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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Genting Trip - Part 3

As we get ourselves tagged at the entrance of the Outdoor Theme Park, the young lady staffs there complimented how cute (he got his looks from J :P) Little Skywalker is and even gave him a lollipop (Gee.. toddlers get all the free stuff). And yes, our son kept calling every lady he met "kakak" again..

We had our lunch at the Marry Brown fast food chain located just inside the outdoor theme park because they sell mash-potatoes, which is about the only food that Little Skywalker want to eat. As we munch off our food, Little Skywalker (all the while holding on to his lollipop) cannot stop staring at those people shouting on the Spinner rides. Since Little Skywalker is still too short young to get on the sit, he can only admire the excitement of those young lads.

After our lunch, we let Little Skywalker walk around the fountain and took a few shots of him. This is his first time walking in the theme park and with his sparkling second hand new sport shoes. He walked better with those sport shoes compared when he is bare footed. I think is the hard bottom of the shoes that keep his soft feet well balanced. But the scary thing is, our son has his own ideas on where to walk to instead of following his parents. No matter how we tried to hail him, he will turn back to give us a good look and continued walking to places he felt interesting. Talking about a mind of his own...

Our His (and J's) first ride was the Double Deck Carousel (or what we know as merry-go-round). He loves this ride, but he like those with lights and music ones better. Since is 3pm in the afternoon, the lights were not necessary. You can see a slight disappointment on his face, but he still enjoys the up-down movement of the horse he is riding. Oh yeah, while I was busy snapping photos of him and J on the ride, I managed to catch a shot (using lilian's technique in shooting the clown at Redang) of a dad (I assume) with a big "cock" between his legs! Click here to sneak a peek if you are interested :P

After all the going-around, we went on the Matahari ride because there was a long que at the Flying Baby Jumbo ride. The Matahari ride was kinda boring and slow moving since we are stopping to let someone get-off and get-on as we spin. However, all is not lost as Little Skywalker enjoyed all the screaming that was coming from the opposite Space Shot ride. He will get all roused up when the Space Shot starts free-falling and throw on a disappointing face when the free-fall stopped.

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