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Friday, October 21, 2005

And Off He Goes Again...

About a month ago, Little Skywalker went to Genting with my parents for three days. It was the his longest separation from his parents. He managed to cope with everyone very well and did not make any unnecessary fuss throughout the entire trip. In fact, he did not need to suck on anything but a few sip of water before he goes to bed. The same cannot be said when he is back with us.

Yesterday evening, my parents told me that they like to bring Little Skywalker with them to yet another trip. They will be heading to Port Dickson this time around. It seems that my uncle (a Professor at Tenaga University), had booked some rooms at the TNB Condominium resort and have invited my parents (along with Little Skywalker) to go along. J and I have given it some thoughts before we agreed. Since J is working on Saturday (but she is having a public holiday today) and I am working today, we cannot accompany him along. Sigh!

Since his useless parents (with stingy bosses that only allocate 14 days of annual leave) cannot bring him to have some beach fun, I guess we should not deprive him of having some fun himself. J and I actually had our honeymoon at Guoman Port Dickson Resort (our Perth trip got postponed due to SARS outbreak) a few years back. The TNB Condominium resort is located just next to Guoman (or should I say adjoining since everyone can see everyone through a fence). The private beach (at 9th mile) there is very clean and nice. Sands are soft and the water is sky blue. How we wished to have follow Little Skywalker there.

Anyway, Little Skywalker will be leaving with my parents this afternoon. He won't be back until Sunday afternoon. J and I will be having the whole weekend to ourselves. However, if we cannot stand the separation, we might head to PD on Saturday afternoon, after J's office hour.

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