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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Is This What We Voted For?

I was on my way back to my workplace after my breakfast this morning. On the way, I saw a long queue of cars heading down the single-lane one-way road that leads to the Emergency Department. As I walked further, I saw a black Perdana Executive (due to the XL size of the car) stopping in the middle of the road (blocking everyone on the way). When I saw the front of the car, there was a "Ahli Parlimen" metal badge above the car plate, thereby indicating the owner of the car is someone you (since I am not even a registered voter) voted into office.

At first, I thought someone must be seriously injured and needed immediate medical attention. To my surprise, one "gentleman" with a red tie and white shirt came down the Perdana slowly (he even needed someone to open the door!) with no signs of injury or whatsoever. Another lady came down the other door (also looking well enough to spare a kidney). The entire process took more than 5 minutes! Cars were queuing behind the stupid "Potong" Perdana as far as the main entry!

To add salt to the wound, there was a special lane and parking located just next to the spot where the stupid Perdana stopped! That special parking was meant for public and ambulance who needed to drop off or pick up patients with problems walking (there is a slope for wheel chair users).

This so-called "elected jackass" had the nerve to instruct his driver to stop in the middle of the road when there is a huge spot (huge enough to park two ambulances, so I guess it must be huge enough for his oversized car and ego!) just next to it for him park to his stupid "potong" car! He also had such thick skin and gigantic ego to carry his disabled ass down the car and walked slowly towards the hospital building as if nothing has happened. By the way, he looks like one of those Hindustani film star with a cool moustache and beard in a suit(albeit with a jackass personality). The lady (I presume is his wife or secretary) looked like a typical working woman.

That incident actually attracted many by-standers who were walking by. Many stopped to look at the incident which took place at a peak traffic hour where people are coming in to work and visiting hour is about to begin.

FYI, I have seen Mr. Karpal Singh (the VP of our main opposition party) on a wheel chair a few times already. He is a perfect gentleman indeed. His wife will push him on his wheel chair and down the slope (catered for disabled people) and to his car, which was parked at the passenger pick-up parking. Him I respect! I used to smile to him whenever I pass by him and he would acknowledge with a smile in return, although I can see that he is in pain.

I leave it for you to judge that pompous jackass! Is this "what" we want to represent us to run our country? That mentally disabled Yang-Berbuntut-Keldai should count his lucky stars that I do not have my camera with me (it's upstairs in my bag), otherwise, a video of the entire incident will be all over the internet like the one with the strip-search-and-squat-naked video recently!

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