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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Skywalker FX - Unveiled

As promised, the Skywalker FX has finally arrived at our local shores. We were lucky enough to obtain a discounted luxury unit meant for early birds. Here is a short review on our Skywalker FX.

The shape of the Skywalker FX is modeled after Grand Prix race cars. It has the latest aero-dynamic design, tested in state-of-the-art wind tunnel.

The rear wing of the Skywalker FX is built according to Formula One standards. It has a very wide and comfortable seatings (bigger than the 7-seater Avanza). We also had the honour of choosing a lucky number 8 for our FX unit (for being the first few buyers).

As part of the early bird package, we also received a few goodies. Among them are free V-Kool tinting, posters and miniature models which showcase other FX models which are in the market!

Hurry! Go to your nearest showroom and order one now!

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