Little Luke "Skywalker"

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Doctor Hanky Panky!

Last night, Little Skywalker wanted to play doctor. He put a handkerchief around his neck for unknown reasons. Then he asked me to sit down on his new bed.

L: Come! Come! Come see doctor!
E: OK! Doctor.
L: *Lifted my shirt from behind to examine*
E: 有sick吗? (Got sick or not?)
L: 有! (Yes!)
E: 怎么办? (How?)
L: Injection lor!
E: 痛痛 wor! (pain pain wor!)
L: 有一点啦! (got a bit lah!)

Later, I decided to put on a pair of ear phones on him (his stethoscope) as he continues to see his “patients”.

E: Elmo 有sick 吗? (Is Elmo sick?)
L: 有! (Yes!)
E: 怎么办? (How?)
L: *poking around with the ear phone plug* Poke! Poke!
E: 怎么办? (How?)
L: 要 take blood! 躺躺! (Need to take blood! Lie down!)
E: *Tried to bring Elmo for him to take blood*
L: 不要动! 躺躺! (Don't move! Lie down!)

Some shots on this Dr. Hanky Panky...

Anyone out there needs a doctor?

p/s: To answer a few of you, his new bed cost us 400 big ones.

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