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Friday, December 09, 2005

生活小插曲 - Life's Little Things

As J and I (carrying Little Skywalker) were walking out of the King's Confectionery after getting some food for our supper and ordering a "Yule Log" chocolate cake for Christmas eve, we headed to our car...

J: Eh... I think I found the dress that I want liao!
E: #&$%#@! What?? In a cake store?
J: No... there! (*while pointing to the shop lot next to King's)
E: What?? That is a florist shop!
J: Yeah I know... but I like the nice red dress on that mannequin!
E: (*mouth open big and jaws dropped)
J: I really like it! (FYI, J usually takes a few months to decide on a dress to buy)
E: Don't worry, you can take the hammer for tonight. Just make sure you get away cleanly :P
J: $*&*#$$*&@#$...

Later on the way...

J: (*sniff sniff)... was that you?
E: Yeah right... if it was me, you'll hear it before you smell it :P
J: (*looked at Little Skywalker who has his mouth on the nipple) was that you?
L: (*broke out in laughter and followed by everyone)
J: (*smacked the little guy's butt) You naughty naughty little monkey!

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