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Friday, September 23, 2005

Genting... Here He Goes Again!!

Just got an update from my parents, who took Little Skywalker for his follow up examinations at Selayang Hospital. Good news!! The doctor said he is in good health, the rashes thing is quite normal and it will eventually wear off by itself.

And do you know what this means to my parents??

Surprise!! It means that they most probably would be able to bring Little Skywalker to Awana, Genting coming Monday! This is of course subjected to Little Skywalker make a complete recovery and resumes his normal appetite by this weekend. Otherwise, it may not be wise for him to be so far from a hospital.

This Genting trip (his third) was planned a few weeks ago when my parents got an invitation from their neighbours behind, who also happen to be grandparents to a girl (Joana) who is a few days older than Little Skywalker. They play together all the time at the playground. Anyway, the trip is all paid for already, hence the two grandparents couple will be bring their grandchild for a two nights stay. Hopefully this will all goes well.

J is still having second thoughts of being away from Little Skywalker for that long. She is worried that maybe Little Skywalker getting sick is a sign that we should not let him go. She is also worried that my parents may not be able to follow the foot steps of our hyperactive and "love to walk on his own" son. She say these thoughts started to haunt her since the question of the trip pops up back then.

For me, hmmmm... I am sure my parents will be able to handle the little guy. On the other hand, we, as parents should learn to let go once in a while. I know is bad timing and all, with his fever. But I guess this is a good chance for us to learn. I hope Little Skywalker will be able to sleep alone in his own room soon and starts to learn about independence. Otherwise, we might need to put spy-cam everywhere just to keep an eye on him all the time.

What do you think??

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