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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Update From The Hospital - Part 2

20 minutes later... (on Yahoo IM)

J: me back liao

E: ok.. how is he? apa dr cakap?

J: he ok liao.. while waiting for medicine i breastfed him he sleeping liao.. the doctor say they only worry about his weight

E: got problem meh?.. I see him more or less same size like others only?

J: the first time they take the weight reading ah.. they read as 8kg only.. careless nurse.. so the doctor say no increase but decrease in weight.. so need blood test.. so take another time weight.. is 8.84kg.. he say still very low

E: sigh.. girl boy that dr?

J: the doctor is a guy

E: young one?

J: quite young.. but the way he talk.. i feel conveince lah

E: ok.. just hoped dr chew was there.. sigh

J: then the nurse so stupid.. the nurse ah.. poke the right hand cannot get.. then poke the left hand.. then still cannot.. he already cry until so cham liao.. then call dr.. poke the right hand again.. still cannot..

E: why no let my mother try?.. but she biasa with adults only.. sigh!

J: 4th time poke at right hand the place in between upper and lower arm that place ah.. then only can..

E: really useless lah.. if I there... sure scold them like hell lah.. crazy people!

J: maybe ur mum long time no do for kids susah a bit lah

E: dunno where they graduate one

J: he cry until vomit a bit

E: sigh!

J: aih... so kelian

J: the nurse say his hand too meaty..

E: yeah rite... and they still say he is too light

J: if too meaty still can underweight?? anyway.. just hope they do proper test with his blood.. took so much of his blood

E: yeap.. stupid fellas.. go and eat first lah you... stomach problem

J: i eating.. tabao b4 come up

J: the nurse keep saying he mengamuk.. of cause lah.. he so small sure scare mah.. he keep reaching his hand out for help like that.. aih

E: Aih... ke lian lah... sigh...

J: u go eat first lah

E: if I am there... those people are dead lah I tell you.. aih.. bagger!

The above situation pretty well sums up the reasons why I prefer not to follow Little Skywalker to check-up.

Firstly, I cannot stand my son crying violently like that (even though sometimes is J's fault :P). Secondly, I have a very short temper when it comes to matters like this and I tends to take it personally most of the time. Thirdly, I hate it when incompetent people are hired to do the job especially in the medical field where lives are at stake!

J and I are just hoping the blood test result will show that he is as healthy as any other kids. Maybe the underweight thingy is caused by his hyperactive movement (sadly, he got this from his stupid father) and he shit a lot because we constantly give him bananas and papayas after every meal.

Please pray for Little Skywalker...

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