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Monday, September 26, 2005

The Longest Separation...

Little Skywalker will be headed to Genting for the third time today, but this time not with his parents (sob). He will be away with his grandparents from today till Wednesday since his parents do not have enough leave to accommodate his desire for fun anymore. Anyway, we did took him out for a fun weekend at two shopping malls (one more than usual) the last two days and paid extra attention to him so that he will miss us more when he is in Genting. I think J cried a little yesterday night before she slept because of this :P

Since his birth, he has been to Kepong Jusco for countless times already. However, last Saturday was the first time he went to play at the children "playground". We did not allowed him to go in previously because we were afraid that he is too young and may get knocked over by other older kids. We only allow him to sit on those coins rides and the merry-go-round which he loves so much. Now that he is close to 15 months old, we decided to let him have a go and see how it goes.

We bought his RM2 ticket for 20 minutes and proceeded to the "playground". He was all excited and wanted to go in even before we took off his shoes. J accompanied him and I followed in later when I found that I was allowed to do so. J took him to the "pool" with lots of plastic balls in it and let him "go nuts". We wanted to get ourselves one of this since long ago but decided not to because we cannot afford to buy enough balls for him to "soak" himself in. We bought him a XXL sized inflatable pool instead while we shoulder the extra water bill.

J and I never had any experience playing in this type of "pool" while we were kids. So you can imagine how happy we are knowing our son is having the time of his life doing something his parents who are too embarrassed to do now. Little Skywalker enjoyed his mother repeatedly picking him up and "throwing" him into the pool of balls. He just laugh and laugh loudly like the rest of the kids. Me, on the other hand, was busy snapping photos of J Little Skywalker enjoying himself through all the protective net around the pool.

After a few shots, I got "hand-signaled" by a Jusco staff suddenly asking me to stop "shooting". It seems cameras are not allowed in the entire children theme park at Jusco. I was obviously annoyed and surprised by this because I was snapping photos since the first time we brought Little Skywalker here, I have photos of him on the merry-go-round, car rides, train rides etc. and never did anyone stop me from doing that. Soon after I stop "shooting", another mum (in the ball-pool) told me and J that she also got the same warning last time and began to go around the system. She taught me to stop using flash and take the photos inside the pool because there is a layer of cloth which separates it from the staff's eyes.

Anyway, I stopped taking photos and continue watching our son having the time of his life in his new found game. I also found out that the children playground was a very dangerous place, especially for adults who is standing still (like me) while watching their children enjoying themselves. I got ran into, stepped on, slapped on (maybe this was an exaggeration) a few times throughout my 20 minutes "stay". I just wonder what would happen to Little Skywalker if we left him alone with the other "crazy kids" around.

We went on to the Toy City store to have a look at the expensive toys that were on sale there. We bought a barking dog and a train set for our son from this store on previous occasion. All the stuff here were quite expensive if you ask me. I wonder if anyone could afford such pricey toys for their children. It's not like we live at Bandar Utama or something, we're just middle-class "makan gaji orang" people who can only afford cheap stuff. Maybe they had their business plan screw-up already, since I did not see many people in the shop.

Since we are not that rich, we put Little Skywalker on a plastic rocking horse that he liked so much when I brought him to Selayang Hospital last week. As you can see, the price tag (RM179!!) is way beyond our reach. Maybe we will find a cheaper one that is made out of wood or rotan for him later at pasar malam. I am sure he will not notice the difference :P

By the way, Little Skywalker and I also witness some "fire-playing-dudes" that was performing in conjunction with Jusco anniversary. J missed most of it because she was still eating at the Chicken Rice Shop while I brought our son out to have a stroll. I put Little Skywalker standing on a bench and he started dancing to the music that was playing during the fire performance. Those people nearby us were witnessing all these and smiling all the way. I guess our son is a big entertainer after all as he stole the spotlight!

Oh yeah! We also bought Little Skywalker a water bottle that has a straw to suck on, similar to the kind which Loc Kee's Sweet Sweet is having. Little Skywalker almost "robbed" Sweet Sweet's water bottle for himself the last time they met. So now he doesn’t have to be jealous of Sweet Sweet's bottle already when they meet next time. He will be able to show-off his new stuff already, making his kiasu parents proud as well (*LOL) :P

Geee... I think I am rambling too much already. Must be the thought of missing Little Skywalker for the next three days that is getting to me :(

It's really hard to miss someone, especially your child...

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