Grand Prix race cars. It has the latest aero-dynamic design, tested in state-of-the-art wind tunnel.

The rear wing of the Skywalker FX is built according to Formula One standards. It has a very wide and comfortable seatings (bigger than the 7-seater Avanza). We also had the honour of choosing a lucky number 8 for our FX unit (for being the first few buyers).

As part of the early bird package, we also received a few goodies. Among them are free V-Kool tinting, posters and miniature models which showcase other FX models which are in the market!

Hurry! Go to your nearest showroom and order one now!

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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Skywalker FX - Teaser

Coming soon...

Launching of the Skywalker FX at a showroom near you...

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Monday, July 17, 2006

Birthday Party - Gifts

As soon as Little Skywalker finished his piece of cake, he was presented with gifts from his uncles and aunties. He sort of knew whatever that are inside big plastic bags must be something good! He rumbles through the bags and tried to get them off! (You could still see chocolate cream at the sides his lips!)

He found two eggs that contained a Nemo fish and a tortoise!

Then, he gave all his strength to tear all the beautiful gift wrappers into many pieces! It took almost 10 minutes!

It seems that family members do think alike! Little Skywalker landed himself with two fishing toys!

And he could barely fish! However, he was smart enough to turn off the power, put the finish rot into the "fish" which has an opened mouth, turn it back on for the "bite" and got himself a catch! That's our little two years old!

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Friday, July 14, 2006

Birthday Party - Cake

Since the restaurant was getting a bit too crowded (Saturday evening fever!), we decided to do the cake-cutting back at my parents' place. As soon as we laid the cake on the table, Little Skywalker was already holding the "knife" in his hand and very eager to get the cover opened!

After everything was ready, we got the two candles lit and the lights turned off! Everyone sang the birthday song for him while he stood there and replied everyone with a big smile on his chubby face!

As expected, he did not manage to blow out the candles by himself and needed the help of my uncle...

After the candles are out, J helped Little Skywalker to do the cake-cutting ceremony while everyone clapped their hands.

As the cakes were being laid on the plates, Little Skywalker served everyone else by bringing them a piece each! Such a good boy! He has really grown up indeed!

After serving everyone, it was time for him to enjoy a piece of his fruit cake (especially the strawberries)!

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