Little Luke "Skywalker"

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Christmas Greetings From Far

A beautiful card and few lines of meaningful words, from their Godparents...

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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Mission Impossible

First, look at this photo:

Now, look at this instead:

Little Sean loves to do this...

p/s: Little Skywalker managed to ponteng from school today :(

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Friday, January 04, 2008

From a Distance

*Kid crying*...*More kids crying*...*Even more kids crying*...!

That almost sums up the environment at Little Skywalker's kindy on the first day...

That more or less sums up yesterday morning when I took leave to bring Little Skywalker to his kindy for his first day. Yeah, we enrolled him for kindy early. I guess my parents got tired of him asking "我要做什么啊? (What should I do now?)" at home all the time. I didn't want J to come along as Little Skywalker gets more whiny when she is around (you're right! I'm the bad cop at home).

Little Skywalker was quite shy and whiny at first (he kept saying he wanted to go home). He didn't want me to leave him in the classroom. After a while, he started to cry when some other kids started to cry. His teacher convinced me to leave him alone as they are quite capable of handling crying kids. So, I left the room and peek through the little glass on the door.

As predicted, Little Skywalker started to tear up and walk towards the door. His teacher manage to catch hold of him and coaxed him back to his seat. I was heartbroken to see him cry like that. Fortunately, he calmed down after a while and was distracted by the activities that were going on in the classroom. I guess all I had to do was to distance myself from him and give him a chance to adapt to the changes surrounding him by himself. It's really not easy to let go...

Their last activity of the day was to have fun at the kindy's playground. The teacher made them line up in a "choo-choo-train" and guide them out. He still needed someone to put on his shoes for him (actually he is just plain lazy). He was all out at the playground and shoving pushing other kids in his way (he obviously needs training in his manners).

When the bell rang, he told me he didn't want to go home. LOL!

Well... that was his first day at school. At least he continued his father's fine tradition of crying on his first day at school (but I was already six then, LOL!!)

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