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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Down With A Fever!!

It was 2.30am this morning... I was sleeping like a log...

J: (standing anxiously near my side of the bed, waking me)
Egghead! I think Little Skywalker is having a fever. His body is quite hot and I measured his temperature is at 38.8! I brought him down to the living room because I think maybe is the air cond...

Egghead: (immediately awaked and pushed all blankets, pillows, boaster etc. off his body and sat up in disbelieve)
Is it? Let me go down and check on him.

I switched off our air cond before going down.

I touched Little Skywalker's forehead and could felt a bit of heat building. Just to be sure, I carried him in my arms and held his cheeks close to mind to compare. Confirmed! Our Little Skywalker is definitely having a fever!

I told J that I am bringing Little Skywalker back up to our room again because I could feel that there are some little blood-suckers roaming around. Back at our room and our bed, I laid Little Skywalker on our bed again and measured his temperature again myself. The termometer is showing a reading of 38.7!

Our horrific (but educational) experience during Little Skywalker's stay in ICU after his birth came back to haunt us again (I don't think I am ready to blog about it for now, so don't ask). I asked J to wet a piece of handkerchief and I wiped our son with it. This is a trick that I've learned from my mother (a retired nurse) in order to stop the temperature from rising. It is important that the handkerchief is wet enough to leave water drops on his forehead, arm pits, neck, behind the ears, hand and leg joints, and last but not least, his private area.

J also suggested that we give him a bit of medicine (liquid panadol that we've got from his doctor after his last immunitation shot) to help him recover. I rejected the idea at first but relented later after I measured him again with the termometer and it showed 38.6 While J was down at the kitchen preparing the medicine, I tried to wake Little Skywalker. Me, being the paranoia king (but not showing it) was scared that our little boy might be in a coma or something. Little Skywalker slowly opened his sleepy little eyes and sat up.

It was a huge relieve for me and J. J gave Little Skywalker his medicine and nurse him back to his sweet dreams. The weird part is that Little Skywalker doesn't seem to be bothered by his own fever like previous incidence. I mean normally a baby would feel uncomfortable with the extra heat building in his body.

I put a thicker blanket over Little Skywalker to help him sweat. I measured his temperature another time before I go to bed and this time it read 38.3. I told J to get some sleep and told myself the same. Maybe is God's will that Skywalker is due for his check up today. He will be treated by the best paediatrician (who helped him to recover from his serious condition after his delivery in ICU) at Hospital Selayang. His temperature read was 37.8 this morning!

Meanwhile, I will be another panda-eyes in the office waiting for J to call me on the outcome of his check-up. J will be accompanying him to the hospital together with my parents as usual.

May God Bless Little Luke...

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