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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

I Am A Shitty Daddy...

There always comes a time in a daddy's life when his child calls him "Daddy" for the first time. I am not saying one of those "Say daddy!" and a reply of "Daadeee.." type of call but a totally voluntary call. You could imagine such excitement and joy a father would have at that particular moment. It shows that your child finally recognize who you are instead of some maniac that is always around to stop you from going somewhere dangerous or doing something that could pose potential injuries.

I had my such moment yesterday. Although it's not an ideal one, but I will still treasure it as one of my first.

Little Skywalker was having his evening nap after we arrive home. J was in the kitchen (or was it toilet again) sorting out the laundry. I was sitting next to where Little Skywalker was sleeping in order to defend him from mosquito bites. Our son has a good blood type (from me) I guess, lately he is being attacked by those blood-suckers once too many times already. He always ask me to help him scratch his bitten spot while he can lie down and enjoy the feeling. Another classic example of who is the King at home now.

Half way through his nap, he opened his eyes a bit and look at me, and there it came "Dadee... daddy...". I was jumping up and down already. It looked as if he was going to sleep again, but he showed me a sour face and slowly started crying a bit. I began to realise that he might be experiencing one of those "sleep-interrupted-by-shit-or-pee" syndrome. I told J about it and she came with his potty from the toilet.

I told J that Little Skywalker woke and called me "daddy" for the first time. Actually, we've been teaching him to call his parents "daddy" and "mummy" for the past few days. It goes something like this:

J: 叫我什么? (call me what?)
LS: 么.. (what..)
J: 叫妈咪.. (call mummy..)
LS: 妈..咪! (mum..mee!)
J: 叫他什么? (call him what? - pointing at me)
LS: 么.. (what..)
J: 叫爹地.. (call daddy..)
LS: 爹..地! (da..dee!)
J: 爹地在哪里? (where is daddy?)
LS: (*pointing his fingers/hand at me) neh...!
J: 乖! 妈咪在哪里? (good boy! where is mummy?)
LS: (*pointing his fingers/hand at J's breast) neh...!
J: 乖! (gave Little Skywalker a kiss on his forehead)

So you can see he not only can repeat something you said, he also recognize who is his daddy and mummy. However, he is still confused with something we ask him to repeat after and something we expect him to say himself. So you can guess how happy I was when he called out "daddy!" when he saw me voluntarily.

Oopps... back to the story. J put him on the potty and hope that he will do his business. After a few minutes, he's completed his transaction and asked to be washed. That is when J hold him up and saw a tiny piece of poop in the potty and remarked to me.

J: So I guess it must have been this tiny piece of shit that made him called you daddy! (*LOL)
Me: errr... mmmm... err... (*pretend never heard anything and continuing enjoy the proud moment because our son call "daddy" first instead of "mommy")

Shit makes kids and mums say the darnest things!

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