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Thursday, September 15, 2005

The Birth of Little "Skywalker" - Ep 2 - The Delivery Room

Slightly more than a year ago in a hospital not that far away....

I arrived at the hospital around 7am the next morning and went straight to check on J. J was supposed to be checked out by a doctor in the morning rounds but she told me there were no such rounds. We later found out that no such rounds are made on a Sunday but there will be one at night.

The whole day was spent on waiting, hence I don't think I want to bore you with it. So I move on to Monday...

On Monday morning, a doctor came and checked on J but it turned out that the opening was still at 3cm! The doctor then ordered some stuff for J to do her “business”. It worked! After J finished her “business”, she started feeling more contractions. We waited and waited and waited. Another doctor came around 4pm to check on J and told us the opening was at 4cm already. Gee… waited two days for 1cm and we are supposed to be excited?? But the good news is that J can be transferred into the delivery room already!! We were very excited about the news, the feeling is like us being the chosen ones, out of many people in the ward to go to paradise.

J got wheeled into the chilling delivery room around 4.30pm and the doctor managed to break her water manually. After that, we started another round of waiting, but this time with more pain endured by J. J was advised to breathe from the oxygen mask once in a while if she cannot tolerate the pain. J was also worried to see all the water coming out of her will leave the baby dried in her womb. The doctor told us it was normal and nothing to worry about.

While J was suffering on the delivery bed, I could hear people screaming and babies crying all around. The couple next to me had been in there four hours before we did and they are still waiting. I guess we might have to wait that long as well. The contractions became more painful after 4 hours and her opening was up to 5cm already. J was quite disappointed by that time because she has a target of 10cm to reach before the “pushing” can start.

From 8-11pm, J had to endure the pain and try to stay awake at the same time. The oxygen mask actually made her vulnerable to sleep. I stayed by her side and talked about how our son (we knew it by the 6th month) is going to turn out to be and what will we name him after. The doctor came and injected some drug into her drip to increase her contractions as well.

Then came 12am and it was time!! Time for Little Skywalker to bite the red pill come out of the comfortable womb of his mother into the Real World

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