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Monday, September 05, 2005

Genting Trip - Part 4

After getting off the slow spinning Matahari ride, we've decided to let Little Skywalker to play around at the Children Playpen for a change as all the other rides seems to have "queue-building-syndrome". That said, I wonder if all those people really enjoy queing up in Genting as much as they do during the rides :P

Strangely, Little Skywalker seems to be having the greatest time since he's been up here. I guess he is much happier with stuffs that he is familiar and play with on a daily basis (literally) than those super-rides he hardly encounters. He just loves the slides and the swings. We ended up spending more than half an hour there with him laughing and shouting the whole time with us ended up with sore "muscles" holding him on the swing and the slide all the way. But it was worth it!!

After that, we went on to the Mini Train next. Little Skywalker loves trains a lot, we even bought him a big train and track set while he is less than 10 months old. When it comes to a real one, he is not that fond of it pulak. He tends to look a bit tense and 扁嘴 or "flat mouth". It was not until we started pointing him to scenery around the railway track that he started to come down a bit and started to look around (phew...). Oh yeah, J also needed to breastfeed him (again) onboard the train to calm him down at first (no more picture this time :P).

After the noisy and bumpy train ride, we are almost tired out. Little Skywalker was also showing signs wear out liao, maybe is because he didn't slept on the way up here. So, we've decided to go for one more ride (that has the least people queuing up) before we retire for the afternoon. J asked to go for the Astro Fighter since the Flying Baby Jumbo's line was quite long.

I wonder why all those people likes the flying elephant so much, both rides are very similar in terms of technology, maybe we just like the idea of flying elephants better than a flying spaceship. Or is it because they just like getting in queue so much :P

Go figure... "queue-building-syndrome"??

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