Little Luke "Skywalker"

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Notebook from Santa

First of all, our sincere and heartfelt gratitude to Jazz for helping us to get our first notebook!

Due to an increase in freelance jobs, I felt the need to get a notebook so that I can get more things done. Furthermore, I needed something to showcase my work to my clients and potential ones. I can't be showing up with a thumbdrive all the time, right?

So, voila... our new HP Pavilion dv6126TX!

Due to Christmas season, the notebook even came with a "Santa's Briefcase" and a free 1GB thumbdrive from PenDrive! The "Santa's Briefcase" contains many accessories and souveniors from HP, including a Creative optical mouse, a Creative headset, a document bag, a USB hub, a cute CD holder (that little hairy animal you see on the bottom right picture), an alarm clock plus many others!

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Friday, January 26, 2007

Photo Frame

The reason I went through our old photos last weekend was because my friend got me a belated Christmas gift. It is a digital photo frame from Philips! The gift was given to me a couple of months back. Unfortunately, it had to be returned because it can't be turned on. After numerous calls and visit to the bank (where he redeemed the item), he managed to get it back last Friday.

Now, we don't have to worry about printing photos anymore! All I need to do is download all our favourite photos into a SD card or a thumbdrive, plug it into the frame and voila! It even come with various slide transition effects similar to those powerpoint presentations!

p/s: My friend told me he exchanged 19,000 of HSBC credit card points to redeem the above digital frame. So, the actual price of the item is still up for guess...

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Thursday, January 25, 2007

When We Were Just A Couple...

I was going through some of the photographs taken back when J and I were newly-weds. Except for our wedding photos taken in the studio, I can't seem to find many that have both of us in it. I guess it's not surprising since cameras (and film) were quite expensive back then, and we couldn't afford to hire someone to follow us when we travel. How I wished someone had invented a self-orbiting camera that could be operated via a remote control...

These are a couple of shots taken while we were at Perth a few months after we got married. It was supposed to be our honeymoon trip, but it got postponed (we went to PD instead) due to the SARS incident.

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Tuesday, January 23, 2007


"新年要来了! 要讲什么知道吗?" (CNY is coming! Do you know what to say?)
"恭喜發財!" (Gong Xi Fat Cai!)
"恭喜發財過後人家會給你什麼?" (After Gong Xi Fat Cai, what will people give you?)
"紅… 包!" (Ang... Pow!)
"紅包裡面有什麼東西的?" (What's inside the Ang Pow?)
"有sweets 的!" (Got sweets one!)

As you can see, this year will be a win-win situation between Little Skywalker and his parents...

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Friday, January 19, 2007

Bloggers Unite!!

I'm sure you will all join me in putting up this on your site...


We, Malaysian bloggers, we, who believe in justice and right to free speech, we, who endorse the Bloggers United movement, unanimously condemn the action taken by media conglomerate NST against bloggers Rocky Bru and Jeff Ooi. The action by the newspaper against the duo is an action against all bloggers who believe in their right to free speech, freedom of expression and justice.

The recent event may seem like a grave development in the path of bloggers, but it can never and must never impede or stop us from defending our right to speak, to express, to write and to tell the truth, to be the watchdog, eyes and ears of the people, or simply to share our view, and give fair comment on any subject which involves and affects us as humans, as rightful citizens of this country.

The recent event may very well give the government owned media the opportunity to dictate the so-called ‘truth” but such actions only prove that bloggers must unite, continue to uphold the right to free speech and freedom of expression, fight for justice, even if it is not our own, be more alert, committed to the cause of free speech, relentless and persistence in the face of such persecution like the one which had befallen on the two of us.

What YOU do to any of US, is what YOU do to ALL.

As responsible bloggers, we demand and claim our space on the blogosphere for free and fair comment, where important national issues and prominent personalities are discussed.

Although it may seem as if the NSTP defamation suits will have a chilling effect on freedom of bloggers, as litigation can be expensive and may jeorpadise a blogger’s economic position, we will not be cowed or silenced by those who have no regard for free speech.

If you find our post offensive, you may refute us with correct facts and figures and fair comment, in the spirit of free speech.

The first two cases will have grave impact not only on the internet, but country as a whole as the country celebrates VMY2007. The healthy, mature and democratic growth for free speech and expression in our midst is at stake. The reputation of the nation as it strives to promote our multimedia supercorridor and love for IT will be a national joke for all the world to feast on.

We demand for a level playing field in all action meted out to bloggers and in particular in the defamation proceedings particularly in terms of financial resources and capabilities, and secondly, that the legal rights of bloggers et al are properly protected in keeping with the imperatives of an information society and knowledge economy which Malaysia aspires to become.

For further information, please contact blogger susan loone at and sheih at

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Celebrating Shit

I know it's every parent's "job" to be overly excited at every little things their children do, especially for all the first-timers. Sometimes, it can be reach up to a ridiculous level

Little Skywalker's bowel movement has been quite smooth for the past two years. I think this is helped by the fact that he has fruits (mainly papaya and banana) and prune juice in his daily diet at my parents' place. Unfortunately, like all good things, it never last. For the past couple of months, he has been trying to "hold it in" for no apparent reason. Probably he thinks that it is too troublesome to "do it" (his dad considers it as a big scam by Indah Water).

His bowel problems peaked while we were at Penang a few weeks ago. He was holding it in for more than four days and finally he gave up and sat in his potty on our last night of stay. His facial expression was showing how hard he was working on "it". After 10 minutes or so, he started to relaxed and we thought it was over. So, we brought him to the toilet (together with the potty that he was still sitting on).

We were surprised to see that the potty was empty when we lifted him up. What was more shocking that we saw a piece of *ahem* shit wedged in between his small "shit hole"! I guess it was too big and too hard to dislodge! I ended up have to manually remove it with my hands (with tissues shielding of course!). J even got more out of him after some "digging"! That was a truly unforgettable incident for us (and for him as well)!

His bowel problems did not stop then. Nowadays, he still tried to hold it in for at least a couple of days before letting it out. Probably due to us cheering him by his side, he will be dragging everyone's name into the process. He would go, "我大便多多了! (I shit a lot already!) Papa very happy already! Mama very happy already! Yeh Yeh happy already! Ah mah happy already… and so on". In fact, he is a much happier boy after those *ahem* shit is out of his system!

We hope that this is just a phase, like all of his other naughty habits. Or else, he would need some Zentel to help in his smooth discarding of body waste...

p/s: Sorry for spoiling your breakfast, and probably your lunch as well :P

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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Trying to Grow Up (Fast)

Little Skywalker is really trying hard to outgrow his childhood. He likes to imitate what the adults do instead of a kid his age.

Last week, he was happy to tell his parents that "I grow up already! Can sit like papa already!". And guess what?

He was so proud of himself because his short legs can finally touch the ground when he sits on (barely sitting but leaning his butt against) the sofa!

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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Mums Gathering - Charcoal Bay BBQ

Yeah, you read it right. It was indeed a gathering meant for mommies. I was the only father (who's a blogger) that was present. But that is always true for any bloggers gathering that we've been...

The gathering was held at Charcoal Bay, a very subtle and romantic BBQ/steamboat restaurant located next to Prince Hotel at Jalan Conlay. It was organized by Annie Q. Among those who attended are Sasha, Angeline, LaundryAmah, Desperate Mummy, Allyfeel, Tracy, Shannon, Mott, Annie Tan and yours truly. It was also a surprise birthday party for Annie Q and LaundryAmah!

Well, might as well let the pictures do the talking (many of it was taken by Shannon with her DSLR)...

p/s: Read more here, here, here and here.

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Monday, January 15, 2007


Due to the cold weather, poor Little Skywalker was on a running nose spree for the past couple of weeks. We have to constantly wipe his watery nose everywhere he goes. Otherwise, he would just wipe it off with his hand, the edge of his shirt, his pillows, the sofa or anything near with a textile surface!

Watery nose is not the worst of his ordeal. His biggest problem was having his nose blocked, especially come bedtime. Consequently, we can hear him breathing heavily when he lies down (and have a reverse flow of his nose saliva). He sounds exactly like someone snoring loudly at night. I can't help but feeling worried if Little Skywalker might choked to death or forgot to breathe with his blocked nose. I would wake up a few times a night to check if he was still breathing.

I guess he is still too young to learn breathing with his mouth instead. We tried letting him sleep on his sides and on a higher pillow, but that didn't help much. I even tried to carry him and let him sleep upright some nights (weekends), but that only helped if I were to continue doing so till the next morning.

Fortunately, his blocked nose subsided a lot last night. Now, we can go back to our peaceful nights again (without his loud "snoring")...

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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Cruel Facts of Life

J and I have just learned from my mum that one of the key people responsible for saving Little Skywalker's life after he was born, was diagnosed with end-stage ovarian cancer. According to my mum, whom is also a personal friend, it is not operable and SHE doesn't have much longer to live. News like this always make me thinking about the cruel facts that life bring us. We can't help but ask ourselves, "Why does bad things always happen to good people?".

SHE is one of the top pediatrician in the country. SHE works in the Neonatal ICU ward (as the head of department) day in and day out at Selayang Hospital. SHE is responsible for saving and treating countless of sick newborns on a daily basis. I have been into NICU while Little Skywalker was in there, and I can honestly tell you that it is a really depressing place to be. Just imagine you have to be the one who break the bad news to parents about their newborn everyday...

One of the reason that it took so long for HER to be diagnosed was the fact that SHE was too busy with HER job. My mother recalled about HER complaining about feeling uncomfortable with HER health while we were at the NICU ward couple of years ago. Who knew back then that it would be fatal? Furthermore, SHE still has a child diagnosed with Down Syndrome...

It's time like this where we pray for a miracle to happen... and it just might if you pray hard enough...

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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Bicycle Ride

Back at my parents' place, we have this really old "Japanese bicycle", as we call it. My grand-uncle still rides it to the market every morning. It has been in the family for as long as I can remember. I could still remember the days when I always ride pillion with my grand-uncle to the market because he would buy me sweets every time.

Last weekend, I took a big step of letting Little Skywalker ride pillion behind me on that bicycle. I only needed to give him two instructions - "hold on" and "keep your legs apart". Although he is always the naughty one in the family, you'll be surprised that he paid full attention to the instructions and we had a fun 10 minutes ride around the house...

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Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Just like her cousin, Little Skywalker, little Tiffany's face is always full of different priceless expressions whenever she is awake. Everyone just can't get enough of her...

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Monday, January 08, 2007

Pearl of the Orient

For our New Year 2007, J and I brought Little Skywalker on a trip to Batu Feringgi, Penang. It was more of a relaxation trip rather than a tourist-typed. We thought we would meet up with Michelle and Domestic Goddess, but it was not meant to be due to traffic conditions as well as the festive period.

Throughout our trip, we travelled mainly along the Gurney Drive area and Ayer Hitam. Among the places that we visited were the Fort Cornwallis, the famous Toy Museum (FYI, it's RM10 per adult), Island Plaza and Gurney Plaza. We did drove to Penang Hill, but the two hours wait for the cable car drove us away. We thought of visiting the Kek Lok Si temple but were turned off again by the traffic jam.

As for New Year's even, we had our New Year eve dinner at the Ship restaurant located at Batu Feringgi. The restaurant is an actual large wooden ship structure, which translates to more fun for Little Skywalker. He wanted to rotate the helm but it was locked up. After dinner, we went for a stroll at the street market along the main road along with other foreign tourists.

Here are some pictures...
At the Gurney Drive looking at some antique cars parade...

At the Ship restaurant...

His favourite past time...

At the Fort Cornwallis...

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