Little Luke "Skywalker"

Monday, January 15, 2007


Due to the cold weather, poor Little Skywalker was on a running nose spree for the past couple of weeks. We have to constantly wipe his watery nose everywhere he goes. Otherwise, he would just wipe it off with his hand, the edge of his shirt, his pillows, the sofa or anything near with a textile surface!

Watery nose is not the worst of his ordeal. His biggest problem was having his nose blocked, especially come bedtime. Consequently, we can hear him breathing heavily when he lies down (and have a reverse flow of his nose saliva). He sounds exactly like someone snoring loudly at night. I can't help but feeling worried if Little Skywalker might choked to death or forgot to breathe with his blocked nose. I would wake up a few times a night to check if he was still breathing.

I guess he is still too young to learn breathing with his mouth instead. We tried letting him sleep on his sides and on a higher pillow, but that didn't help much. I even tried to carry him and let him sleep upright some nights (weekends), but that only helped if I were to continue doing so till the next morning.

Fortunately, his blocked nose subsided a lot last night. Now, we can go back to our peaceful nights again (without his loud "snoring")...

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