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Monday, December 05, 2005


For the record, I despise backstabbers (or 2 5 people/二五仔)!!

I got a call on Sunday morning from the office (can you imagine that?) from a fellow colleague. She asked me whether there was a way to check the amount of work that a person do within a single day. I was quite surprised at what she was asking as no one has asked me such question before! When I queried her regarding the motive behind such a move, she told me the whole story.

It seems that this one staff who is always complaining about not having enough time to do his work. Hence, he asked permission to come in at odd hours (like 6pm to 5am) and weekends to put in "extra effort". The management had a meeting and approved his "unusual" request in order to meet the project dateline. Unfortunately, some people reported that he actually came in and rest (sleeping included) and did very little work.

Well, I find it hard to believe that someone would actually drive all the way to office just to sleep for a day in front of everyone (yeah... many of our staff actually had to work during weekends). Since the project is running on an software application that I had developed, I had to come up with a report on his "work performance". I am also fortunate to have built in auditing functionalities within the application to be able to track changes to the database. Otherwise, I may be the one getting the dump.

Since I was ordered to do so, I had no choice but to run a check on his "weekend activities" first thing today. I am also sad to found out that he is either under par in his job or he is indeed sleeping most of the time when he is at the office during the weekends. I compared his logs to another staff who is also on the same project and he fared badly (20% of what others are doing). Sigh!

Now I am in a dilemma. I have to present this findings to my boss when he ask me (which I hope is never because he is kinda forgetful). I do not want my findings to cost him his job (although he does drive a Mercedes). I also hate to be the one going behind other people's back. Lucky thing that he is still single, else, I would feel guiltier for cutting them off their breadwinner. I hate office politics! Why can't these people bring up such issues during a meeting or discussion, instead they rather go and spy on others and catch them off guard!

Talk about Monday blues!

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