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Friday, September 16, 2005

The Birth of Little "Skywalker" - Ep 8 - The Resolve

Slightly more than a year ago in a hospital not that far away....

The two days when J and our son stayed in the hospital really brought resolve to our misery for the past few days. We remembered how to smile and laugh instead of crying and giving everyone a fake smile every time they asked how is our son doing. J was the happiest mom in the world as she made up the time we lost for the past few days to spend with our son. The hospital almost became a second home to me as most of my time were spent there instead of my house.

Our son was quite active already after the drug effects wore off. However, he still needs to take his medication to control his fits for the next three months. But hey! No one’s complaining since he was already a living miracle in the whole of NICU. Doctors and nurses were congratulating us on a daily basis and they were so happy to see our boy recovered so well. They have developed a kind of special bondage for the past few days.

Every time when he woke up, he would opened his big round eyes to look at everyone and everything around him. We took him to the window to have a bird’s eye view of his “home” since he was born. He was quite excited to face the breeze that were blowing on his face from a tight opening we had on the windows. A smell of “fresh” air (note: garbage dump below) must be something new to him instead of all the air condition.

Throughout the two days stay in hospital, J learned how to breastfeed our son while lying down so that she won’t be too tired from carrying him all the time. She also learned how to feed our child his medications through a syringe as well as feed him water after that. We need to do this for the next three months or longer until he is given a clean bill of health.

The doctors discharged J and our son at the end of the second day since we just can’t wait to get home. We thanked everyone who had helped us since our son’s birth and my mom even brought a few home-made apple pies for the staffs and doctors working there a few days later.

We bid farewell to everyone and headed home. I’ve already had our bed lay out nicely for our son. Luckily I ordered a King-size bed, so that he can tucked in between J and I every night. Is a shame that my in-laws need to rush home the day before, but I’m sure they are happy knowing that we are back at home. Everyone was gathered in my house and was lining up for a chance to carry the baby. He was an instant celebrity!

With that, we come to an end of this 8-part “kisah benar” about our son’s birth. J and I wrote this not to scare off potential mums-to-be, but to tell everyone that miracles do happen. We are lucky to come through the whole thing and learnt a lot from it. I am sure Lilian, who was not as lucky as us with one of her child, had her fair share of experience as well to share. Such experiences will only help us to love and care for our precious children in the course of raising them. They will also remind us on the hardship our parents went through while bringing us into this world and subsequently raising us.

We dedicate this 8-part series to all parents and babies everywhere…

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