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Friday, September 16, 2005

Kena Tagged Big Time!!

Shit! Didn't realized I kena tagged by my ham-sap friend (one of the member of the ham-sap gang) until just now! I read about James tagging someone and did not understand what he meant (although I act as though I knew) this morning. Thanks to him, I learned what "tag" and "meme" are.

So here goes:

Seven things you plan to do before you die:

  1. ask a lawyer to do up a legal contract and send out to guys you wish were dead dislike and guys you're damn sure are part of the ham-sap gang in order to prevent them marrying your wife, assuming they are pretty sure kena dumped by their wives, if they ever got married :P
  2. write a book on why you intend to chicken off migrate to a better country instead of staying on to fight the government
  3. build a kick-ass company that can rival Microsoft using their own platform and brainwash my son to brainwash his children to do the same
  4. build my own house on a piece of land that I own on top of a green mountain (like those in the Salem ads)
  5. charter a private jet (with state-of-the-art weapons) and travel around the world
  6. sit in front of all my grand, great-grand, great-great.... grandchildren and bullshit tell them about all the stuff that I've accomplished throughout my life
  7. have national and international broadcasting channels focused on my face as I take my final breath

Seven things I could do:

  1. try to stay as long as possible on my fixed-paying job for the experience and keep a lookout on higher paying jobs or business opportunities
  2. try to stay sexy healthy and live long enough to see my grandchildren, but not longer than my wife because I think I will cry if she goes first (touch wood)
  3. make sure I move into a bigger house before I am 30
  4. make sure my savings can reach at least RM1,000,000 before I retire
  5. get all the pirated DVDs available for US-based movies and TV series that I can possibly find
  6. make sure my parents live a healthy and happy lives
  7. reach the target readership like Lilian and James for my blog and ensure my children reads them

Seven celebrity crushes:

  1. Seven of Nine (Jeri Ryan)
  2. Dax (Terry Farrell)
  3. Angelina Jolie
  4. Queen Amidala (Natalie Portman)
  5. Jolin Tsai
  6. Rachel (Jennifer Aniston)
  7. My wife, the celebrity among my family members :P

Seven often repeated words:

  1. hahahahaha
  2. mah ham / mah hai
  3. diuuuuuu
  4. cheebye
  5. shit
  6. wei/eh (a name I call everyone including my wife)
  7. ah wei (son's name in case you are wondering)

Seven physical traits I look for in the opposite sex:

  1. nice face
  2. sexy body
  3. sexy voice
  4. big boobs
  5. big breasts
  6. big bosoms
  7. big chest

Seven tags go to:

  1. Loc Kee
  2. LazyBone
  3. James
  4. Jason
  5. Maria
  6. MG
  7. Jeff Ooi?

There you go, did this because I didn't like the idea of Wilwolf asking Lilian to ham-sap me, if one the celebrities mentioned above then I don't mind :P

p/s: I think this tag thing has become a chain letter of some sort in the blogsphere already... *sweat... luckily I did what was necessary to lift the curse on me :P

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