Little Luke "Skywalker"

Friday, February 17, 2006

Wolfgang Skywalker

It's not surprising that Little Skywalker has been showing early signs that he is very much interested in music. It is likely that he inherited his "talent" from his father (that plays the piano as well as listens to plenty of classical music... *ahem). In fact, all my brothers and sisters were forced encouraged to pick up music since we were about 5-6 years old. My little brother is the only one left who is still taking piano lessons while the rest of us has stopped for various reasons (mainly to go for further studies). Little Skywalker has been very much influenced by him. In fact, he is a great performer in multiple instruments! That is if you are looking the following photos and not listening to him play... if you know what I mean :P

I play The Magic Flute!

Sometimes, I perform piano recital (better than my dad) for KL Philharmonic. This is my Chopin piece!

Argh! When can I grow up enough to reach the all the keys??

I can even combine the flute and piano altogether! How about that? Mozart!

Occasionally, I perform with my lesser counterparts...

Thank you! Thank you! I believe a standing ovation and applause is in order?

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