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Friday, September 09, 2005

A Day As SAHD - Part 2

About half an hour into Little Skywalker's afternoon nap, J came back with our lunch. Her loud door opening and closing (half of J's clumsiness and half of old junk car's fault) woke Little Skywalker up straight away. Fortunately, this time he managed to find something to suck on..

We had our KFC lunch while J tries to put him to sleep again. However, Little Skywalker didn't want to continue his nap after he saw us eating. I guess he is hungry already since he had a light breakfast. We gave him mash potatoes as usual. He liked them a lot as he finished almost a whole cup (single scoop serving). I also had to distract his attention while J left for work again.

After lunch, I felt very sleepy while Little Skywalker was wide awake. I left my brother to look after and entertain him a bit while I lie down on the sofa to close my eyes for half an hour. I felt so refreshed after that very short nap. My brother has no problem playing with Little Skywalker to the extend that I would say that they clicked better than anyone of our family. I guess the age difference does matter after all.

Is about 4.30pm when I decided to bring Little Skywalker to the playground again since all the equipments were wet when we were there this morning. I called J to pick us up on her way from the office. This time, I helped Little Skywalker to put on his socks and sport shoes so that he can walk better (he was on his sandals in the morning).

When we arrive at the playground, there was another dad with his two children (I think they are 5-6 years old) there. Too bad I decided not to bring my camera, or else you will see how Little Skywalker clicked so well with them. Another evidence that age-difference is a big factor when it comes to kids. The two kids were also very kind to Little Skywalker as they let him "join in" in everything. I tried to put Little Skywalker on one of the swings but he rather stand and watch the other two kids enjoying themselves on the swings.

J came and joined us at about 5.30pm. We played for another half an hour before we headed back home. Well, this is where my day as SAHD finally ended. I woke up with aches on my neck and back this morning, but I think is well worth it since I got a taste on how a SAHM suffer live their daily life. I must say I salute all SAHM out there and you can read all about it at mumgather.

Hats off to all SAHM...

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