Little Luke "Skywalker"

Friday, January 27, 2006

Woof! Woof!

Tomorrow will be Chinese New Year's eve and we will welcoming the year of the Dog soon. I am sure everyone are busy doing their once-a-year spring cleaning at their respective home and preparing for the big reunion dinner. J and I are no exceptions. We have been shopping for more than 3 weekends to get Little Skywalker some new clothes and new toys. J also exchanged plenty new notes to be used as ang pow money (there goes our bonus!). We do not need to do much cleaning at home except to vacuum every spot and everything in the house as we will be spending most of the time in either my parents or my in-laws' place.

This will be Little Skywalker's second Chinese New Year since he was born. Our family started to celebrate the Big Day in KL area since last year. We used to travel back to our hometown, Parit (somewhere near Ipoh) before that. It's more exciting and happening at our hometown. Nevertheless, it's also fun to celebrate CNY at KL as there will be less traveling needed since everyone lives quite close to each other. My newly-wed brother (in Penang) and my sister (in Singapore) will be arriving at KL today.

J will still be working half day tomorrow. I will be at home with Little Skywalker as usual. I am still deciding whether to bring Little Skywalker to a small bloggers' gathering at 1U because nobody wants to go with me. I needed someone to hold Little Skywalker down while I am driving since I do not have a car seat for him. Even if I had, I doubt he would wanna be strapped in. Anyway, I hope someone would be kind enough to fetch us there (*wink).

J and I will be off for the whole of next week. Hence, this blog will not be updated for the next 9 days. My family and I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone:

Happy Chinese New Year
恭喜发财, 财源广进
龙马精神, 身体健康
年年有余, 一家团圆
汪! 汪! 汪!
旺! 旺! 旺!

p/s: Jazz, how's my son's card? LOL!

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