Little Luke "Skywalker"

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Ka Pong Ka Pong...

Long long time ago, in a galaxy far far away Some time ago, Little Skywalker kept saying something like this whenever he has nothing else better to mumble:

L: Ka pong ka pong ka pong...
J: What are u saying??
E: Kepong ah? (*such clever boy!)
L: Ka pong ka pong ka pong
J/E: Ok ok.. ka pong ka pong (*scratching head thoughtlessly)

Then one day, J watching Network Wiggles with him at home and right after the show, "Bing and Bong, Bing and Bong, Bing and Bong..." (Astro Showing Tiny Planet)

L: Ka pong ka pong...

Finally we knew where Little Skywalker learnt that "Ka pong" word from, it's from the lyrics of the theme song of Tiny Planet:
Bing and Bong, Bing and Bong, Bing and Bong
Heroes of the Universe
Adventure every day, from their home in space
Bing and Bong, Bing and Bong, Bing and Bong
There's a tiny planet calling
A new exciting day, and we're on our way (our way)

FYI, this is still his favourite TV show although it's only about less than 8 minutes for each episodes. Well, like they say "good things never last"!

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