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Monday, November 14, 2005

A Day As SAHM - Part 1

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Friday 21st Oct 2005 was a public holiday for Selangor. Egghead was working on that day because his company follows the Wilayah’s public holiday. A holiday for me is very precious since I only have 12 days of annual leave and got to work on Saturday as well. I planned and planned for this long awaited holiday to settle some outstanding matters such as to renew MyKad, to update and claim back some old bank accounts with little money inside, go to my unit trust company to get some new updates and some forms, etc. I also planned of going back to work for half a day to rush up some things as I can finish more work without any interruptions from other people in the office.

I cancelled all the plans that I had in mind when my MIL told me that Egghead’s uncle invited them to PD for that weekend, along with Little Skywalker. Although this won’t be the first time Little Skywalker leaving us for a few days to have fun with his grandparent, we still felt heavy hearted to be separated from him. So I told my in-laws I will take care of Little Skywalker on Friday and they can pick him up when they were ready to take off. Well, you probably know what happenned next.

Egghead woke up at 5.45am as usual to take bath and woke me up for my turn because there is no way I can take my bath when I’m alone with the little fellow and I cannot tahan not bathing for whole day until egghead comes back – I will burst and Little Skywalker will get a lot of scolding and yelling from his ‘hot-mama’.

After my bath I’m all fresh and wide awake. Egghead went to work at 6.15am and I went back upstairs to check on Little Skywalker (who is still in his sweet dreams). I ran downstairs again to put the laundry into the washing machine. Then I ran upstairs again to check on the little guy again because he is such a sleeper who wake up at the slightest noise. Somtimes he wakes up without making any noise and starts climbing down the bed! He is still sleeping like a log, but I needed to start cooking his porridge in the slow cooker. So I ran downstairs again to lay out his little mattress, on the lights, fan and music, and ran upstairs again to bring him down. I walk us down slowly and carefully, in the hope that he will continue to sleep soundly and give me some time to do my work.

Unfortunately, once I put him on his little mattress, he turned and sat up!! I tried to put him to sleep again using my ‘ultimate human pacifier’ (after bringing him to pee in the toilet) but to no avail. He is wide awake!! So I turn on his favourite Astro Channel 63– Play House Disney to entertain him and tell him mummy going to kitchen to cook his porridge. He didn’t answer me as his eyes are all glued to the TV. I thought he will follow me from behind, but to my surprise he didn’t!! He is standing far away from the TV with his body preparing to come towards my direction in the kitchen but his eyes are still glued on the TV. Something must have really caught his interest!!

So, I quickly go to kitchen and start preparing the porridge. I peeked on him after few minutes later and found out he is still in that position – watching the TV standing with his body facing to kitchen’s direction. I put down my things and went to put him in a sitting position on his little mattress and tell him to continue watching the show. So he guai guai sat there watching, occasionally moving his hand up and down, left and right while I was doing my things in the kitchen. I joined him 15 minutes later after gao dim with the porridge and tidying up a bit. Apparently Astro was showing ‘Wiggles Network’ from 6.30am to 7.00am. It was only later that I found out that my FIL also let him watch that show when he arrived at his house wide awake every morning.

Right after that show ended, he became fussy a bit and wanted to go upstairs and kept callingpapa papa’. I guessed he must be thinking today is Sunday and papa still sleeping upstairs. I brought him upstairs to show that nobody’s there and told him papa went to work but he didn’t believe me and kept calling papa. So I called Egghead to let Little Skywalker to talk to him. After ‘talking’ to Egghead and confirmed that he was indeed at work, then only the little fellow felt satisfied and stopped calling papa and stop wanting to go upstairs.

to be continued...

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