Little Luke "Skywalker"

Tuesday, December 27, 2005


  • over 1000km and 10 hours of driving
  • over RM300 of petrol and toll expenditures
  • an hour delayed due to highway traffic jam on the way back from JB
  • eight cups of the most expensive tea we've ever drank (and they wasn't even half full)
  • countless number of times of Little Skywalker yelling and crying due to restlessness
  • less than 6 hours of sleep a night for five consecutive days
  • over 1000 photos taken (I forgot how many times I have recharge two of my batteries)
  • meeting over few hundreds of strangers whom I most likely will never see again
  • narrowly avoiding this and another major accident (that causes major traffic jams) along the North-South highway
  • plenty of cheesy smiles and small talks
  • a lot of welcome, goodbye and thank you
  • four consecutive nights (with a day break in between) of 10-course dinner
  • listening to a lot of awful and loud karaoke singing
  • Little Skywalker getting a small lump on his forehead

We've finally made it through everything and return to our normal daily routine. I have work piled up to my neck after return from our "holidays". Sorry for not replying all the comments for the past few entries. Will do that in the coming days and stay tune for more updates on the weddings.

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