Little Luke "Skywalker"

Monday, February 13, 2006

Need A Ride?

As I returned home after a week of tiring work and meetings to start enjoying my weekend, J and Little Skywalker gave me the best surprise present (ever!) as I stepped into the door. I'll suspend this for another day or so just for the heck of keeping you all waiting My clever wife (who was on leave that day) had managed to figure out a way to get my son on his bike which we bought him a few months ago!! She also found out the reason why our son couldn't bring himself to ride it for the past few months. Apart from the fact that he is quite the "chicken" fella, his feet are uncomfortable with the surface of the "oil pedal" (we'll talk about his sensitive feet another time). You'll noticed that J went around his phobia by putting him on his socks while he rides. I threw my bag away and got the camera out straight away to capture the proud moment.

Behold, our cool Little Skywalker on his first Harley!

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