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Thursday, September 15, 2005

The Birth of Little "Skywalker" - Ep 1 - The Admission

Slightly more than a year ago in a hospital not that far away....

It was the second time around we rush to the delivery ward at Selayang Hospital. The last time was due to "heavy show" or false alarm. There were not many staff on-duty because it was a Saturday morning but that didn't stop all the mommy-to-be from coming. We chose Selayang Hospital due to the fact that J was recommended by my doctor friend for her check-up. Also they have one of the most well-equipped neonatal unit in the country and more importantly, the hospital is "father-friendly", meaning fathers can accompany the mother throughout the whole delivery process.

We arrived at the hospital around 8am and went straight to the physical check-up room as we did last time. J went into her robe and continued with her physical check while I waited anxiously outside. I was sitting with more than 10 fathers-to-be, and all of them looked exhausted (probably due to the long hours of waiting).

J finished her examinations and was told that she was not ready (3cm opening) to deliver as yet, but she needs to be admitted while waiting for her time. Unfortunately, there was not enough beds available in the ward and we are told to wait until someone got discharged. We had no choice but to sit and wait again, not knowing the wait would last for half a day. My mother brought us lunch from home around noon and we ate at the waiting area.

I couldn't hold my patience after lunch and went up to the counter and demanded to know when a bed will be allocated to J (with a gangster stronger tone of voice). Before that, the nurses there were chatting happily and probably making private phone calls. After my sudden outburst, one of the nurse checked the computer and found a bed that is about to be vacated. She gave J that bed right away. After the check-in process, I wheeled J to the assigned ward and helped her up the bed to rest.

J started to experience slight contraction (while waiting) and was giving me the painful look. I cannot bear to see that look and went on to look for a doctor to check her out. I couldn't find one and the nurse told me that we will just have to wait until the doctor come for their rounds the next morning. Luckily an on-called doctor came and checked J out around 8pm and told J it was still 3cm. We asked to induce the delivery but was told that J has pass the 3cm threshold already. Hence, we need to wait for God's signal - contractions.

My parents brought us dinner again but I was in no mood to eat. J managed to finish her dinner and started walking around because my mom told her it would help to induce birth. Since I was not allowed a sleepover in a all-women ward, I left J for home around 10pm. I could hardly sleep that whole night and keep thinking about what would happen the next day, not knowing that it would turn out to be a nightmare miracle that would torment us for a whole week and left a permanent mark in our lives...

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