Little Luke "Skywalker"

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Good Morning Skywalker!

I have high-jacked the Good Morning series from mom2ashley :P

These are a couple of shots taken on a Sunday morning where we would usually lepak on the bed for at least 15 minutes after we wake up. This is very much in contrast to our weekday routine where Little Skywalker is woken up abruptly early in the morning enroute to my parents. Sunday morning is the only day where we can get enough sleep till the sun shines on our butt. By the way, Little Skywalker was wearing his new pyjamas.

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And It's Going Up.... Again!

This is a community service announcement...

For those of you who not already read/heard the BIG news, the price of petrol has gone up another 30 cents as of 12am this morning. The new retail price will be RM1.92 per liter! I am only glad that our new car is consuming petrol at a similar rate as my previous car.

What a way to spoil your morning breakfast huh?

p/s: actual post will follow shortly...

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Monday, February 27, 2006

Lies and Deceptions?

You can see how fast Little Skywalker is growing up from our daily conversations:

E: 要做什么? (what do you wanna do?)
L: 要去 gai-gai! (wanna go out!)
E: 要去哪里? (where do you wanna go?)
L: 去 jut-go! (go jut-go -> his version of Jusco)

... nothing surprising so far huh? read on...

E: 要去 jut-go ah? 有乖吗? (wanna go jut-go? have you been a good boy?)
L: 有! (yes!)
E: 真的吗? (sure?)
L: 真! (sure!)
E: 有骗我吗? (are you lying to me?)
L: 没有! (no!)
E: 真的吗? (sure?)
L: 真! (sure!) ... *followed by a nervous laugh

That makes you think huh? When did Little Skywalker learn about the concept of lying? Judging by his response, we can see that he is pretty sure about what truth and lies is about. Although we felt that it's amazing of how fast our son is growing up. But isn't it too fast?

So, can we trust him anymore? LOL!

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Friday, February 24, 2006

Going Under

The story goes like this...

Little Skywalker "accidentally" threw one of his toy under the couch. He tried to reach it with his hands but couldn't.

So, he took a stick in order to sweep it out.

He even took a weird peek at me when he started with his stick.

There he goes!

And he goes under further!

"Oh man! Need to get up for a stretch! My back is killing me!"

"Please... please... can daddy get it for me?" (with a cute face put on)

In the end, I noticed that the stick wasn't even long enough to reach his toy and I had to push the couch out in order to retrieve Little Skywalker's precious toy. He had it in his hands for less than five minutes and threw it elsewhere again... sigh!

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Thursday, February 23, 2006


That's the plate number of our new car, at least according to Little Skywalker!

For those who do not get the last digit (but wishes to try their luck on 4D), try saying "chicken meat" (鸡肉) in Mandarin or just think of it as nothing. For those who tried their luck yesterday, sadly to say that the number did not came out as the winning one in any lottery results. I know because if it has, my MIL would have called us last night and transfer half of the winnings this morning :P

J and I tried very hard to convert Little Skywalker's belief on our new car plate number as he is still going about saying "Tea-Tea-Foh-Foh" (which is the plate number of our previous car) whenever we enquire about our car plate number. Although he is very fond of the new car (especially the new CD-player), I guess it will take him another week of brainwashing for the new plate number to kick in. Who says toddlers are forgetful?

As for us, we are I am quite excited with the new car. At least it is not under power like the 1.6 version that I test drove two weeks ago. We took off the plastic covers from all the seats to avoid unnecessary attention. The drive to work this morning was more comfortable than before although the jam is heavier than normal (as I am 10 minutes late due to pumping petrol). I will be observing the fuel consumption of the car throughout the week. I think we will be well pass the 1000km first service before we head up to Genting on April. To me, that is the ultimate test for our new car!

OK, enough babbling from a new car owner! Back to the reality of slaving to pay off our increasing debts...

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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

4D Frenzy!

Just got back from JPJ after I successfully book the car plate number for our new car, which is due to arrive this evening. Since the pre-CNY-car-buying-spree was over, there were very few people queuing up at the JPJ.

I arrived at JPJ around 8am after taking off work for a couple of hours. The running number for the day is between 3001 and 5000. My salesman won't be arriving for another half an hour, so he gave me instructions over the phone. I took about 15 minutes to browse through all the available numbers on the screen and jotting down the ones I am interested. While doing that, I also called J to discuss about which number to book.

After we decided, I filled up the form and submitted to the counter. I was quite fortunate as the few people in front of me didn't managed to get the numbers they wanted and had to go back to look at the 14" screen again. It took about 10 minutes for me to settle everything (including the RM210 booking fee). Then, I waited for my salesman to arrive and we proceeded to register the car. I left JPJ around 9am as the salesman will collect the registration card later in the afternoon.

Now we come to the good part, anyone interested in buying whatever 3D/4D/5D/Toto can contact me if you agree to give 70% of the winnings to me for the winning number...

Let the frenzy begin!!

p/s: J and I don't buy any lottery nor do we encourage people to do so if they have no spare money

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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Got Already Ah?

Got a late phone call from one of my "girlfriend"(let's refer her as D) whose wedding I attended during my last December Wedding Tour. It went something exactly like this...

D: Hei!
E: Wei! Chinese New Year already over liao lor!
D: Yeah! Sorry about that. Want to tell you something leh!
E: What? Got already ah?
D: Yeah yeah!
E: Hahaha! So, what's the big news?
D: Huh? Told you lah!
E: What? Really got already ah?
D: Didn't you notice I answer yeah yeah?
E: I was just kidding leh! Didn't know "open mouth kena" (开口中)!
D: Yeah lor... thanks to your mouth!
E: So how?
D: Just went to Gleneagles for my first check-up! Quite expensive
E: Is like that one lor! First check-up often cost higher gua...
D: You know any better hospital?
(is another 10 minutes of blah blah blah from here on...)

The rest of our conversations centered around which hospital D preferred to go for her check-up as well as delivery her baby. It was such a freakish co-incidence that Michelle and I were just involved in a lengthy debate on whether private or public hospitals are better for delivering a baby. Well, I do not want to go down that particular path again, but suffice to say, the debate did not end in a consensus note.

I did not recommend D to any particular hospital nor did I side with any O&G doctor. However, I did inform her that 90% of all mummies tend to think that their O&G doctor is the best (provided there was no untoward incidents). My advice to her is to only to pick a hospital that is closer to her home because her baby might not be "punctual". It's better to rush to a hospital that already has your medical records in hand than a hospital that doesn't. Another important thing is that she has to be comfortable with the O&G doctor that is attending to her (as she mentioned that she is not comfortable with a guy checking her out).

So, eight months from now, Little Skywalker will have another playmate (I am betting is a girl based on their family records). Hopefully they would get along well like their parents.

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Monday, February 20, 2006

Family Vacation!

I was hanging around at J's office (monopolizing her PC for Internet) while waiting for my business appointment with someone. We started discussing about when to take our family vacation (notice not where to take). After browsing through the calendar and everything, we decided to have it on April 9th to April 11th since April 11th is a public holiday (for whatever reason). The place? Where else but our favourite place... Genting!

Yes, we will be heading to the City of Entertainment with Little Skywalker (for the third time, forth for him) more than a month from now. He was there the first time when he was about nine months old (before I started blogging). Back then, he has yet to learn how to stand or walk. However, he did know how to sit by himself already. J would carry him on all the rides at the outdoor theme park while I would let him sit on top of my shoulders while we were on our jalan-jalan activity. As you can see, his fascination for going behind the steering wheel had already kicked in during our first trip.

We took our second trip there when Little Skywalker was close to 14 months old. He already knew how to walk and run (albeit still tripping on his own foot quite frequently). However, he has started to realise what is fear and was quite reluctant to go on some rides. He kept asking to get down whenever they started the machine or when we inserted the coins. He enjoyed the most when we put him on the swing or the slides instead. We also find it very difficult to let him on the ground as he has a mind of his own on where to go regardless of how hard we tried to persuade him (he is still as stubborn as of now).

He went on his third trip about a month later with my parents and my uncle's family. We could not follow as J and I were out of leave already. He had no problems being separated from his parents for three days in a row (sadly, not vice versa). My mother told us he didn't even need to drink milk before he sleeps. He only drank water before going to bed. My parents also had a hard time trying to chase after him throughout the entire Genting area... LOL!

It'll be interesting to watch how much he differs from his previous trips when we head up there again. This time, we'll be going there in our brand new family car, which is due to arrive within the next two days! Remember to watch this space to catch the first preview of it!

p/s: just in case anyone is going up to Uncle Lim's place during the same period, we'll be staying at the Theme Park Hotel as usual.

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Friday, February 17, 2006

Wolfgang Skywalker

It's not surprising that Little Skywalker has been showing early signs that he is very much interested in music. It is likely that he inherited his "talent" from his father (that plays the piano as well as listens to plenty of classical music... *ahem). In fact, all my brothers and sisters were forced encouraged to pick up music since we were about 5-6 years old. My little brother is the only one left who is still taking piano lessons while the rest of us has stopped for various reasons (mainly to go for further studies). Little Skywalker has been very much influenced by him. In fact, he is a great performer in multiple instruments! That is if you are looking the following photos and not listening to him play... if you know what I mean :P

I play The Magic Flute!

Sometimes, I perform piano recital (better than my dad) for KL Philharmonic. This is my Chopin piece!

Argh! When can I grow up enough to reach the all the keys??

I can even combine the flute and piano altogether! How about that? Mozart!

Occasionally, I perform with my lesser counterparts...

Thank you! Thank you! I believe a standing ovation and applause is in order?

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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Ice Ice Baby!

Little Skywalker has a special affection for ice, especially ice cubes. I guess this would be best for his heat-intolerant body as you could actually see sweat drops through his thin layer of hair when he is not exposed to a fan or air-conditioning. He loves to eat and drink cold stuff, namely yogurt, Vitagen, soft drinks (main 100Plus), chilled fruit etc. However, his favourite item remains to be ice cubes! Whenever he is fussy, restless, in pain or in any negative emotions, some ice cubes in his mouth will always brighten up his day. He would repeatedly put it in his mouth and spit it out into his small bowl until the ice cube fully melted or fell on the floor.
Ahhhhhh....! Chilling.....!

Why is it getting smaller and smaller? Oops... where did it go?

Got to get myself another one now before I heat up!

Please mum/dad... can I have some... more?

That's what I'm talking about! Back to stuffing my face!

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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

How "Old" Am I?

Geee... I think I am almost the youngest compared to all the bloggers I've met so far. Anyway, got this saman from that fler who fled back to Beijing when he drop this. What a way to give me an Ang Pow huh? Here goes...

Name one of the actor of the old days that you missed the most
Sean Connery - My number one idol for good looking man and I consider him almost retired since I don't see any of his new movies anymore :(

Name a cartoon of the old old days
Transformers - I miss those good old Transformers toys I had last time!

Name a singer/group of the old days
Jacky Cheung - he is of the old days as well as new days... LOL!

Band of the old days
Is Beyond considered a band?

TV Series of the old days
BayWatch - Who could forget those babes running on a beach in a red hot swim suit?

Actress of Old Days
Julie Andrews - Love her voice in The Sound of Music and Marry Poppins!

Fashion of Old Days that you miss the most
Those with shoulder pads one... more professional looking I guess :P

Movie of Old Days
The Sound of Music, My Fair Lady and The King and I

Music Video of Old Days
Has music video been invented back in the good old days? (I don't mean those karaoke type)

Coolest Song of Old Days
Nothing's gonna change my love for you

Can the above few questions really tell how "young" I am? I truly doubt it. Anyway, no harm passing the baton to Jazzmint, Zara's mama, Jesslyn, JoMel and De Book Worm.

Have fun with it!

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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Call Me Bob!

All the kids and parents out there... come and sing along...

Bob the Builder
Can we fix it?
Bob the Builder
Yes, we can!

Scoop, Block and Dizzy and Roly too
Lofty and Wendy join the crew
Bob and the gang have so much fun
Working together, they get the job done!

Bob the Builder
Can we fix it?
Bob the Builder
Yes, we can!

Time to get busy, such a lot to do
Building and fixing till it's good as new
Bob and the gang make a really good sound
Working all day till the sun goes down

Bob the Builder
Can we fix it?
Bob the Builder
Yes, we can!

Digging and mixing, having so much fun
Working together, they get the job done
Can we dig it? Yes!
Can we build it? Yes!
Can we fix it? Yes!

Bob the Builder(Yeah!)
Bob the Builder
All together now!

Bob the Builder
Can we fix it?
Bob the Builder (Bob... Fantastic)
Yes, we can!
We'd better get some work done!

p/s: Of all the stuff that came with the package, his favourite is the yellow color helmet, go figure!

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Monday, February 13, 2006

Need A Ride?

As I returned home after a week of tiring work and meetings to start enjoying my weekend, J and Little Skywalker gave me the best surprise present (ever!) as I stepped into the door. I'll suspend this for another day or so just for the heck of keeping you all waiting My clever wife (who was on leave that day) had managed to figure out a way to get my son on his bike which we bought him a few months ago!! She also found out the reason why our son couldn't bring himself to ride it for the past few months. Apart from the fact that he is quite the "chicken" fella, his feet are uncomfortable with the surface of the "oil pedal" (we'll talk about his sensitive feet another time). You'll noticed that J went around his phobia by putting him on his socks while he rides. I threw my bag away and got the camera out straight away to capture the proud moment.

Behold, our cool Little Skywalker on his first Harley!

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Friday, February 10, 2006

Fresh Routine

J is on compulsory deductible annual leave today as declared by her boss. Due to Thaipusam, all the roads around her office is being closed from traffic. Hence, she will be a SAHM for another day with Little Skywalker at home. It leads me to write about a fresh routine which has been added to my Saturday.

Over the past two months, Little Skywalker has been spending his Saturday morning and afternoon with me at home (as compared to sending him to my parents). Few months back, I couldn't handle him for more than a couple of hours before his "breast addiction" kicks in. However, all that has changed since I came up with a bunch of stuff to do with him a few weeks ago. It goes something like this...

Regardless of the time Little Skywalker wakes up on a Saturday morning, I would normally wake up around 7-8am before him. Then I will send J off (if she's still at home) and go have a bath if possible as I will not have time to do it after he wakes up. If Little Skywalker has not wake up by then, I would crawl back into bed with him and continue sleeping till he wakes up.

After he wakes up, we would spend some time in bed stretching ourselves and wish each other "Good Morning!" while I change him into his singlet and shorts. After that, we will walk across the street to have our breakfast since the car has gone to work along with J. Our typical breakfast consists of a "chao-siu pao", a "kaya pao", a "siu mai" and a cup of teh-tarik. The teh-tarik and "siu mai" is for me only as Little Skywalker is still too young for them. He will share the two paos with me and drink from his own water bottle.

I put his on an adult chair (those with no handles and back support) instead of a baby-chair so that he will sit still instead of climbing all over the place. So far, it's been working very well. He will sit quietly on his chair and turning to all directions to look his surroundings. While eating, he will point to other stuff and tell me what they are (baby, cats, dogs etc.) or what are they doing (cooking, eating etc.). We would spend about half an hour there depending on how fast he eats with all the distractions around him.

After breakfast, we will go to the playground behind our house to have our morning walk. Little Skywalker has learn to walk along the "walking path" recently without me holding his hands. In the past, he will walk without a sense of directions, leading him to the grass or a steep area. I guess he finally got his path straightened. After a few minutes walking, we will reach the children's playground where he would sit on the swing for a long time (maximum so far is 45 minutes). I would stand along his side, pushing the swings and listen to him speaking and singing. Sometimes, he would watch other children playing at the playground as well.

After his swinging time, we would walk back to our house where I would let him have another of fun in his pool if he is not too tired. He will spend about an hour in his pool before he climbs out voluntarily. Then it is off to the bathroom for his warm bath. I am not like his mother, who would get him out of the bathroom as fast as she could. In contrast, I would let him play in his bath tub for as long as he wants provided I finish washing the shampoo and soap off his body.

Little Skywalker would be very tired already after his super-fun morning activities. That is the best time for me to feed him his milk and human-cradle him to sleep. In order to feed him his milk (especially formula), I would need a bunch of tools (mainly stuff that keep his eyes away from his bottle) to distract his attention. My usual tool would be the MTV of Rembrandts singing the Friends' theme song with its' cast. I would keep repeating that MTV until he finishes the whole bottle.

A little background on Little Skywalker's milk feeding. J usually leaves behind her breast milk in the freezer so that I will warm it up for Little Skywalker. Since we are desperately trying to wean the little guy off J's breast breastmilk, I challenged J a few weeks back that I will feed him formula milk instead. With J around, Little Skywalker usually takes more than 30 minutes just to finish 2-3 ounces of formula. However, I will only take less than 15 minutes to feed him 4-5 ounces. Quite an achievement huh!

Little Skywalker will be quite tired and sleepy by the time he finishes his milk. I will put on some music (this time with no video) and human-cradle him to sleep. The latest addition to his music collection would the nursery songs CD-set from auntie Shiaulin. I tried that last Saturday and it worked very well as Little Skywalker is very familiar with most of the songs. He would sing along at first until he is too tired to do so.

After he's asleep, I will either sit down and watch my DVD (softly) or "try to" tidy up the house. His nap will normally last around 30 minutes to one hour depending on how tired he is. I would wait for him to wake up before I start to vacuum because my super-powerful-but-low-energy-consumption vacuum cleaner is quite loud and can be heard even if it was to be left running on a different floor! While I am vacuuming, he would be following the vacuum cleaning while I drag it all over the place. He would be screaming in excitement every time I turn the machine on. It's another fun time for him I guess!

By the time we finish all the vacuuming, J would be back from work and we would go out to have our lunch. How's that for a Saturday morning and afternoon? For me, it's priceless!

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Thursday, February 09, 2006

"Major" Decision

It all started when I took J and Little Skywalker to this BBQ Wan Tan Noodle (合记港式烧腊面饭店) for lunch at Jalan Ipoh last Sunday. Since I have switched to a food (named Diet by the author) template, I would recommend everyone to feast at that restaurant and try out their dried sauced mee (干捞面). It's the best I've ever tasted! The restaurant is located at the end of Jalan Ipoh heading towards Jalan Chow Kit. It is next to an Ambank branch.

Back to my story, we were slurping our delicious mee and feeding Little Skywalker his rice (did I mentioned that he prefers rice than porridge nowadays?). Out of the blue, I took noticed the Tan Chong showroom across the busy street. (For those who do not know Tan Chong, they are the main distributor for Nissan cars. FYI, I go there at least twice a year to get my car's road tax and insurance renewal done since I have a friend working there) The topic of our plan to change our car started to dominate our lunch talk. We talked about when to do it, how are we going about to do it, which car to get... etc.

Before we knew it, we were walking across the road and into the Nissan showroom. After 20 minutes of "trying on" some cars in the company of a salesman (who had to come back to work on a CNY Sunday), we decided to visit another showroom instead. This time was a Toyota showroom which is located at Batu Caves area. Feeling unsatisfied after the second stop, we went to a Honda showroom near our house. There goes a whole Sunday afternoon (which could be well spent on DVD, sleeping and resting at home) to visiting car showrooms.

The Nissan salesman called on Monday morning to confirm a test drive that he had promised to arrange the previous day. Having nothing to loose, I went on the test drive session after work. During the test drive, the salesman had informed me about the increase in the price of new cars as well as loan interest rates soon. Although I doubted what he said then, I fully intend to find out the truth from my friends in the automobile and banking industries later.

After the test drive, the salesman brought along his manager (surprisingly a lady) to evaluate the trade-in price of my four years old Proton Wira 1.3 (Manual) "Air-Liur-Back". She offered me a attractive price, which is a few thousands more than what I owe the bank, and a few thousands higher than market price. (FYI, Toyota people called earlier the same day and offered a much lower price)

After she made the offer, she used her super-oily-fluent tongue to sweet talk me into making a prompt decision on the spot. If she had been 10 years younger and sexier, I would have fell into her trap (oops, I mean if I were still single :P). Luckily, I had a bag full of excuses at the bag of my head. By throwing out the golden excuse of "I need to discuss the finance planning with my wife before I decide", I was home free! They promised to call me the next day for an answer as the offer was only valid for two days.

Back at home, J and I were quite tempted to take up that offer. On the other hand, we were not happy and felt like being pushed into making a hasty decision. Consequently, we decided to call up the salesman (the same night) to decline the offer citing "financial difficulties". After that, I called up my friend whose working in the banking industry to verify the claim of rising interest rate. He told me that it is true that the car loan interest rate will be rising very soon and if I wish to get a car, I should do it soon before the price of my car drop as a consequence of that.

The next day, I called up my car dealer friend and told him about the offer I got from Tan Chong. In return, he promised to offer me at least one thousand higher even before he inspects my car. Knowing that, I went ahead to draw out all the facts and figures that would impact our financial plan for the next few years.

After a few hours of "hard work" into some Excel spreadsheets, I finally estimated the price we had to pay for this new car. Surprisingly, it turned out to be OK after all. The 10% down payment will be financed 60% by my old car's settlement and 40% by my brother (a loan which he intended to return long ago but I told him not to yet). The rest of the nine year loan will add another RM440 to our existing monthly expenditure.

Up to this point, J and I have decided (90%) to go ahead in getting our new car (to be announced when it arrives). It has been a tiring few days having to think through this "major" decision, I even had trouble sleeping because of it.

What do you think? Is it worth it?

p/s: We have until this weekend to decide on the purchase as my friend was kind enough to extend the dateline to next Monday.

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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Mind On Something Else...

My peanut brain is currently very occupied with a major decision that J and I have to make within this few days. Hence, I need to do a lot of survey and research in order to gather enough information and data to help me. Will blog about it in lengthy details after we come to a decision.

Normal blogging routine will resume in a day or two...

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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Another Evening to Remember...

Since everyone has already had their post-event coverage up, I could not delay this further...

I had informed the Milwaukee Steakhouse people to book a section of the restaurant for the bloggers' gathering a day before. They have agreed to reserve some tables on the cooling part of the restaurant for me (as the weather is too hot to my liking). J and I got Little Skywalker dressed up in his "Wong Fei Hung" costume which we managed to pick up two days before CNY.

I had tried to call that very potential mummy before I left the house (as I intended to offer her a ride), but failed to reach her. Half way to the restaurant, I received a call from Loc Kee. He asked me to pick up Milly as he is still stucked in Subang area. His call was just in time as I was about to reach the junction to Milly's place. I managed to find the her residence but waited more than 15 minutes for her to get ready.

We reached the gathering venue at 6.15pm (30 minutes later than I planned) and met up with the early arrivals, namely Jason, Mr Kiasi, Kampung Kai, Leecs and Shiaulin's family, Twinsmom's family and Jefferene's family. Except for Jason and Twinsmom, the rest of the guests were new faces to us. After a brief introduction, we started ordering our food since everyone else had already done so (Leecs's family were already half way eating their dinner).

I must say it's fun to meet up with strangers new people, especially toddlers. Xuan was dressed up like a small little adult with a formal shirt and pants, not forgetting a pair of boots! I did not recognize Jefferene and little Yee Ching at first, but her hubby's face looks familiar to me as I have seen him on some video clip before. It was not until later that Jefferene introduced herself that I finally realised that she was the lady that I was talking to on the phone for the past few weeks (I was helping her to get her mum into dialysis treatment, read her blog for more info).

Zara's mama (and family), 1+2mom (and family) and Loc Kee (and family) came an hour later to join us. It is understandable as some of us have already started work on that day. Since we have met them before in the previous gathering, it's more like catching up with old friends this time. Little Skywalker was more excited to meet up with Zara, Carter, Carol, Carrie and his girlfriend Sweet Sweet once again! Although he has yet to reach the stage where he will mingle around with other kids, but he seems very happy to be around his peers!

The atmosphere throughout the meet-up was a cheerful and busy one. You can see children running about with their parents chasing from behind. Some will be walking up to others for some chit chat and wishing them Happy CNY. As Kampung Kai put it, photo snapping sessions is the trademark activity of a bloggers' gathering. The "canon among the gun fire" was Zara's mama's new SLR!

As for our Little Skywalker, he was his active and sociable self as usual. He had no problems talking, playing, hugging and kissing total strangers. His kung-fu costume was one of the highlights of the evening. Since we are regular customers of the restaurant, the staff working are very familiar with our son. He knows his way throughout the restaurant. He knows where the fish pond is. He knows where the baby sharks' aquarium is. He even knows where the two children coin-rides are located.

Surprisingly, he loves the coin-rides more than usual. He normally asked to come down whenever we tried to put coins in it. But he sat for four full rides (one as a co-passenger behind his girlfriend Sweet Sweet) before we managed to convince him to get off. The rest of the children were attracted to the coin-rides as well. Since there were only two machines standing in front of the restaurant, everyone had to wait for their turn. I guess the restaurant should install more of such machines in the future to prevent children fighting at their door step.

After our dinner, chit-chat and photo session, everyone started to say their goodbyes and headed home around 9pm. Oops, I almost forgot about some presents that Little Skywalker received from his friends (or rather their parents). Leecs and Shiaulin gave Little Skywalker a set of books + CD comprising of children songs. Jefferene gave him a beautiful squarish shirt (which he asked to put on immediately as soon as he saw it). Milly also gave him (and all the other toddlers) a packet of nicely wrapped sweets.

On behalf of the organizing committee, I would like to thank everyone for taking the time out of their busy CNY schedule to attend the gathering and for your generous gifts to Little Skywalker. To all those who could not make it this time, we hope to see you guys next time. Hopefully we will have more of such gatherings or meet-ups in the future.

You can also read more post-event here, here, here, here, here, here and here.

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Monday, February 06, 2006

Back To Work

After a full week of holiday thanks to our multi-cultural nation (including Chinese New Year, Awal Muharam and Wilayah Day), I am now back to my daily working routine. Will spend a day or so to sort out myself and get used to waking up 5.30am instead of 10am. Will have to get used to not spending a whole day with Little Skywalker. Will have to get used to the crazy KL traffic again. Will have to get used to blah blah... all over again!

So, as you can see, I have many things to get used to before I can get used to daily blogging. However, I will be able to give you a sneak preview on what's coming up in the next few days:
  • Chinese New Year celebrations (many parts as usual)
  • Kepong Bloggers Gathering II
  • Gifts for Little Skywalker
  • Little Skywalker at Kidsport
  • ... cannot think of any for now

Stay tune for more!

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