Little Luke "Skywalker"

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Latest Addition!

Went on a hypermart tour along with J and Little Skywalker for the past two weekends as part of our grand Chinese New Year tradition (same goes for other festivals). Apart from stocking up for the Dog Year celebrations (the usual soft drinks and stuff), we got Little Skywalker some fun stuff too!

Item 1: Sesame Street Baby Set (Fisher-Price)
From Jusco. Starring Oscar, Elmo, Ernie and Cookie Monster with different mechanism to activate them (push button, turning knob, left-right switch and up-down switch). Every button will pop the characters out of their box/dustbin/cookie jar accompanied by their unique punch line. (RM80+ after discount)

Item 2: Colorful Table and Chair Set
From Toy'r Us 1U. Comes with a table and two chairs (or are they stools). The centre surface of the table can be overturn to reveal a platform for building blocks which is stored in the compartment under the surface. Anyway, we use it to have our food most of the time. This item is fully paid with cash vouchers exchanged with Bonuslink points. (worth RM120+)

Put them together and voila... priceless!

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