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Monday, September 12, 2005

Bloggers Night Out - Part 2

After our dinner, Loc Kee went on to fetch Milly from KTM station. As for me and J, we stopped by a Tang Lung stall at the roadside of Jalan Kepong. Little Skywalker (the usual wuss he is) is still afraid of those modern electronic Tang Lung. He was close to tears when we tested a few before him. In the end, J and I decided to get him a small and cute Tang Lung (with just a small bulb) and another cool-looking one (this is more for his parents to show off... really cool one!). After our little last-minute (literally) shopping, we went back to our (nearby) home to get our camera before heading to Menjalara.

By the time we arrived at the Menjalara Tang Lung festival, there were already a big crowd there, gathering in a big circle to watch some kung-fu demonstration (cool heh!! but what has it got to do with Mid-Autumn festival??). I was on the look-out for Loc Kee and his family when I received an SMS from him "Hey u at mana? Me at tengah c kong fu". While reading his SMS, I spotted him (and his family) easily because he was wearing a cap and both husband and wife wearing "couple" clothes (how loving!). They were sitting down on the floor few rows from the front.

There was empty space next to them (maybe they book for us in advance??), so we went down and sat next to them. Everyone (including Sweet Sweet and Little Skywalker) were quite intrigued by the kung-fu performance (by some chinese society I guess). Everyone was clapping and cheering after every move, jump, fall, spin etc. However, the music was too loud for our ears and the main speaker was a few metres behind where we sat. Loc Kee also introduced me to Milly who was standing behind us. She was with a guy next to her. I thought he was her "boyfriend" but her blog says otherwise :P

After the kung-fu show, the Tang Lung festival was already coming to an end. They started announcing the winners of some competition held earlier. Little Skywalker got into his active self and started walking about the field. He got attracted to some little girls (few years older) that was walking nearby. His next move was even scarier, he went up to one of the girl and even wanted to kiss her!! OMG!! He is only 14 months old and he is already making his moves on the ladies!! I am just glad that her parents didn't filed a "sexual harassment" law suit on our son.

Sweet Sweet was starting to get jealous I guess (LOL) and she approached Little Skywalker (I think or was it otherwise... maybe Loc Kee can enlighten me on this). Unfortunately, Little Skywalker walked away from her and went after girls who are much older than him. Talking about choosy... I say "run treasure" ler :P

Milly is really good with kids as depicted by her profile. She got on quite well with Sweet Sweet as well as Little Skywalker. Both toddlers were not afraid to be carried by her even though it is Little Skywalker's (and me and J) first meeting with her. Maybe I should hire her as full-time babysitter so that my parents can shake legs at home while she manage our naughty and hyper-active son...

Loc Kee and his family was having a great time as well. Their Sweet Sweet became more and more active already after our dinner. She is walking about and looking at stuff. However, she is kind of a quiet person and don't say much (unlike her father LOL!). And YES, I do agree with Jason that Loc Kee has a unique laugh, and damn friendly and funny personality too. He is one of those people that you can relate and talk to easily without having to go through any ice-breaking process. His wife is also another friendly lady. We all get along pretty well I must say... I hope the feeling is mutual :P

All things come to an end. Sweet Sweet and Little Skywalker were showing signs of fatigue by 10pm. Hence, we said goodbye to one another and headed home. Uncle Loc also offered to send Milly and his "friend" home as well, so kind of him...

Will be looking forward to another gathering soon...

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