Little Luke "Skywalker"

Monday, February 27, 2006

Lies and Deceptions?

You can see how fast Little Skywalker is growing up from our daily conversations:

E: 要做什么? (what do you wanna do?)
L: 要去 gai-gai! (wanna go out!)
E: 要去哪里? (where do you wanna go?)
L: 去 jut-go! (go jut-go -> his version of Jusco)

... nothing surprising so far huh? read on...

E: 要去 jut-go ah? 有乖吗? (wanna go jut-go? have you been a good boy?)
L: 有! (yes!)
E: 真的吗? (sure?)
L: 真! (sure!)
E: 有骗我吗? (are you lying to me?)
L: 没有! (no!)
E: 真的吗? (sure?)
L: 真! (sure!) ... *followed by a nervous laugh

That makes you think huh? When did Little Skywalker learn about the concept of lying? Judging by his response, we can see that he is pretty sure about what truth and lies is about. Although we felt that it's amazing of how fast our son is growing up. But isn't it too fast?

So, can we trust him anymore? LOL!

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