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Monday, December 19, 2005

Surprise! Surprise! - Part 1

Unlike many people, my family does not have a tradition of giving presents within the family members. We do give presents to people outside the family instead (weird huh!). It's a fine tradition as it saves a lot of money (LOL!) and the hassle of pulling your hair and cracking your brain to figure what others want. J and I also continued that fine tradition since we're married. Since neither she nor I had any secret bank account (or did she?), we spent our money together and buy anything (only those we could afford) we want, anytime we want. The same goes for Little Skywalker as well. He got his new bike (which he is still afraid to ride on) way before Christmas.

However, this year, I decided to do something different. I also decided to get some help from the mother of two Belles in order to make my plan a success. The present I wanted to get was a necklace. Since I wanted it to be a BIG surprise for J, I have to come up with a plan to let her choose what she wanted while keeping in a secret! My evil (yet brilliant) mind finally came as handy as I managed to fooled J into believing that I wanted to get a necklace for one of my friends whose wedding I'm going to attend next week. J sounded (via Yahoo Messenger) quite annoyed at first as I never bought her any jewelry since our wedding ring. Anyhow, she cannot make up her mind by looking at that famous jewelry place (maybe is because it she thought it wasn't for her). However, she did mention about a design pattern that she liked and some beads that she preferred (both wasn't in one single piece).

My good friend was discussing with me about which design to get and how to send it to her (via Yahoo Messenger as well). Our discussion went for quite a while to the extend that she almost overcooked and dried up her 红豆水 (red bean soup). The initial plan was to send the gift to her office some time this week so that she can wear it for both my brother and her brother's wedding dinners. Then I remembered that we had to attend her company's 20th anniversary dinner last Saturday as well. So, my good friend has less than 24 hours to complete the gift so that I could pull it off.

After more than an hour of heated argument blah blah blah, the famous jewelry maker offered me two words in conclusion, "Trust me!", and I left the design and everything to her. she promised to come up with a special custom-made necklace that J would be fond of. We would also decided meet up the next morning (where she and her family met up with a grumpy elf after I left) at Ikano to "carry the 一手交钱, 一手交货 business transaction".

Meanwhile, J had no clue on what's going on the whole time. I told her I had to meet up with a freelance-job client at the Curve on Saturday morning. She bought it as usual given my perfect record of lying!

to be continued...

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