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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Update From The Hospital - Part 1

Manage to call just now to get the latest update on Little Skywalker's check-up...

E: Hello?

J: Wuuuuaaaaaaeeekkkk!!... (Little Skywalker's violent cry) Can you ... Wuuuuaaaaaaeeekkkk!! ... call me back ... Wuuuuaaaaaaeeekkkk!! ... later? ... Wuuuuaaaaaaeeekkkk!!

E: *hang up

5 minutes later...

E: Hello?

J: (still can hear Little Skywalker's crying sound albeit softer and far away) Yeah..

E: How's the condition there?

J: The nurse say Little Skywalker is not heavy enough. They need to take his blood for testing.

E: Why the loud screaming and yelling and crying??

J: Those nurses lor... don't know how to take one... poke him twice liao also didn't managed to take any... so he is crying lor.

E: Screw them lah!! Useless fellas!! Let my mother take better lah! How is his fever?

J: Your mother is supervising them now. Still got fever. But the doctor not yet come.

E: OK.. I call back later.. (Hang up)

30 minutes later...

E: (no more yelling and screaming liao) Harlo?

J: Yeah!

E: How is he?

J: Finish take blood liao. Took them 4 times in total! Now feeding him..

E: Where is the doctor?

J: Came liao... (call ended, most likely J's phone no batt liao)

1 minute later...

E: Harlo dad?

D: Yeah... anything?

E: J's phone out liao... can you pass the phone to her?

D: Yeah... sure.

J: Yeah... no battery liao!

E: Nevermind. What did the doc say?

J: Dr. C is not here today, went to supervise some exam (damn those students, hope they fail :P). Another doctor came and examine him. He say Little Skywalker suppose to weigh 11kg by now but he is only 8.8kg. So they need to take blood for testing just in case. Also got urine test.

E: #$%@#! so ngam one ah the stupid exam. When will the test result be out?

J: Don't know ler.. they are quite slow here.. his next appointment is on October. So I guess we'll only know then..

E: #%&@#! I thought those urine results are instant one, those blood test also within few hours..

J: Your mother also thought the same. But they say is different kinda test wor..

E: Got take medicine for him ah?

J: Got. Dr gave some multi-vitamins and medicine for his fever.

E: Oh... ok.

J: We are going home liao... talk to you later.

E: Oh... ok. Take good care of him. Bye.

J: Bye. (hang up)

To be continued...

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