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Friday, September 02, 2005

Genting Trip - Part 1

Alas.. is the day we've been waiting for the past 3 weeks.

The three of us was very excited that we woke up very early around 8am (not typical of us for a Sunday morning). We wasted no time stretching our lazy body on the bed. J went to finish up her packing for the three of us while I needed to go vacuum up the car. Little Skywalker probably has no idea what everyone else is excited about as he sat quietly in front of the TV, watching cartoons.

We have a hectic plan laid before us, we need to bring Little Skywalker to my parents so that they can say goodbye to him. Before that, we also need to go have breakfast at our usual Wangsa Permai food stalls. After all the goodbyes, we will need to get us some food stuff from King’s Confectionery for supper at night.

As I started to vacuum, Little Skywalker got distracted by the sound of our vacuum machine as usual. He walked towards the door and sees what the hell I was doing outside. After a few minutes of anxious looking, he started to plea for release from his “house arrest”. I could never resist his pitiful eyes and obviously relented by putting him in the driving seat while I continue my chores.

Little Skywalker always love to be at the driving seat of everything. You can see him playing with the steering, gear, signal lights handle, wiper handle, air-condition knob, radio buttons etc. He even makes engine sounds as if he is “steering” an F1 car. Being a big F1 fan myself, J and Skywalker will join me every fortnight to watch the live telecast. That is where Skywalker learned the engine sounds.

J and I managed to settled everything and loaded our stuff into the car around 9.30am. The three of us took turns to bath before boarding the car to breakfast. After breakfast, we headed to my parents’ place as planned. However, they were not around (the one time J forgot to call before we paid a visit). We later found out they were at the church helping out with a “Jumbo Sale”. For Skywalker’s sake, we headed to the church.

The “Jumbo Sale” was great. Most of the stuff on sale was used items donated by the public and some of it was sponsored goods by manufacturers. Since everything was so cheap (price ranging from RM1-RM5 for most items), we’ve decided to get some stuff for Little Skywalker. After some searching, we’ve managed to get two pairs of shoes for Skywalker as well a big bunch of toys and it only costs us about RM10!

We got him a pair of sport shoe as well as a pair of walking shoe, both in mint condition. Since his feet is growing by the day, we think is better to get used shoes because the last one we bought for him lasted only about 2 weeks (wore less than 5 times) before his feet outgrown the shoe. Furthermore, used shoes are softer compared to new ones. (OK lah, we admit we are stingy people who pry on any cheap stuff we can find :P)

After all the "shopping" and goodbyes, we headed up to pay a visit to Uncle Lim’s paradise…

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