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Saturday, September 10, 2005

A Shitty Experience In Office

This morning, I fetched J to her office as usual. I went up to her office to do some surfing as well as reading some blogs. After some reading, I went to the toilet to "negotiate some business deal". FYI, I normally do my business in the morning (after breakfast) in office :P

After I concluded the "deal", I tried to flush (as if...). Unfortunately, the flush did not work!! I opened up the cover and found there wasn't any water left in it. I checked the pipe to see it was open, and it was. I tried to channel the water from the shower into the tank but there wasn't any water supply either.

Oh man, I was in deep shit!

On one hand, I didn't know what to do next. On the other hand, I could have just left without anyone knowing who carried out their "business" in the first place without finishing it off. I tried going out of the toilet (I guess the smell is getting to my head already) and try the water tap at the handwash basin. Shit! totally dried out!

I panicked and locked the toilet door from the outside and went to ask help from J. Apparently, J pointed out that this happen quite often in their office. The water supply to the first floor office was shut so that the people down at the repair centre can do their work. One of their businesses is to repair RO water machines for dialysis treatment.

J asked me to fill up a big plastic container at the pantry tap next to the toilet (which contained RO water) to fill up the flushing tank. That tap water was used for drinking purposes for all the staff, and I use it to flush away some shit. Yaiksss... I'll never drink out of that tap again!

It took me four rounds to fill up the tank and finally FLUSH off the stuff and concluded my "business deal". I know you don't want to read about this kinda shit early in the morning, but I thought I had an itch to spoil everyone's appetite for the rest of the day :P

Load of Shit - Water = Stuck in Deep Shit!

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