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Monday, September 05, 2005

Is Our Country Going Down The Sewerage?

I am no big fan of politics, but I do keep myself updated with the latest news, commentaries, full daily doses of Jeff Ooi, rumours etc. that is related to our country's development. Hell.. I even have my own blog on current issues! I've stopped updating it for some time because of all the distubring news I am bumping into nowadays...

Unfortunately, as I write more by the day, the more I felt sicken by those so-called "decision makers" of our beloved country. The more stuff I read from Jeff Ooi, Malaysia Today, Brand New Malaysian, Politics 101, Lim Kit Siang, the greater urge I have to relocate my own family to some foreign land.

You can call me a wuss or chicken if you want to, you can even call me an unpatriotic traitor to the country. But I can tell you this, I am not
  • a person with a great vision like Mahathir (although most of his great plans ended up with future generations having to repay the country's debts).
  • religious (or dumb) enough to think that a few "chosen" people (the great Mahathir included) can really change the fate of our country in the next 15 years looking at the failure of the past 48 years.
  • vigilant fighters like Lim Kit Siang and Karpal Singh who dedicated their lives to fight for a better Malaysia
  • a person of high ambition like future-PM-to-be, Khairy (in case you don't know who he is, he is Badawi's son-in-law).
  • a day-dreamer who still thinks that Malaysia can achieve a developed country status by 2020.
  • a brave person who dares to complain to Bukit Aman when I confront a traffic police who expect some "duit kopi" from me.
  • a multi-millionaire like Uncle Lim (also in case you don't know, he is the chairman of Genting Group) who can contribute so much to our chinese education in the country.
  • a sympathetic person who do volunteer work for charity organizations.
  • that dumb to be swayed by those idealistic statements made by our so-called politicians during elections.
However, I am
  • realistic enough to know that in absolute certain terms that, with our current Malaysian mentality, we will never truly be acknowledged as a developed country by 2020.
  • smart enough to know that if I earn "quick money" like most our politicians are doing, my future generations (especially Little Skywalker) will curse me even long after I am gone and leaving them in Forbe's Billionaire List.
  • religious enough to know that whatever we are doing down here on Earth, God is watching from above.
  • knowledgable enough to know that the problem of widening gap between the rich and poor in our country will explode like another atomic bomb in the future if it is not handled immediately.
  • surprised that all the properties ads in the newpapers nowadays are all luxurious condominiums, Semi-D and banglow lots where maybe 1-2% of our population can afford.
  • outraged by the excessive tax and duties being imposed on us while we contribute to the economy by buying cars and properties, consequently signing away half of our lifetime (assuming we live that long) to huge debts.
  • angry to spend so much on a house with no land to house a green garden (talking about preseving forest!).
  • Most of all, I am not a jackass (like what most politicians think I am) to think that I (or even Little Skywalker even he can live till 150 years old) will live long enough to see our Malaysian Dream to come true.
Don't believe me? Try reading this ugly long piece (WARNING: 10-part piece so far and still adding). I believe there is no smoke without fire! If even 5% of the "story" is true, you can kiss our "Malaysian Dream" goodbye while some "chosen" people are laughing all the way to the bank while the rest of us try to repay their debts to the country!

Please give me a reason to change my retirement plan...

God Bless Malaysia-n!!

p/s: Please don't judge me base on this as I am only having my family's interest and future in mind when I wrote this...

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